December 31st, 2005

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Push into Reality.

I'm having constant sex with the world, Oxygen is the world cumming in my mouth. I love it. I love you. I am alive loving life and you are it. I no longer hunger for the sake of materialism. I hunger for the worlds cum. The sun is cumming on my face. I hunger for it and I stretch upward toward it. I breathe in the worlds cum and I soak up the suns cum. I cum on it all in turn with my existence in it all and I am in life/love with it all. It's a silly way to look at things but then every way is silly isn't it? If you determine so.

Look at the work of Escher, look at all of our symbology throughout history. Look at everything we've brought to be. Our existence is us trying to tell ourselves something. We exist to figure our that we exist. Once we fully figure out we exist we can start training ourselves to exist.

Step 1. Determine that all determinations are merely suppositions. Everything is liquid? Nothing is solid? There are no laws. there is only life living in all variations in all directions, it is infinite and it is as random as the word random suggests, it's the figure eight on it's side, it's infinity without constraint, it's bigger than our concept of conception. We suppose everything we concieve, we are aware of our agreements and we agree with each other because we agressively demand that we do. Stop agreeing agressively in a negative or damaging sense, stop determining that anything affects you negatively, stop concieving of negative input. Stop putting out a negative sense of your physical signals. Do not sensate in overly agressive ways if they damage natural syncronicity, do not sensate in ways which restrict other life, do not bring life to other things in a way which imposes on growth space. Do not allow the signals other things make that are not physically damaging to be determined as damaging to you, nothing is damaging except determination. Once you determine something you are saying that it cannot be changed. Everything can be changed with a little influence. Be aware of life.

Step 2. Attach your mental existence to your physical one in an agressive state. Forget what your concept of agressiveness is. Agressivity is the excitement we all have when we're alive, it's mental attachment we have to all the sensations we exert oursleves into, our shape of reality currently has us stuck in the world on sensation attachment, everythings been about our physical presence here, our bodies, our occupied space in space, the liquid solid us.. Attach your mind to all parts of your physical self at all times. Be aware of your breathing, be aware of your smelling, be aware of your sight be aware of your surrounding sounds, be aware of every sensation you percieve as percievable because perception is 100% up to you and your enjoyment of it is all in your ability to be become attached to all parts of it and drop all pretenses and negative thnoughts, nothing is negative unless you determine it is.

Life determines negativity in a damaging sense, Animals do the most of that determination, why is that? It's because life is about growth and growth is about change and change is about becoming something new and becoming something new is about forgetting about determination in a sense of definitives and beginnings and ends and about allowing oneself to not care if the end is different than we are aware of, it just is and we're going to get there the absolute same way the plants around us do. By breathing in full control of our upward and outward stretch. We need to place awareness into every aspect of our insertion into life, awareness without self. Awareness with life as self, infinite and change as life. growth as undefinable otherwise we restrict oursleves into the definition we create and creating ourselves is not what we do when we're seperate like this, we only create ourselves when we're all truly open to life and through definitives we are closed to it.

You all who do not give in to this yet are fighting your self not me when you become agressive against my positive signals which are now touching you you cannot avoid my existence in this space. I am alive now and I will no longer allow myself to remain unaaware of myself. My physical self, the self I live in.

Live with me,
Love living with me.
Laugh, it's so you can grow, it practices your push into reality.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Concepts are Concepts?

What do you concieve? Are you truly free? I am now. I am no longer restrained. Restrained is a state of laxness, the sleeping state, the passenger me, the I'm at a movie and everything is external to me. I am not a passenger. I am the driver. 'I am not a ball of clay I am The hand shaping it.

You do not determine ME, You do not define ME. I am not your concepts, I am not your definitions I am life and I grow here. I do not damage you as an organism. I am not pushing you out of the space you physically inhabit in the animal world, I do not overtake you or wish to push you out of existence, you are life too, you share my space and time. Love that you do, I love that I do. I live to live loving. I love to love living. I live to breath and grow upwards, to stretch, to flex my existence into existence. To bring life and awareness into my physical self.

Ego is Ergo. Circa is Definate Infinite. Is it? Are they? I don't agree with any definate. Only that it's definately possible.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Signalling all Wakers

We value. We conceive a possess-able value enveloping things. We determine our freedoms as living organisms & control most other organisms and space around us. We concluded we're without reproach from syncronicity. Determined to effect evolution on every thing within our space but ourselves. We defined ourselves and continue to define ourselves through definitive restriction & pejoration of definitions.

Do we want to know where we're going? Does life want to know where it will end up? Why would life care what it's going to change into? What would be the purpose of evolving if the end result was known? Why would it want to define the place where it can go? Why would it restrict/limit itself to only growing within determined definitions?

Life does not want to hurt life, Life wants to live life. Life does not want to be directed how to live, Life wants to direct itself in whatever direction is most attractive. Life does not want a money system which divides it from living which tells it that it's more or less valuable than other life and that overtaking life is better than taking over living.

The only truth in life is that truth is undefinable it's refinable. The only final word is that everything is in transition, a constant state of metamorphasis which we as a species have attempted to determine the direction and derive end result of. As if life has an end result, as if time ends. As if we do not have infinite possibilities in all directions and that everything is definable? Ha! Get over it!

Stop agreeing to damage life. Teach each other that we control our growth and evolution through simply pushing on senses. Pushing on our physical self with our mental one. Force ourself into being/shape. Life flexes itself into existence. It pushes into space in time. Materials, creations, laws of society we exist in are nothing more than props we surround us with so we humans can remain within the acts we have written and defined for us and all life around us. We're in a large play we have attempted to write while acting. We can never know the answer to it if we define that it has one that is undefinable. We can never be satisfied with a definition when we know that they are just concepts. We release the necessity for it. It's no longer about knowing where we're going, it's about going. It's no longer about us as an individual, it's about us as a part. A part of the whole, a piece of life, a component to the growth of life. A signal amongst signals which are directed positively towards positivity.

It's not easy, but it is enjoyable. It's funny that we as a species have never awakened to this before but it's not far now. There's six years left till 2012 and life is aware that this change is occurring. Life is becoming more and more aware that it is living and that living is NOT how us humans have organized it. We can no longer live in a system which divides time into money. We can no longer pay each other for the right to exist. We can no longer seek to materialistically gain in any manner, we must give freely to everyone. We can no longer dodge the ball when it comes to doing the right thing, the time is now, the time is short, you only have a limited amount of space and time to exist within, are you aware of the importance of that? What is YOUR focus? Do you have a game plan? Do you know that everything is going to be so out-of-the-box in 2012 that you will no longer have to define yourself at all, it will be your desire to be defined by evolution in an unbelievably inconcievable and indefinate direction that pushes your life into this existence.

I am only a signal, you cannot fail to pick up on the signal.