January 6th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Well Clearly..

The system is determined to make me work hard for whatever help I ask for. I went to the optometrists and requested they take permission from the piece of paper the government deems I must necessitate in order to be deserving of help when I need it.. The individual there deter "mine"d that the paper was not a strong enough authority figure to give him deter"mine"ation to help me and that I "ahbe to" indeed take ANOTHER authoritative piece of paper to another "special" human and ask them to put a mark on the paper so that I could then return with the authoritative object and have it "tell him" that he is "allowed" to help me now.

I still exist without glasses. Wonderful. I am happy. I ACCEPT THAT THEY WILL NOT HELP ME NOW.

I wait until tomorrow when the "special" space opens which I must go to to speak to a "special" human and ask for "special" permission in order to go to another "special" human to ask for "special" help. I have no right to ask for help without all of this.. I am just a slave after all.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Who the fuck is the human race? They're "limited" are they? Only through "enforcement" I say. this whole planet is a systematic time bomb that's been flashing the red light at itself with a countdown ever since before biblical times. The bible was a sset of drawings and shit that represented language back then and got revised and translated through who knows how much shit and put into the hands of people with lots of money and "stature" in order to install a calendar that divides time into a slavery to "money" A stupid concept that we can in some way "own" each other during time.... Time is not "ownable" Time isn't dividable. Time isn't loseable. time is now. time is = to ITSELF.

Time = Time. there is no way to cut it, no way to package it, no way to alter it's flow, nothing we can do will change time or make it anything less or more than EXISTING.

The same goes for all the other shit too. Who determined for you that you have limitations? If you say anyone but you, that's an egoic statement. You control your spirit, noone else. YOU. What's spirit? Spirit is excitement, spirit is animation, spirit is enthusiasm, spirit is positive energy no matter what the volume or intensity. When the people at the hockey game make noise very very load, do the security guards grab them and restrain them and try to tear them apart because the noise is "disturbing the peace" WTF duh! "disturbing the peace" to me has the sense of ACTION OF ANY KIND! Are we to be deemed unfit to act in our own society! Our language is reinforcing slavery in every sense, we're slaves on this world to the concept that a negative and a negative are INDEEED positive. We think that "money changing" is a worthwhile use of evolution. We think that making nothing out of nothing is fun! We're stuck sensating so much and confusing our signals we have stupified our people into the inability to grasp stupidity!

Limitations are enforced upon humans through education and DEFINEMENT. We have no right as an animal to DEFINE. We will only REFINE. Evolution DICTATES that!!

Wake up and become intelligent animals. Us humans don't know shit. The information isn't ours, it comes through us. Stand back from your "supposedly ownable thoughts" and see for yourself that you're a tool of the life around you, connected to the entirety of the evolutionary whole that entails life and matters. We're all channelling this shit and the Milky Way is coming into an alignment that hasn't been seen since the time of the Mayans.. It's time for the world to wake up now and get it's signals straight. We can make difference a GOOD thing when we work together to begin instead to play together.

When life becomes free and everything is always the most technologically advanced on demand and nothing kills anyone anymore and everyone gets to create in positive directions.. We'll have everything we ever wanted and truly begin to evolve again.. This is possible Earth, it's time to start getting together again, be POSITIVE!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


I deter "mine" d it's time to send the signals out to more humans. I began sending emails to news stations and opensourse websites and such to get the signals around and the information flowing. This is the only thing I could determine to do at this time. I felt it necessary to start spreading the blanket of coverage so more people could make determinations for themselves.

I wish to correct and remove the egoic statement I somehow missed revising when assembling the words in the emails.. please swipe the word "his" from those emails. I do not own anything but the positive emotion and sincerity contained within these signals. They are lifes signals and life is living now. Let's all start living together peacefully and for free.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


here's an odd way to stretch thinking..

If a human animal opens the mouth it uses and tilts the head it uses back and opens the air valve to the lungs it uses.. does it necessariily have to "inhale" or "exhale" in order to "breathe"?

I have no idea.. but it gives me a feeling of amusement not to.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

I feel so wonderful!

This is a wonderfully emotional state to be in! Everyone I love living NOW!

Did you know the dictionary doesent list..

"electrical-motion" as the definition of "emotion"
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Here'some words..

Who determined humans can't control the ability to focus eyes?

I "believed" that this was impossible as long as it was enforce and reinforced and reinforced by those around me and the media.. Who determined this shit. Just because the parents couldn't do it doesen't mean it can't be done. It's after all part of the body isn't it?

There is 32 years for me to catch up on in terms of pushing my electrical signals into this form. I have no idea anymore what the electricity in here is capable of. IT's a silly restrictively conditioned society around me who deems it has the right to take away my life if it deter"mine"s for me I deter"mine" to do whatever it forces you to believe it wants you to believe I deter"mine"d to do.

I am positive. I make noise. I love sound. I love everyone and everything that lives equally now. It's a wonderful thing to stop owning things.