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the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Lets talk about right and "left"|"wrong"

Here we are, it's gonna get rooty.

Yin and Yang. Light and Dark,
In and Out, Left and Right

Up and Down
Good and Bad

Here's where things get tricky...

Right is left. East is West.
My left is your right when you face me.
Your West is my left, your right.

In America we drive up on the east or dark side
and down on the west or light side

In britian we drive up on the light side
and down on the dark side...

a yin yang right? a yin yan left?

carry-ying ing eng

why eye en gee? why i,n,g? why "y" in "g"?
and why a vers i and all that. goin deep, shall owe.

Spectrum a phrase and run the meaning across the sound of it, this

Sow, everything we have "worded" speakes out for itself as existing from or for the light or dark side, thus "god" can "judge" us and we can also judge that which surrounds us as "all light" with decisions and opinions leading down or up paths, leading into darkness or into light, following footsteps in the east or the west, walking the right path or leaving the path, having "left" the path.




hey, like the music you recreated, it kinda feels like you, hehe, smooth but with a bit of an uneasy eadge like a knife percing threw, good job. Vula, xoxo