tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae

The Devil and God or God and the Devil

Both claim that anything and everything is possible, both want us as their slaves, both grunt and growl when things aren't writ exactly how they'd write them and both get disappointed or giddy when the weight is on their side and lightness on the other. Both want payment from us in some form or another in order to accept us. Both feel somehow passionate objectively that though we have the right to everything it must be earned before being given, and both live and die by the same roads with which the complex existence we all live within was formed from, and being opposites both hold everything in growth and disintegration simultaneously and agree to dissagree and disagree to agree.

All things are both good and evil, all things are both loved and hated. If an if is, it is a thing. Thus all is thing and things. And yes I could be completely wrong and completely correct at the same tie time.

For time is the non thing thing, or is it?

Is a hole a thing? It has a label, which is a la and a le surrounding a b this thing female and male, yet take the b out of it and it fails to contain a b, and unbecomes, lael.

Where is the b in lael? If a hole has no b in it, is it a hole?

With strongs of logic we will walk through circular logic indefinatly replacing the b within the hole with air or either ether or space or light or darkness or some other such b which our minds tell us "must" exist within the hole which is a label, but if we dash out the b from within the label and consider what our hearts tell us is plausable, the inexistant b in the label, the la el, does the emptiness within truly exist or is true oddness what does not grow where there is no hole inside a closed ring?

If there is no hole within a circle and yet the circle is a circle and not a dot, there is no what within, no nothing within, no something within, no within within, there is only without withiness in the label where the b stands. Like fire without beingness, like inverted fire yet oddly enough, not even that.

Where do we find nothing? Can nothing be found?
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