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Windows Vista

is  it me or does windows get worse every new version?

user account control? omg! im the administrator and have to click three times to delete a file!
four fore for quatre cat

Evony "Free Forever" ~earthySpirit sever 98

Patience is a skill mastered by facing ones impatience wherein on slowly pushes impatience back into the depth of grid square 499,164 : Evony is a set of dynamically expanding and contracting counter ratios, designed to in essence, keep a person occupied until the almost become the game themselves. The game players race to keep up with an ever increasing number of actions to preform. Evony is a war game simulator, a low tech, graphically simple real time massively multiplayer, multi server world of somewhere in the ball park of 1 million accounts. Though, a good portion of those accounts are users who got bored with waiting for things to happen in the game and ecided to start a second game concurrent with their initial account. For some this is a learning issue, the second account is to rectify the mistakes made in the first, and for others, it's just as easy to play two accounts at the same time as it is to play one.

Now, coming from a level design background, I've got some knowledge of game testing and the dynamics of well thought out interface design, and having played evony for almost two solid weeks, oh boy, yes, thats two weeks of round the clock game play.. why? because in Evony, if you're not online, you don't stand a chance.

Here goes, Evony wants feedback, and I hope they are actually interested in making the game better for the paople who play it and pay for the ability to do freely grow in an otherwise supposedly free game... Evony please, I'd come and work on the key issues of this game for free.. Though I'd have to digitally commute.. There's a few simple and important issues Evony has that are major causes of grief and wasted/lost time in this otherwise strong game structure.

First, the interface, the whole thing is based on a ticking database structure, that is, a database which based on time and percentages, is either growing or shrinking at a set of rates determined by research and hero levels and building buffs. This is interesting, except that the rates of cost versus time factoring in the necessary farming and actons for each upgrade or research.. if one compares it to a loan system or the "how long does it take to pay for itself" concept.. the research percentages and such seem very oddly lacking. After two weeks I.m finally floating in the millins for resources and it still feels like pennies. I can use up 2.4million lumber in ten clicks. Then i tuck with a few mil of another resource and nothing in the game which factors it.

The main high point of this game is the little chat window in the center bottom of the screen where we join alliances and talk shop and compare the amount of time or the lvl of things we're at and discuss which flags are our friends and which we are gonna smash and flatten into desert flat dust.

It's quite exilerating to collaborate with a couple of well, not so familiar people on a large scale click click click

So Evony.. simply put there are MINOR things you can do to VASTLY enhance the game and please the people who pay you.

ONE: revise the layout and/or placement of certain data so its easier t access without a single click
TWO: up the prize ratio:MORE MEDALS. WE WANT CITIES!
THREE: Rethink your ratio for REAL dollars to Game dollars. You wil sell MUCH more if you off MUCH more. instead of 300 game coins for 30 bucks, make it 3000 game coins. I guarantee this will get the ball rolling.
FOUR:find people like me, people who love games, love playing and enjoy Evony and who have game design experience and wish to improve the game, freelance them.. start enhancing this game, some seriously sleek and spectacular things can happen in less than a week when a few good men get together and act solid.


by the way Evony.. had a few friends sign up using the url ive used here.. which is supposed to get me some free credits.. never seen any free credits for it.
reflect sunglasses fashion

Loo king @ all turn it deafen ish-ins(his-sin)


dime N shins
10 N 11

anywho back on subject...

Also found in: Encyclopedia 0.04 sec.
theophobia [ˌθɪəˈfəʊbɪə]n
(Psychology) morbid fear or hatred of God
theophobiac n

the "o" pho bi a
the "owe" foe bia

theo, the o
to he, he ot


thegodfoe be a
bi a
bisexual a
a limp pen is
who's penis?

anybody whose not picturing themselves bisexual with god/?

if you cant picture a bi god, youve got theophobia!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

this all related to love before!

anne marie.... da scent.... where shoes.....

anne..... mur[e] da's "ent" ware|shoos -this part means leaves form for anne.

bay bem you miss me two off ten. 8. why you miss? im why. why am I why? are you why I am why?

Why we are. we are fore, for four, oven, over n and in a why missing why.

why you one dur. why dur one. YD UR ONE you are UR, im YD and ONE is use together both within and without us a way and all ways

why do sow ice? ice no, ince snow, melt that and let you burn with luv, u luv me, me fire, my fire, your fire, our fire.

bay be baby in the belle belly but water wa wa  whats eau au o butts a anus and bayb ease up on me cause baby to boil too two, you and we

lemme look at ya lever up a little sweet summer sunshine and slay a lie in and lift your heart up in my range cause "i know it" he's him, the one i left before and in store is such an occasion for the most amazin and dazzlin days of  vous la and me see you comin now wow where ya at n turn up y cause i lie kit dont flow no mo.

i like myself fine, and in time, yeah just in time, im adjustin time so we can climp and surge thro the emotional splurgh of else and if flowin tru y from all angles and velocities at a ferocity you have never not knotted in now. bring tie. brrr riingt I. only cause you cause me. cause nuke oz.

new cauze, nuke Oz, light the fires. Solid up, solid down, saw lid off, saw lid go, lid gone, room to grow. grow to you, grow thru me, fly on up etrnally, sooo did ya/no. no/ya, ya know, know ya. yyak now. now now, you can sound like that or this be happy or pissed and none of it will change me sis, i luv ya and the wills in it, i knit the will in and sew it wile so wit, and whit with it, cause my hearts got a key and youre it, where you been no wonder the sun aint been shining and the world aint been miling, it aint a way you be with me or he, and where and when you see im eternal and so you are one fine lady. lookin up on your smile from the style i gently strong hands soft hips and curled strands saw you comin from afar and come in frm af are, come fore and for, for evers a long forgotten imp i left tending your gaisha garden in another life, hes standing there now smiling and awaiting we arrive...

simp lee, put it here, smack my on the shining cheek and chi check the chilly dogs at the do or as we dance a van donning banned pre wreck wizz its and whiz our luv into a repaired a do and rep aired a do and reap a red o, cause it, caw zit, where your a ray ven you see row, c.row. crow! haha im sill[e lifes a fair eat ail, so why we sick? we sick and sad for a tone to be had cunt roll over it and let it in, and smie smee smoe smu smoooch it case its baybe and bear and bob and boo and bun dull and benji and bad ad both boy and bomb. cant eak ape it, one hun dred pussy purse ent of the time we may ake and che and shake and slay butt me and you are four ever anned.

san yann anne. left over from beore was a memory of later, it referred to itself in the fourth person which was necessary for its survival is an n-titty., suck on it, it taste like sound in your rears, i mean ears butt. Wheres the ass end of a sound, deep ends where it big ins.

sweet e i luv you and you taste like canned e which is true cause you you and you're ar ra! da ra1 doramedifa luvabum

so big gy gry n grift granger from the dnger and silly on the willy, left you for a ink lin lin k life le eakl5 saoor <uno howswhe reas and sofa fi fluo idnid from a stanby stall stance of so you dont of so kind off a fr ne. leavin that in the mids eye for you you kn ow that it IS in eve it a bull, that means you know me, im in you. dont know me, do yes me and stop saying i told you so. cause i dii in did and you were told, so live with me and it, and you will.

ab! rupt! baff jib jingle and giggle, jab tickles.
i miss the swiss and buff butt air, by boys and big butts on body buoders  boyo boyo gae fae me from another form, was so fly stand down e go.

i axe sept you, you're cut off, cope with it, and thats past, just a retelling of the stanned bi, and theus tanned by daddy, of the godly pure sway shin, shine it and lgitter the luv in my why filles eyes, shes a stand up girl and growing such swirls she unfurls and wow..

do do, done do, did do, do doh, dough, dau, dao dayyyooooo how sits both day in night and night in day

how, you think you got things uncovered?
to tracks followed

left behind
right ahead.

weight a minute

paws, makrs pws, spam, ohhh maps aum apps.

left them, but then... who's mark?  *kram Kra eh? am kre? peni why you hide? lefft a pen both right and left mine aim,

where rue

left tit for anne.

lull a by bf or chi's where you b in, been bin, back two bay be.

front one, odd, thts me, cod, doc, dicks cick? sick, flick, kick , memerry trick, fly high and rise why, y's wise.

why's Y wise? caw ma? may why, so ethur liz z ill or ils il i, y buts....

hehe run around ties or tie around run, lo ass lasso, low hell hello, its all snow and in the black light it glows.

We love the light which is black, it heps us see color in the dark.

we caem frahm thad ark... aim n. st... op the invers dont aim y..

la view all.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Lets talk about right and "left"|"wrong"

Here we are, it's gonna get rooty.

Yin and Yang. Light and Dark,
In and Out, Left and Right

Up and Down
Good and Bad

Here's where things get tricky...

Right is left. East is West.
My left is your right when you face me.
Your West is my left, your right.

In America we drive up on the east or dark side
and down on the west or light side

In britian we drive up on the light side
and down on the dark side...

a yin yang right? a yin yan left?

carry-ying ing eng

why eye en gee? why i,n,g? why "y" in "g"?
and why a vers i and all that. goin deep, shall owe.

Spectrum a phrase and run the meaning across the sound of it, this

Sow, everything we have "worded" speakes out for itself as existing from or for the light or dark side, thus "god" can "judge" us and we can also judge that which surrounds us as "all light" with decisions and opinions leading down or up paths, leading into darkness or into light, following footsteps in the east or the west, walking the right path or leaving the path, having "left" the path.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Sapce Gathering Review

:D knot two good with reeve use.... butt N.E. way hear goes...

N-aims S-cape me.

so I'm go win N caped S.

Now.. Sow..

gUd organ eyes a shin, x-pecKED Id morPH rUm deCK o...julien/anne/me, high self egg spect a shins.. tho ruff were kin in why'd o-pens paces... string in hue'j eggs tens shins for hang in thair art work. Daze of wa-shing aft errrrrr wards. dir twin drain, dirt wind rain.

fun dan sing to gay thur, x plo ring, andy ting! come you nitty kit chin! yay!

hecks a five! cause mick orgasm! Longs Tall King!

haught chalk O lit! tanks EZZZZZZZZZZZ rAAAAAAA!