tirips ythrae (earthyspirit) wrote,
tirips ythrae

Sapce Gathering Review

:D knot two good with reeve use.... butt N.E. way hear goes...

N-aims S-cape me.

so I'm go win N caped S.

Now.. Sow..

gUd organ eyes a shin, x-pecKED Id morPH rUm deCK o...julien/anne/me, high self egg spect a shins.. tho ruff were kin in why'd o-pens paces... string in hue'j eggs tens shins for hang in thair art work. Daze of wa-shing aft errrrrr wards. dir twin drain, dirt wind rain.

fun dan sing to gay thur, x plo ring, andy ting! come you nitty kit chin! yay!

hecks a five! cause mick orgasm! Longs Tall King!

haught chalk O lit! tanks EZZZZZZZZZZZ rAAAAAAA!
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