January 5th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Things are happening..

1. Meetings will being in the Monteal area soon for those awakeners who want to take part in the reorganization of the information needed to distribute to the planet the signals necessary for change. These Montreal meetings are the start of something small here, biut the signals are already spreading rapidly.. Soon there will be a large network of wakers communicating and gathering resources and information and diving into task groups and accomplishing large things.. The good people who still have money will begin using it to do the good things that the money was meant for while it still exists.. The artists will make messages and the communicators will send signals and the movers will transport them and the relayers will relay them and the recievers will hear us! 2012 is about changing the world and it is SO possible its silly.

2. Classes will begin soon for anyone who wishes to learn some new ways to dance, learn mental/physical connection techniques in the Montreal area.. These will be weekly meetings at first and possible become a daily occurrance within a month or two.. these courses will be offered FREE. They will be on a walk in in a positive manner basis and respectfully bringing snacks or drinks is always appreciated by all present. There will always be free water and tea for all.

This is only the beginning. Keep your senses sharp the emotions are positively coming!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Since we're so fond of labels..

This is the result of a set of questions I took the time to answer..

You scored 13 Blue Dragon, 40 Red Phoenix, 13 White Tiger, and 33 Black Tortoise!

You are "alike to" Suzaku the Red Phoenix. You live in times of good fortune. Suzaku protects the South, and corresponds to summer, life, the element fire, red, and knowledge. Suzaku appears in times of great change and fortune. The Phoenix is said to appear only when a time of peacful and prosperity is about to begin, and leaves when the era is about to end. it is debated wheater the Phoenix causes the changes. Suzaku is often paired with Seiryu. You are a lucky person, you can behave intelligently though and manage to get by even when most would not.

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


I was just thinking.. The title of the global opensource world information packet... or the subtitle or something to that effect..

"Before you read this.. know this..

We the poeple of Earth have determined that we are equal now and that everyone should live for free. If you determine that this is not so thats a determination that we are not equal.. and we don't agree. We are equal. Get along with everyone equally or we will hug you until you do!"

Heheh.. I can put together words in such silly ways sometimes..
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Did you ever wonder..

If the reason our race has determined that psychedelics and chemicals that we make use of recreationally are deemed negative is because they expand our awareneess of the insanity of slavery to money and ego? It's our egos trying to hide the facts from us.. Stay sharp people.. The signals are everywhere..

Once you wake up.. you'll realize how silly such chemicals can be when they're abused and the abuse system will crumble..
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

To the good people who still..

determine that the money can be used for good...

Please use it to make available a space where I can teach and question humans about reality and awakening.. I feel there is work to be done here on this world now and without the help of the good people who have the money, the money will never go away.

We need a space to grow in and teach in and live in. We need a meeting place where we can communicate and refine our approach to an opensourse world together. We need no labels, only positive minded concepts and help from helpers who love what they do and are interested in doing it for free in order to survive on whatever they need. We need food to support our growth for the next six years while the money still exists. We need to begin doing this in all countries, all communities all spaces and times. we need to let each other know what it is we feel we are best capable of contributing to the whole and determine for ourselves through agreement in positive mannerisms to take on the responsibilities of recording the information through system of equal facilitators and focalizers, we need to contact the Rainbow Gatherers and get the word to every signal sender. the time is now to start changing this place for the better and the time is always NOW!

Montreal is the label for the space in time where my form resides. I cannot sustain this space without becoming a slave. I no longer am allowed to drink water or eat food for free. I must pay for my land and pay for my time and pay for my rights to have them too, I must pay for permission to have permission and if I communicate in a ?different manner I become labelled defective and then the system starts to consider it can "give"? me free things.. If I "deemed" to have broken a law, the system locks me up and I eat and drink for free again.. If I make noise because the system is unfair I am again labelled defective and put into a room and forced into drugged stated of conscoiusneess until I do go insane or die. I am not FREE here.. I wish to be I wish all of us to be. I NOW ACT TO BE FREE! ACT WITH ME!

This place can change now. We don't have the right to lie down. We don't have the right to keep "wishing" and "speculating" and "observing without acting upon observation"

We have been feeding ourselves EGOTISTICAL saturated reinforcing messages in all of our languages since "his story" was told and a human was nailed to a cross to force his agreement with it. We are SLAVES to a stupid concept, the concept that we're gods because we wrote the words.

Get into reality all you good people, start looking at the signals and giving them to others. You can only determine you OWN happiness once you wake up to the fact that ONLY YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING YOU outside the infinite connection to the WHOLE which you could never possible have full control over. you're just a silly little component like the rest of everything living everywhere. EQUAL NOW.

Will anyone help us grow?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

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Recent email:
I am sure you can find whatever information you need. The Toltec and Northern African peoples seemed to be among the most proficient, one might start there. Here is one shamanic principle that I hear over and over which seems to be coming up in many spiritual teachings: "All life is a dream, and all dreams are real." Does that resonate?

my signal..

Absolutely.. The answers are all clear once you're awake.. I can relate anything you send to me back to you in clear terms for you to reevaluate. I am not the source, I merely channel it. We are all channelling it always we're just unwilling to look as observers instead of as egos.

You "see" life mostly.. You connect the majority of importance in life to your senses. However the actual physicality of the "sense" itself is just that PHYSICAL.

Tell me now then.. Is that light you are "seeing" in your mind?

Is that "red" you are "seeing" inside the chemicals and branches that interconnect inside your form to pass the infinite amount of information around that tells you that what outside exists is "somehow only ??outside??"

when you "lift" your arm.. arent you using telekenisis?

When you move objects with your body arent you "levitating" them with your mind?

when you dream aren't you projecting "astrally"

duh people.. these are such silly things to dismiss, children get it. Stop condemning imagination!!

we are such silly little human animals to think that we came up with the information. We have no right to own information. The shamans knew that.