January 4th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Positive Imagination

Imagine a reality in which all lives are equal. Imagine everything free for everyone. Noone is considered any better than anyone else, all are equal. Noone works for money because money does not exist. We work to make enough food to feed everybody, it's enjoyable. We continue to create new technologies because we can. Every technological structure in existance which in some way or other damages the environment is retrofitted or replaced with one that does not. This is done because it is necessary and because nothing costs anything, noone owns anything, we merely make use of it all in order to evolve.

Imagine that we are a world full of artists, creating creations and growing food and tending to the plants and animals. Imagine that we can create everything we need to survive freely and have fun doing it because we are allowed to have whatever we need or desire as long as it's positive and does not harm other organisms.

Imagine we teach our children how to connect their mental selves to their physical selves without restriction from birth, imagine we refine the school systems so they teach a proper mental and physical sense education to create positive minded individuals who can interpret the signals they recieve and communicate and sense others body languages, not just words.

Imagine we all only had to carry one identification card, a storage card, one which can store a huge amount of information and is everything we need in order to connect to all the wonderful new systems we will use. Everything is free and things are available to everyone on a use-it-when-you-need-it basis. We do not all need to possess a copy of every item which might exist, we need to make items such as those available for use on demand. Once used they would be returned in order to continue functioning. This goes for automobiles, homes, toys, and devices. For example: Imagine there were public media centers everywhere! These constantly upgrade with the most advanced and considerably the best of the best available of each: cameras, phones, camcorders, lcd tvs, projectors, etc. for use in the area and once used the device would go into a slot, your universal card would go into another slot and the photos/data youve collected would be transferred into it. You would always have access to the most technologically advanced devices available on the planet. They would be free to use. They belong to noone, they belong to everyone.

One of our problems as a species is we determine that the sounds surrounding us are a bother to us, we allow ourselves to attach emotionally to sounds and become negative. This is in large part due to the fact that things that block sound are expensive to build with so we build our structures thinly and cheaply. This causes great discord because we are unable to use our sound making devices to their upper levels due to shoddy structuring. We bother each other because things cost too much to build well enough not to bother each other. If we remove money and value from the whole equation and things become free to build, will we not build every structure in the most efficient and advanced manner possible? Will not most of our distress go away?

Eckhart Tolle recognizes the worlds symptoms, he can see much of the picture. If you are unaware of this man and his teachings you should make yourself aware. Evolve. This is necessary for us as a species. We are a group of equals sharing space and time on this earth. We love each other and we know that all we live for is happiness. We have the capability now to see what our mistakes are and reshape the entire world into a place without borders or money systems or barter systems where the best of all technologies pushes us forward in a positive direction which will begin regrowing the earth.

We have no choice now as a collective species, it's obvious to us everywhere and the message has been spreading intensely. We do not own the water. We do not own the earth. We do not own anything but our emotions and we cannot be allowed to pass the responsibility for our emotions off on something external to our own free will. When we determine that we were made to be angry by something outside our own choice we are passing the buck. Shrugging the responsibility off. Discarding our integrity. We create our emotions. We are responsible enough to create positive ones and only positive ones if we so determine.

No matter what aspect of the entire globe you look at now, there are the same problems all over. Everyone is stuck with the mindset that change is impossible and that money MUST continue to exist so those who have it can keep themselves in power. Power is what every life on this planet has now. It's been taught to us that only we can make a difference right? A small group of individuals CAN change the world, imagine what a large group of like minded loving and caring and free people could do once they've got the message organized into something clear.

The determination we must all agree upon is simple. Respond to all signals positively. Those who do not wish to send positive signals... I don't know what to do about them.. I mean.. why wouldnt they want to send positive signals?? Isn't the common sensation we strive for collectively here a positive one? Our entire existence is built around the gathering and grouping of our peoples to enjoy each others art and company. We can do this so much more freely if we are unrestricted from a system which determines it's possible to own time and we must have stature over each other. Our species has no right to determine negative anything for any organism. Our race has been enforcing insanity since it decided we had to use money. We all live here, we all grow here, we all strive to be happy here. Why should we pay each other for it? Theres certainly enough of everything to go around!

There are strange things at work in this current system. For example, why is it all us "free" people have to pay for nourishment not just for ourselves but also for those who commit crimes? Why is it when one commits a crime they are rewarded with free nourishment for their entire incarceration? This seems like a sort of educational system that exists subliminally to teach us that crime and negative signals are ok, and that they will in a way, somehow set us free? Absolutely not, this is wrong. Those individuals who commit corimes againt life should be the ones employed to do the difficult labor, not us free people. We are free, we want to eat and drink for free. We want to grow for free. We want to give for free. We want to love for free. We want to evolve for free. Everything is givable freely if noone determines they have the right to be any better than anyone else.

There is so much evolution to do, and we need all the help we can get. The importance of this is enormous, we must break free from slavery and equalize into a positive evolutionary emotional state. We can do this, this must be done in order for this world to survive.

This life and this evolution is open source, I cannot be a single signal. I will no longer pay for my existance. I do not determine it is ok for me to die, but I will no longer slave for my life. What does this society determine I must do now? Must I be insane for loving everyone and everything on the planet equally? Must I be incarcerated or put in a padded room because they wish to keep the money they have accumulated and my awakeness to the insanity of it is a threat to tehir security? How can i exist within this place freely which determines I must pay for nourishment and space and time? I am a slave to this system, I am not free, none of us are until we release ourselves from our individualized materialistic sensation seeking egotistical selves. We are all one system here, we all share the same space and time, lets all get along now!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Ego Death!

Get rid of it! Its killing the world! We all have confused, incapable of telling the difference betweeen fact and opinion, theres the situation and heres the anger I feel abut it. Then realize there are other ways of dealing with it instead of adopting one limited perspective. The most available negative one.. The one leading us into destruction! Respond positively.

This life is now no longer contained within an ego. This life is capable of listening now, observing and being empathetic and sympathetic to every part of life. This consciounsness no longer feels it is identified by objects or posessions. This beings thoughts can point to the truth but it cannot be the truth.

In the service of the ego, everything is about elevation of self over others, in the service of the truth you are the selfless server. The very being that you are IS truth. Be truly positive now and start sending out signals!

You can start at the bottom by helping everyone around you who needs it and by giving what you use to those who need it. You can spread the message that we have been slaves to our egos our entire lives and now we will no longer allow it to occur. We must free ourselves from our impersonal egos. We are not right and they are not wrong. We are all wrong. We must all get along!!