tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae

the way yah?

if you do not, you under stand
if you do, you then stand up


if few dune hot you one durst anned

and is a and a nd>--- seat he end
dna is dinna or d in an a

d is un up and a is un down
endow is end ow(.) period or do i rep

i does understand thus i's unders tanned

i is not eye tho i has tried holding e as ye thus easy e prefer ease y.

what is twos place (who, what etc.)
who as ones place is inverted, true is uh
whes threes place not whens.

let splay yal ps tel

uh (oooohhh) who won, one who won ooohhhh (who is wear or ou, or u, o ru)
ta (ta ta babe e) what toot rain whater rate awe can u?
nu (new one a un) u win n u win - ni wu n ni wu
rau (ray oooohhh) where aye you are - u aray u
ry (ry why ry - ry y wire) why ry wire - airy yr ry why
wua (wo0o aaahhhh how) who woo a - wo0o aaahhhh how

seven a fairy with dust four all

do ta who task where task fat kneets thrufar thurau fa prury wuait comma uht an ur aura y wua uh

moo chose grassy us
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