tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae


J=++++Ob seam y n i where i is l and u

cum on c co mon c
c cum on c com unso wadis


ow rits u everytim ow gets wo and wow oho aha

ab ba aba ba
a pa fof offa fafo

fo of offo foof obaffer fo=4

flyboy slippin thru smoke gravin apaw dgin frawver silk slayer pants a run dmc tanktop all tight cut an a there he is kinda guy with a tight but and decals on his boxers showing o and a all tuned to the finest touch of silver lithe shaftgning green flava fella dilbert grey robin williams :D carey jim i wont take no for an answer cable guy and hand ni the rewinderbar yur a dream m ear da mearda f ear da feardf d ear fa dearfa heart brother soul mate twin flame sirit guide sensai samurai shadow adameve edvamae nihow nihewhew niheya nihawa nisofu

nisofu nifosu nifesz nifearreakj finini ifnif

thurs les in their mr invincadl adam anti um rmr sgat

veered derived redd iv
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