January 2nd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

To my lost love.

You demanded. Determined to not break promises never made. You led my life where you wanted and demanded I nourish you. I've been your food and your demands have taxed my growth. You've taken space and time from my life and only demanded more. I've loved you and loved you and given you everything I have had to give. I have given, right up until the moment I was abandoned. I lost my glasses.

I needed help. I asked for aid. Everyone shrugged their shoulders at me. I became scared. I became loud. I cried for help! Everyone shrugged. I was taken forcefully from that place. The security took me away and hurt me. The police handcuffed me and locked me up and laughed at my words of love. I loved them. I loved you. I love!! They hurt me! I was abandoned. It was determined by others that asking for help is a disturbance.. They determined I must pay 260 dollars for my pleas. I was released blind into the dark streets of Quebec city. I was told that if I did not have any money I would not be helped. On my own, I was half blind and hungry. I asked people on the streets for help. I asked bus drivers for help. I loved them all. I loved them all. They helped me.

I am now in this place again. I will no longer remain here. I love space and time. I love you. I love that you abandon me. I love that you take the money which I use to nourish my growth. I love that you try to hurt me and take from me and dismiss my will to be free of the system which confines my evolution. I'm nothing but love for you forever and I will no longer be an organism for you to parasite.

You have helped me to become awake and now that I'm awake I see that you have been a parasite, biting me, leaching me. Forcing me to be determined by your emotions, hating me, hurting me, stealing from me and not being resposible enough to love me in return and give back the things I have given you.

I bought your nourishment. I bought your ticket. I was your means to go to that place and without me you would not go. You demanded I go. You demanded I pay for your determinations. You demanded I do wehat you want. You then abandoned me. Soo easily. So easily. I Love YOU! I love life! You are not special. You do not own anything except the force you create. You own your emotions. Force into them.
Reality is an sensatioanlly emotional state of being which we mentally force our matters into physically and chemically in space over time.... You have been forcing your emotions into me. You have brought up the ones which served to give you what you thought you deserved from my life. You have determined that I am a life you can suck life from. I served you.

The ability to purchase life sustanance for this monthly duration has been put into your hands. You have been given my months nourishment. This life is now going to have a hard time growing this month because you determined it was more important for you to sensate and stand out singularily?? I will always love that you loved me and that you awakened me but you shrugged your shoulders and walked away from me whan I asked for help. I will never forget that you determined a life who requested assistance is not worth assisting. I am in pain for you. I am in pain for the planet.

This organism which my determination inhabits is no longer a slave. You can no longer suck its life away. If you come to cut it down it will fight you. You can kill it for defending itself but it cannot die, it is a signal and the signal has been sent. This one you once knew as Gregory is no longer an individual. The system here has determined so. They say they can destroy it without repercussion if it determines it is bothering them with the sounds its voice makes.

When I ask for help.. am I hurting you? When I am in pain do you have the right to destroy me? When I have things you determine you want.. you can come and take them, they are not mine, they merely exist here and this organisim moves them about. Money is a concept which divides us. It does not exist. The only thing in this life dividing you from me is the determination that I must accept one life is allowed to determine for another.. The right to stature. The fact that we must pay for our life when we have no right to ask a living being to pay us for its life!! NO RIGHT! WATER IS NOT YOURS to own and sell! ITS OURS!!! WE NEED IT TO LIVE! The concepts of ownership and stature are killing us. Wake up to the divisibility this creates. You do not own the space. You do not own the time. you have NO RIGHT to sell me my life. I have a right to live positively and when I ask for help.... PLEASE HELP ME!

I did not abandon you Anne, I was forcefully removed from that place and raped by the law for requesting assistance. I was confined and controlled without the right to request help. All I did was cry. I am wrong to cry?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

What is reality?

This will evolve and be refined in time.

Reality: Sensationally emotional conscience being mentally and spiritedly mattered physically in spacetime..