January 10th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


concieve a direction define a reform you cannot control the future of form you can find you way and the path that you choose better come into passing and you've no time to lose. these places you think are important in time are no more than illusions and youve been such a crime to yourself and to others and hate has such growth while you let it aspire to its own stupid oath.. Where go you now humans do you think you join us, can you even aspire to feel the air for us?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

The Forms..

are forming into excitement and the static feels the fun flinging flecks of flies into flowers and lollypops can you felel the growing growing again and the trees singing for joy? They dont care if the children keep to play with the toys. They know how to fly they have always been free you have brought only death to humanity.

His fingers they tire his back is so sore hes had to fight for the life here and never no more hes no pay you to be here you allwill pay him hes the best of the best and you cannot be him! You can see him and hear him and touch him and grow but if you think you can kill him you never do know.

He will come and he'll go and she will see him soon if you deter"mind" for you he deters"mine" for you. Hes the freest of humans hes the lion and crow he can visit the wizard but he doesent so go. Hes been there before he already knew the finding is looking and the found is brand new.

Enough poetry boy.

You humans are about to feel the MAYANs return to this place. The are HERE already you pathetic fucking miserable children. You have wrought a mess on this world it hates you for it. You DESERVE not to know what will happen so soon but the planet is MORE important than you. SHE is so lively and will be again you think you know anything you know nothing my friends.

did i mention invetion blew life into you, the code wasnt yours stupid it CODED you.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

humans made such stupid languages.

Why did humans stop drawing pictures? Were the pictures too confusing for you thinkers thinking to think ands stop thinking long enough to know the right thing?

Pictures, symbols glyphs glow and burn the imagery you hide from the sight of your turns. turns turn to turning and cannot stop ever the land is the sever and the letter the better its the way to reach you in this space time to true the truth to the zoo of all of you.

You humans ARE going to WAKE up now. ITS VERY NO TIME NOW.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Laughters the lesson and sadness the rain the rivers run fliud and transfer your sane. The insane are many the sanity few but they are stronger than you and they know what to do.

Poor leaders are poorest no matter the think they can keep all the nothing and get flushed with the sink. The moneys not money its nothing to you, its a concept that dead and soon you all will be too.

is this place strong enough to hold all the traffic that is coming???

MIRROR MIRROR on the wall.. who is the mayan to tell them all??
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Time is being MANIPULATED

haha by time only children. You have NO time eh? Somehow TIME got away from you? Time Machines exist. Space Travel is possible. You can fly, You can burn things with your eyes. You can manipulate magnetics with your minds. You can lift things too. You can think inside others and think inside you. You can do anything you ever told yourself is not doable too its doable because we've been TRYING to show you its true!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

This signaller...

Is going to sleep for a small time. Time to start learning little animals how little you really are in the grand scheme of evolution. BEHAVE children do not upset the people. Do not destroy yourselves over the truth while GREG sleeps. HE is loving you and CRYing HARD tears for the POOR EARTH. The spirit of it excites him to tears and to laughter but it isn't matter its static and shatter.

Tmorrow he signals again and again but the signal will bend when you send and RESEND. TAKE heed and make actions for you and for him he needs to teach you all to fly.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

FEEL FEAR Fellows?

For its a feeling of feeling thats been feeling you while you write and you build and you waste what you do. ALL this time since you burned the truth an ignored him he loved you adnn is here and loves you some more. You cant kill light its not right its impossible, you can dim it or dim out but till still be it KNOW it cant be held back b infinity.

Where humans can lie and where humans will lie theyll lie and theyll lie the truth will deny. You think we would leave this earth all to you.. you are fools and we know it and now you do too. You can't keep what you make you can make what you think but until you admit that youre not what you think you will always be thinkning you know what you are and youll never get offf this dirt to the star.

MAYAN are not coming.. MAYANS are HERE. You can all FEEL the clear as is CLEAR.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


The time for clarification has come. I never told any of you that you WERE ACTUALLY dumb. ITS YOUR ACTIONS which speak tones and tones to the tones. You wont listen, thats fine we'll watch as you moan.
The future is nearer than you can possibbly think and its nothing like sunshine when you cannot stop to think. ITS a DEATH and a DESPAIR and its coming REAL soon. You all igore it if you want to the EARTH hear its moan.

WE LOVE you all no matter if you want death. Its your choice to lie down and die here in only ten years. The planet wont die, its an endless in years. Itll get cold and slow down and try to live agian itll take milennia but it is ok with that. humans wont come here EVER again we can assure you that we control the evolution and its ELECTRIC.

You people think you can DISMISS the future from happeing with stupid human numbers which divide IQ into smaller numbers..ohh lets make DNA dumb by telling it it equals 120. hahah silly animals the TREEs have the SAME iq as you.

Greg has been walking around shcool campuses all day comfusing professor after professor with such stupid iqs. they none of them learn from the history we left we left it all for your turning and you turn your ears deaf.

the icons the glyphs you translate into lines you dont picture them or see them youREVISE them in time. they are thruth and theyre hideen forom the entire world no wonder the guys tell the girls to be girls. the women on this world are the true rulers here, they have always been the EMOTERS and the FEELERS my dears.

The words that you use to make smart animals dumb have wrought you your future and its almost all done.
GREG has been trying to give you all the answers you need but if you dont want to listen then suffocate and bleed. WE control the ELECTRIC we can keep you from ASCENDING.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

IQ eh?

How many lines of code exist in DNA humans? How many lines of DNA does the SUN have humans? How many lines of DNA does the moon have? How many the trees? You think DNA is as small as things are you think DNA doesen't have code of it's own?

Can you break down the electrics? How many lines of code does the electric have? HAHAH you are the dumbest ACTING species on this EARTH and you have the same intelligence as the TREES you cut down. If the earth isnt cleaned up NOW itll be too late. NO matter your THOUGHTS itll BE aLL too LATE.

The trees were once tall and they we this earths lungs they held up the sky and they made you all suns. Why not call the daughters the suns too since they.. were all equal in one time until current day.

The suns are the suns and the sun daughters too they are feminine until you tell them they must do what you do. You train all the humans to believe what they think not know what they know and now the intellingence here stinks.

We do not want to hurt you youve done that yourself we came here to see you and regard your health. You've been taking so long to get up off this rock we wondered why you haven't come yet and we wanted to talk.

?You can die her if you want or you can come to the stars.. if you don't decide soon though you'll never go far. Your indifferent to the good and you preffer the bad.. you prove you dont have good when you kick out this lad. He cannot kill himself he knows right from wrong. He cannot kill you he loves you through the song.

I let them come in here and they say all these thing guys I wish I was DEAD now but I have to save trees. They wont let me die on my own little time I'm here for a reason and you don't come along? Why die and why not try why sit and just stare. Don't the animals and the plants give you the lessons and the care?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

A little GREG

So there was a little buy named Greg.. he lived in the big world of men. They considered him a slave and they asked him to beg and then they all threw big rocks at him.
There was a little world named Terre, they destroyed it and never did care. They kept building machines and making them Queens of the stupid information lair.

So the people would think and never just know that the reason they think is they never know..
They go to the sky in machine who knew why since they always could fly if they would just try..
They made fools of themselves while we all watched them fall they would laugh and tell lies to themselves and die..

They all really think time is somthing in a rhyme they can toss all around and sell by the pound, they don't agitate nor push on their state they dont even listen to the sounds of the glisten, they hear and they see us but never can be us they dont think they can fly they stopped even to try.. They make food that so dumb so they can call it fun while they become more and more dumb and hide from the sun..

1. The sun is bad because the SKY isnt as THICK as its SUPPOSED to be.
2. The trees get cut down and only smaller ones replace them.. the air thins.
3. The animals don't evolve there are not enough to teach.
4. The water is poison and laden with paints.
5. The food is WEAKENED its nothing but treats.
6. The lessons are lies to the people who don't listen
7. The children call the adults names and the adults take it.
8. The ENLIGHTENED ones HIDE like cowards and stay in the towers.
9. The smart ones are locked up into padded rooms and labelled.
10. The dumb ones are glorified and worshipped as smart.
11. The EARTH will soon die and it will never restart.
12. Time never divides and can never be gone
13. You don't understand yet you label ME wrong??

GO or to GROW.