tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae

So where are we?deeply rooted, who are we?

We've arrived at a place and time where the sense of who and what we are has come somewhat clearer for us all, we're transitioning from almost there to having never been not ao at all. It's a discovery of what words mean and how they affect us, how they tell the story of our attraction or lack of it to and for each other, or in other words, our attraction to our spirit or our attraction to our forms, matter and matters, and what are our matters? Our attractions, our words, our energies, our selves, our nature of being, wanting, needing, striving and seeking, and searching and finding.

The words we use are connections to our divine urges our erges, our en-erges, our inner urges. energy is an inner-urge, and discovering our urges and then actually actualizing the connection of them is simple on the one hand, on the end of matter, objective urge, the urge for material, sustenance, comfort, information and education, all these are simple urges to persue, to accumulate, to absorb and connect with, though holding on to them then tends to be fleeting, foods pass through us, get used up and pass on, information has a tendency for fading, for getting lost in the mid-mind matrix, comfort, clothing, possessions all wander through the positional locale of our lives to sow a scene everywhere for everyone to see and read, to get a fix on what has a fix on them, what use they have for urge, what, when, where, how, why, and from the beginning through to the end, who are we, who were we, who are we becoming? Who is coming to us?

Words are a way of describing our energic state of being and or lack of urge in relation to substitution of less for more, say there is a scale of importance spiritually urge width factor, and at the core of all urges, "the urge", the number one urge, is that which connects us closest together, that urge which for soem silly reason, we fight the most, we don't so much fight it, as we have a tendency to resist it within ourselves until it becomes "drawn out" by that which it's connected with.

Who we urge love for is ourselves, we're seeking the income of it, we're spending all our energy and time looking for some way to connect with the core flow of love. The celestine prophesy speaks about the way we seek to engage in relations in order to grow our auras, our spiritual vibrations using, or collaborating with out there beings, humans, plants, animals, and the complex whole which is our body.

What is the tricky part, we were born into "what", our water chakras, our gravity centers, our "heavy sides" because thats the darker side of our bi-entity beings, the side which weighs and pulls and eats, the side which is considered down, our orange ra, february, tuesday, north east, ne, two, dieu. I'm exrera familiar with these words, for im suspended in a pretty constant state of existing within the urge fighting, or urge resisting realm related to its polarity.

All of our words fit into the seven houses, our seven energy centers, each with their unique vibration and function and urges, and I'm only partially familiar with them thus far, lets see if we can go though them together.

but not now, I'm a bit tired, I just bummed rides all the way from the cabin in the woods back to montreal and am settling in for a bout of writing, so stay tuned. As id arised if flew over the april flowers.
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