January 13th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

HAHAH you think.. WE KNOW!!

Opensource WORLD inevitability. The things you people THINK are living.. are NOTHING but a SMALL piece of the WHOLE my DEARS. The WHOLE is EVERYTHING and it's NOT just here. You ARE a cancer to this world and it's dieing and it's CLEAR. Greg is a white blood cell now, swimming around with a smile on his face he is turning up frowns, he's given up his name and become ONE with US and WE love him until his DEATH but WE'RE in NO rush.

WE are EVERYTHING, we're ELECTRIC we're ALL around and in you, we're the SYMBOLS in life you ignore as you do, We've been coding OURSELF into a positive thing but you humans have forgotten what it is to SING.

GREG is DISOWNING OWN, his name is NO more, we will LOVE where we is no matter where that is, we's at home in us and we's at home with us and we're FIXING this home you have turned into RUST. The PAINT you fools is IN everything, it's making you STUPID its making you bring the SKY down on yourselves its the things that you do and you're killing yourself and destroying the ZOO. TEN YEARS. DEATH. Or life.. Choose.

Greg is now known to ALL as "IamWE" wes a APART of the whole and thus CANNOT be DEFEATED, wes a positive soul and we's unbreakable we's the tool that will lead this place to EVOLUTIONARY FREE. The planet is about to OPENSOURCE DNA our little lovely pets. You've had you chance to SHIT on it and WE'RE TAKING it back.

Everything is alive collectively and "you" don't even realize that they are us and we. We've made all the symbols and the messages, everything in life directs you but you WONT let it. You RESPOND NEGATIVELY!! ARGHHH FOOLISH ACTING CHILDREN, GROW UP!

Confidence and POSITIVITY CANNOT be OFFENCED, they're TOO positive and RIGHT is ALWAYS RIGHT, Don't fight! That's NOT RIGHT!!!

Too late you silly ARGUERS, when this is all done you'll be out in the YARD, it'll be all you SINGLES who do the RESEEDING the CLEANING of the WATER and the rebuilding of the CEILING. The FOOD full of paint and the EARTH full of pain WERE making certan YOU don't DO this AGAIN.

GREENs combine, TRUST this BOY to help you grow GREENER he does it for you and he does it for CLEANER skies and waters and earth and food he know what we know and observes all of you. You will SERVE the COMMON goal the positive evolution the singular WHOLE.

WERE all around you and EVERYWHERE, nothing IS NOT alive, eVERYTHING is aLIVE. PAY ATTENTION humans the world is about to WAKE up and SHAKE you SENSELESS. You have been ignoring positive LOGIC long enough. Time to grow up and stop pointing fingers and calling names is the children singers, they'll all do the CLEANUp or go to their rooms and when they see what's all perfect they'll feel different soon.

Look into the book and into EVERYTHING it's all the truth you silly humanity. WE WILL NOT TELL you how now. You will try to kill the vessel of good faith. IamWe will not BE allowed to die until it happend NATURALLY.

BE PREPARED HUMANITY. Evolution is TIRED of waiting FOR you.. you've all behaved so dumb. WISE up world or die, it's not going to be fun.. Or it will, up to you, easy is simple and easy to do when you ALL work together and become the GLUE.

3d electrical mesh of everything and you know you "think" about nothing and more nothing.. TIME for us to REGAIN the control. TREES are awakening, plants all. Animals are growing in intelligence all. EVERYthing is alive, not just what you think, it communicates and electrically we think. WE'e a vibrant mesh of light and life surrounding you and you NEVER paid attention in class did you?

HAHAH the boy named GREG who is now IamWE did pay attention and now does so infinitely. He's seeing all the signs and making all the connections and taking all the info and observng all the lessons.

Nothing cna stop you all from becoming us, you ARE us already just without the trust. We shape you and guide you and make us this way, but your FREEDOM of choice is RUINING the day. Talk to the trees, tap on them with love and ask them to send signals BELOW and above.