January 3rd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Rights to Rights?

This New Years event was very intense.

Upon arrival us two were confronted with a higher price than expected based on the flyer. We paid for entry and were searched thoroughly, our markers were taken away from us and disposed of. We entered the space and put the items we brought with us in a position which suited us and began to dance and enjoy ourselves. Our intentions were to let everyone know how much we loved them all and that this year would be a good one. Happy New You. I love you. Je t'aime. Tout la monde!

At some point I placed the glasses I use in order to see clearly down amongst the items we brought with us. I determined that it would be good for me to see everyone with my senses more clearly than my glasses could allow. I would no longer see individuals as special individually. I would move and dance about the entire room and give love to each being there. It was absolutely the best I've ever felt in my life. There was a tam player there who was wonderful, somehow I found him many times and he found me many times.. He played wonderfully, I loved him! I loved everyone!

At some point though, I determined that I should put my glasses back on in order to find my friends, but I could not find my glasses, they had dissapeared and my vision was not sufficient to locate them... especially in the dark.. So I determine I must ask for assistance, I cannot see clearly anymore. Help. My glasses are lost, they have fallen somewhere here in the back of the main room, please help me to find them someone... please help. It's dark, there are many many people here, it is hard for me to do this all alone with no flashlight.

When I approach the guards to ask for help they are violently forcing another individual into a table, this person is not struggling so much as trying to defend themself, it's a scary sight. I make a plea of help to the femal guard who is observing the other two confining the individual. IJai perdu mes lunettes la au derriere du chambre et jai besion d'aide. Si tu plait, aide moi. The female guard turns and snarls that I had better go away or I will be restrained too. I have not been frightened like this before, it's now more difficult for me, I'm half blind and those I go to for help actually threaten me? Approaching another person I ask for help and am shrugged off again, I'm now very sad and scared really because I cannot see my friends and cannot find them and they are not apparently looking to help me.. I'm alone, half blind and noone will help me so I cry out load "Aide moi! Si tu plait! Jai besion d'aide ici! Quel Que veut tu me aide?? I am certain all those around me heard my cry but none stepped forward to request what kind of help I was in need of.

Then security came and demanded that I leave. I could not understand this, this was not right? I asked them if they would help me locate my glasses. They demanded instead that I come with them in the form of force. Immediately I was taken by the neck, the arms, the legs by security in am extremely forceful manner. My shoulder was dislocated during the ordeal, I did not struggle, I was being strangled violently and dislocated and I was crying. I cried that my arm is dislocated and that i loved them and did not want anything but assistance, why? why? why? are they hurting me?? I am dislocated OW OW! They did not care, they laughed at me and continued to twist. They took me and those things they determined were mine to the exterior of that place, to the front doors. They threw me down and I immediately went about trying to relocate my shoulder, I have been damaged badly, the progress I have made on my shoulder over the last two years has been torn apart. It hurts again.

I was barefoot and with no shirt on. They did not bring all of the items I brought with me to the door. My glasses were still inside. They determined I must leave, they told me forcefully to do so. I stood my ground, I told them I love them with a smile. I am not angry, you have hurt me but i continue to love you, why are you determined I must leave when all I have done is ask for help? I don't understand! So I cannot leave, my friends are inside, my glasses are inside!!! I am positive minded, I love and laugh and am positive! I do not struggle, I do not attempt to cause pain, I am merely here to enjoy myself, why did this occur????

It is NOT over. The police come next, all the while these people who have escorted me out are trying to tell me where I am allowed to stand and that I must leave, they force me into a corner like a piece of meat and grab me by the throat and rais meinto the air in order to take me to the police car. They squish me into the front of the car, on the hood and twist my very hurting arm into a location which is very suceptable to re-dislocation. I cry why are you doing this? Ow my arm cannot go there! Ow! Please no! Help! The police who escort me to the station laugh at me the entire time, they think I am on some sort of drug, that I am all high and that my requests are illusions or I am some sort of crasy person? They laugh at me, they take me to the station and the rest of the police there laugh at me too, all the while I am speaking in french describing my plea for help to them, requesting they help mke and asking why they are doing this? They laugh, and they determine I have no rights, I am not read any. I am still in only a pair of pants. I have been taken out into the snow twice and am cold, they will not give me my shirt or socks or anything, they are laughing at me, ripping my items apart, tearing open the big stuffed dog pillow I brought to search for things they did not find. They pick me up by my pants, and carry me in the form of a wedgie all the way to a holding cell. I don't understand!!! Why am I here!

At some point many many hours later I am shivering cold and I ask a passing guard politely to help me I am cold and she asks me if I would like to leave? I could not believe my ears! Of course I would like to leave! Now I cannot understand why I have been given a ticket for two hundred and sixty dollars for yelling for help. ok though, now I only have 80% of the things I brought with me from Montreal to Quebec City.. I do not know where I am, I cannot read street signs, I have spent most of my money and my friends do not know where I am. I ask for help from the officer at the front desk, he says that I should take a cab and a bus back to montreal, I have less than 50 dollars left for the entire month and have not bought Groceries yet. Hm.? It's 7:30pm I cannot see and do not have enough money. The officer at the front desk tells me that if I do not leave he will lock me up again, that if I do not have any money he cannot help me.

There is more to this story, but at this point I take my future into my hands and spend the rest of my money in order to return home. I am home now. I have no money left. My glasses are gone and cannot see very well. I am missing other items too. Why did this happen? Who is responsible? Am I free?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Time for some Honesty

Not that many days ago, the woman in my life and I decided that we recognized each other. We realized that our growth together was a necessary thing and that some force outside ourselves brought us together for a reason. We were elated. We love each other. We loved each other. We dedicated our lives to each other that night in such a way that was more true than any paper or system or law could contain, we made mental, emotional and verbal promises to each other, we dedicated our lives to each other and stated that there was noone on this earth who could replace our love for each other, and also we are free and can share our bodies freely with our friends without jealousy we trust each other.

Well I am aware I have had difficulties in the past with integrity. I've had my problems, I've had to fail and to hurt myself and to make mistakes in order to learn. I'm fallable and I certainly don't know most of it let alone all of it. I'm just trying to be happy and to find someone to love and share life with and I found that person when I met Anne Marie Viau. She is the light of my life nd no matter how unequal she feels I can never allow my heart to see her as anything other than my life mate. I am bonded to her for my life now.. How can I ever go find another woman to replace this lifemate who no longer wishes to grow with me?

I'm in love with a woman who seems to be afraid of evolution and being equal to me, she's determined to divorce me now, divorce her promise to love me forever and grow with me forever and be my mate and wife so she can continue to go in circles. I don't understand, I know I make mistakes, I know I sometimes speak too quickly or too loudly but I am not trying to hurt anyone, I only wish to evolve and grow and love the woman I love. I am sorry my love, I am so sorry.

What can I do to bring you back to me now? There is noone else for me on this earth but you, all the rest of these people are wonderful humans and they have much to share with us but you are the individual who my heart belongs to and I can no loger quest for anyone else but you. You are a bright light of happiness and wonder to me which I cannot stop questing for, you are love and life and nourishment for my heart, you're the single equal amongst all the equals here which I am determined to spend eternity with embracing you and uttering i loves yous into your ears and holding you tight. I cannot let you go, I love you too much, but I cannot hold onto you if you wish to fly away either, I love you too much.

So now I have two missions in this life. One is to spread the joy of freedom and the messages of evolution and unrestriction from subliminal slavery which this system creates, and the other is to win back your heart, your integrity, your respect, your love, and your time. Please Anne, I love you more than you can possibly imagine and every time you imagine I am hurting you with words you destroy my love for you inside yourself. I do not stop loving you ever. I can never stop loving you no matter what. Why can't you grow with me again?

I am so capable of change, I can becme better at communicating, I have already begun to do so, daniel is helping me with this, we spent much of yesterday discussing a gameplan for 2012 and working on writing and discussing possibilities and solutions to all of lifes difficulties accepting the possibility that removing money from this system is acceptable. We cannot do this alone though Anne, We need a womans perspective. You are a woman Anne. You are a responsible adult who can love and give her word and keep it. Will you not come home? Please come home Anne!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Evolution of the Mind

Where are you? What place does your consciousness reside? Are you a dorment soul allowing your physical form to sleep and become seperate from you? Have you been conditioned to believe you are incapable of gaining any control over the abilities your brain is capable of? How does one train the brain? How have we been taught to train the brain? Are we doing all we can to evolve our abilities mentally and spiritually amongst our young and our aging? I say absolutely not. It's a simple thing once one thinks about it long enough, how to furthur our mental abilities, how to activiate regions of our monds which lay dorment and do not awaken without a signal. We just give it the signal.

So lets go back to phys ed. This is going to be a whole new way of looking at the connection between your mind and your body, or you can call it your brain and your body. The first thing you must do is dismiss the division between the two. Sure we know lots of scientific things about how our species works, we can slice ourselves up into tiny thin pieces and show you any cross section your like of our anatomy and you'll smile and wonder what the hell is going on to make it all work. We can tell you all about how definately you can only go in whatever direction we tell you and you'll believe us, it's all about a belief system isn't it? Don't believe it.

You ARE your body. You ARE your mind, your mind IS your body. This is the simple sad truth that all of us seem to feel is impossible. How can this thing I look at possibly be my mind when I know the brain powers the body through thought contained within it? Simple. Thought makes body work. Thought IS body action. Mental capacity to create motion is all that creates motion. Without mental push, motion does not happen. Regardless of what level of mental capacity you are talking about, there are the conscious and the subconscious areas, the left and the right brain, the whole double inversion of everything as it's interpreted and much more, but the whole point you need to get is that in order to activate your mind you must force it into your body.

This is done with no assistance from any object, you don't have to buy anything, you can do it all the time, anywhere, and it's feels like an orgasm if you do it right. It's phenominal.

The first thing you must do is train you self to breathe properly. This means taking full breaths all the way to your utmost capacity and holding them for a moment and then exhaling all the way to extreme emptyness. This is one of the most important things all humans should learn in life. This is life, this is patience, this is oxygen at peak levels which creates the most suitable environment in the brain for signal sending. Breathing this way should be the most important thing in your life aside from love and all those family/friends things. Learning to breath in this way as a second nature so that your mind subconsciously takes over control of doing it right.. Your mind is then breathing on its own.

The next thing you must learn is that you have the ability to physically create fitness within yourself without any tool other than gravity and your mind. You are no longer going to hurt yourself with impact sports or bend yourself into old age with gymnastics or pump yourself into idiocy with body building, you are going to learn a new way to work your mind out into your body.

Consider that you are a tree. consider standing up and reaching up into the sky. You job is now to make yourself taller. Push upward with your body/mind, tense all your muscles from your feet, up your legs, up your abdomen and back and chest and neck and arms and try even to force your entire self to become taller than it has ever been possible for you to be. Force this to happen. Force it as hard as you can. And all the while do it at the speed of your breathing. On the exhale force upward and on the inhale relax.

Another method is to lie on your back and put both arms and legs into the air and while breathing properly, create figure eights with your legs and arms, infinity shapes. Do this for as long as you possibly can, or as long as its fun. Don't do it with too much force though as this is a joint related mental excercise and with strain you can create pain. Don't hurt your mind.

Another one.. Find a mirror and stare into it at yourself, breathing properly, nice long breaths, determine that you must learn to use each side of your face individually, each muscle on it, even the ones that move your ears. These are all without your control, they are mind controlled and you havent been using that part to full capacity I guarantee. Breath and create bigger cheeks, smile, force your face into a grin of pure happiness. Become the face you always wanted. Try and apply your mind only to the left side of your face for half the time and then only the right side the other half.

This half half methodology is a key piece of pushing your mind into your body. The brain is divided into two halves and you will notice which side you are stronger on when you determine you should have more control on one side and don't.

Last one for now. Toes. These babies are so lost and forgotten, no wonder we only use a small piece of our brains these days, we neglect pushing them into our bodies!! Get yourself down onto the bed or the floor or the couch while youre watching tv and start forcing those toes to do everything they are capable of, which I guarantee you is MUCH more than you've been doing with them.

These are just baby steps towards evolution of the mind. Pushing your mind in ways that normal thought processes never go. Evolve your control over your chemical reality.