tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae

Real Eyes

we're all in this together
this strange and fanatic fractality
this place where dreams come untruth
and lies beget jabberwookies
always trying to be unique
yet truly from the flow
sourcing the same old thing
days of old done new
raves and cold grown through
everything we say
everything we do
releases us anew
you carry the empty door
lets us venerate this anal crust
this stardust of anatomy
innertubing through
all the shit we grew
and all which is or was
yet has not yet come to
it is all
about why
can you be bearing it all
upon your shoulders and yet stall
to take a moment to appreciate
thanking the stuff sandwich
the shit you ate and which eats you
roll it up and toss it
splatter a mist fit
and grizzle the bear attacking
with thick fur and earings
why why oh pure and gentle why
you are the source
the begenning and
at the end
is and
and and and and
yet what comes after
why does of course
unless off course we meander
and find ourselves
seeking ourselves
see king ours elves
ours is the so ru
so, so sow sew
sew one and to another and and ask why
why two ands come together
why and & and
because and has an equal
ands equal is and
and no other
aum has u in the middle
am u u am
ma u u ma
when i say ma
you say am
why say ma
why say am
am the purr sent
ma sent the purr
am purr
ma purr
there is more below than there is high
how you know keeps everything up
sexy six ma purr in june
there is un in je
its a nu ej on one in me
e nuj jewel eyed and claim x
we kneed you x to nu be r am
ram the am on knee
and exclaim mark is the money
the moen the moan the one my
my one is the money oh oh oh
e nnu ou ou ou
grrrrrr fraction for action
das a sad dad we had groan
he had that phone on loan
infinite credit red cit tic tic tic
jah an you airy fee bru airy
march! mmmmm arch rival ina me
april la pri ri pal lap ri la prize
ram chaple the all tar hows shit
we ate how and got coals law
the element of sir prize
as seen from brown eyes in autumn
nut aum aut num anu mut
come ear dog and be one bone
nine you ninny nanny eat it
and make nothing from nine as its a dream
a thought sister six had while daydreaming
lieing upside down on a green gable
staring at purple clouds
why not tone a true was
as oui non
u are in oui
o i am in oui
yes u are
u, i o
i o u
where are o u are i ui
i do a ui see, o
u i c o do a codo
take it in the back
take it from the back
give it up the front
fronts side
id se it if it faces me
the front side
yet who is side
if side is what and where some how
ewwwwww weeeee yeah
dats side left over from the right moment
and given to the poor chap with
shit stained drawers
and a naaaaa there wasn't
really any reel e
lik an it
cast off solidity
so lid it y?
sol i dit y?
why ask why?
why cast out
why out cast
cast out why
oh twike assed
te wik dass eho
oh home e
za sleepy place
man so many anne sirs
and my paw kits are tiny
ty in more space tardis
ty ard tis
dock tour
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