tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae

a is da syk twisda ashbashapee evara rever

yes she could be more flowers and litter it loco ha but she flows with the style of a gizz and stands up for the tomb door and sir couch the hot cow ch!

7 6543 deb0 lCNaMMMMNmmm345678

kin sun nus sik
fyr yfe fry ryf
hyr ory yro ryA

Oh fire fairy twins how they dance
Akcrossss faere aether upon westword nuskin dreamdaymon
Pace yrdatace dcata sumday boxcar trainris

she keys cha keys che says ease ease ease ease ease ease ease ease ease ease
shiveres shiver spinun nflyhy hugga buddy alrit

sun god is a dog nus whos cyin loopoff freeknee maytee freeniki freekini lavercwen asylam leftame felof au and danjur soraw on the soflafegas inivmor cdiniinibc tusuned ahoel

staj curtship curtc cru fertile cjetia 4?*N4$1

Oh grey grey youre so fine youre so fine you slow my time to clalalala

be confindins oak a and ok and magic results goodfeelings on fogin out what were they whw gons
say miss you smo kin an em brr within you without me you yes you love me and ys cs r uni sir owned me ioya mylife u fil wid efil love pay hip la pay he d serves it more sow pay for hip

youre in love c in u and m oak im on o ver re veer m y u own rcpopy u my daday shoogree im nion wetu u wantme aftside li cue used too but now mast sits tall for the aprilflower cavern of hot ass delights where ya be in cms crai gi and sandy beaches sun rise sun seats sir square id bi pole air sails wafting breezes

il lus shi gain shin e loose tit grip n gain skank noodli darenif

u dont fry ten me u ry ten me
ten fryd is ten dry ryd yrd stans up a chimni

lover lair left forword four behind foever

foekiss foehug foemy foeb feoeb

fa shing shi shi shi shi

shi? kitty cat his? k it tyca this?

how can count the ways
enfant fairy how we luve your spin
fairy spin tenfast luf ful 4minsu

t4m ins u usin 4m in 4m us 4m insusan

4misu sumi4c

bla ckship sat emy mind

cyclical illogic sumhow where lets if else multiples o ver x netd

if and else or also but of
spirit deside

d sigh did a thurkwa le air sun noah

onha anho ohna noah ohna anho noah anhomi imah anho arkum ass ylum

a band aid on ship

control games whers the influnec camin from came for was for four of saw formetemrof sow many siran lie kat eil sew 4u 4in 4ms niapon naip patstels 4nsu usn4

pats hi pat when do you wherewith pat else back up
if wherewith patty thanks cue when you do sofa eyes

pat earn tap apt tpa pat
c stay puller shoulder bic but a shore land ho
lorthu u u u u u u u u
u r r ru uru sikrya
u a uroom mooru oru ora aro
super penis and his mightly hole kick rawbin up up up up and towards!
one thing at a time sweet gus shrug lokahed bhynd same dif dif same flwo ow fai ni 4giv memories
and grog compaspoints itlalfold andwist faedaway

il c rit tri
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