tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae


this house is my business
i am the ruler of this house
this house is perfect backwords
turn it upsidedown itll be fine
grapple with the door anf rip it off its hinges
break all the windows and smash the kitchen sink
drive a herd of buffalo into the bathroom
hire window dirtiers to filth the glass
dry the toilet and wet the floor
transport the den to the bedroom and the bedroom to the attic
where its at
a two tones speaker and a my crow phone

makes no sense at all
make no sense at all
make all sense no at
sense at no makes all

whassat sow till reap
whaeva u wa knit

wee od!

cant even break your own spell

my own spell eh?
pel loffs lep

y ora girl
r u girl ora
how much sow
how much sow
how much sow

my line is a thought
o my thought is a line
my lines thought is an o
o na sit
on a sit
on i beg
on i roll over
roll over on a
a rise
a ten
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