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You dont need to correct anything, everything is exactly correct. The world doesent chang, people stay the say, everybody gets what they deserve and deserves what they get, they accept whatever energy that is i front of them as the one they were seeking and found what they sounght and accepted what they got. They were attracted and followed the attraction and upon reaching that which attracted them, unlike in the past, they now realize that they found love it just tastes different than they expected.

They expected that the bait they were lured to was going to be different tasting than it was and upon arriving to the bait or three the bait or four the bait, they realize that ohhhh so love taste like that too? yes it does. Acept two as love, accept three aas love, accpt four WAS love and it wasnt the only love. Is water not love? WRONG, water is love. Is fire not love? wrong fire IS love. Is air not love? no its AIR. Love is love is love is love,. It tastes like everything its looks like everything it feels like everything it sounds like everything.

IF YOU WANT IT it does. If you want it to be different it doesent. If you tell it to change and give it an ultimatum, it feels like its not good enough love for you. It feels that somehow you don't see it so it somehow doesent see you.

If you want it for what it is when it is upon arriving, then it also want you. but you cannot walk up to it, when it is the stationary one and tell it to be the action maker, you were the one and are the one actiing, it is the static one, and forit to come into action you have to be its sun. it has to be your sun. for three is two and two is three and three is four and so on and sow on and sow now no on. its noow, where no meets on and realizes that both are neither no nor on. theyre the n rather than the no if you don't recognize the o.

If does recognize the o, too though you regoc and eyes the n., comma n and find an o, keep the n and the o will see an n coming and become one n too, and o lets the n in and then becomes an n also, the two ns do not invert into os if one says stop being and n and be an o, then we end with no istead of nnnn doubled up. the power comes from force, love is a force of doubling up and doubling down. two o's lead us back to the whole girl running back and forth between two fruits who say bi me bi me bi me. and the girl is the n.

if you and I want to fly one of us has to be the n and the other an an also. Seems like whenever we start with an n one of us flip over to o and then the other does too, who does it first? Porbably the girl inside us taking over us both tries to get the girl inside us not to allow the n in us to stay. Its somehow simple in you, yet I'm the learning o and you with all the n's can push the n's into my o's you like me, choose to say the same thing to me apparently.

Then we come down to who runs this if? you or me?

If this if that greg is runs this if that greg is, and every other if wants this if to lead, than let this if lead and let this if lead. This ifgave directions like a leader would, and those ifs seems not to want to take directions because they would not accept the coud.

sooo much is half, sooo litle is whole, half it half it half it, thats where whole comes from. always half of half of half of ha which is the equivelant of double of double if double of double if, theres no unit doubled no on doubles no if halfed and yes and halved

the logic of illogic is capable and uncapable simultanously, the truth of love is that it evolved from and if given and if or and if else and if but and if

what all that is was will and hows mows and grows

yes there are miss takes and you make them you make a miss take you make a mr take you make came ew and do if shoo, but if don't shoo you, if invits you, yet when if arrives you must accect and welcome if or it will be you who who who shoos you while if stays and waits for another if another if another if, the if who does not shoo hisself from his if who will NOT reflect the shoo. who to walk in the if mirror? accept the shoo and bend it back upon itsslf, so that it is an oosh in rather than a shoo out.
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