February 2nd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Life is connected to balance

We have been away from here for a time, time to rebegin and revolve some static into solidstate linearness and allow for some illusions to dissipate and generate the affairs of this real estate into something great.

Much has been learned in the last bit of past, much reading has been done and many reconnections to loved ones. We're a people of matters who consistently repeat that nothing mattes and everywhere we turn people shrug shoulders and say "oh well" so.. swell... We will watch the entire race fall into another hell, not bloody likely, we will never allow this to occur, the entirety of all life on this world is too important to allow humanity to fuck it all up. Time to smarten the fucks up.

The everything around us is and always has been more alive than any of us have been capable of admitting or observing, the peoples of the past with less confusion and misconstrued illusion had a better connection to the whole of it and the reasons we have had such difficulties determining the reality of the histories of these peoples is because they were wiser than us and did not utilize confusion in the form of words and books, they stuck to the simplicity of symbology through symmetry and equilibrium.. even though as all humanity has continued to exemplify, every civilization has its stature based flaws and has always continued to consider there were some sort if individualizable "gods" or "spirits" which stood out in the specialness of things above or beyond others when in all things after singularity there is not one anything or everything that is not a part of the rest and no one "spirit" is seperate from any other, they are the all or all and no names are necessary, they just are and they are connected as nothing can be connected in the words of humanity properly without "dieing" naturally first, it cannot be described, it must be merged with in order to be completely understood.

This poor world of forgetters has ignored the intracateness of the actuality of infinity long enough, ths year is a year of many awakening and the enlightenment of the entire human species is about to fall into a new oorder which cannot be stopped. Some will fail and fall alone the way, they are meant to in order to teach those around them the proper path, they are a necessary part of the path and they are being taken care of even in their unknowing states, as long as they do not choose to enexist all alone, they will be merged and made a part of the all regardless they will always be children of the stars and the stars are so much more than any of the lifes on this world currently alive can possibly imagine in the form of formed thought.

It's been so sad for the everynothings to sit and create such meaningful symbolic directives for thousands of years and have the entire planet ignore them, it has hurt this world to such sorrow and undescribableness to see its children run around dfestroying themselves and ignoring the teachings of life and spirit. There is nothing left to do by force this hand to be dealt as if stacked by the dealer of life now and leap forward into the right directions with or without the people of humanity. Nothing can be done anymore but a regain of the proper path and a retainment of the right to life for the living, not JSUT the humans living. They have ignored the right decisions long enough and in "thinking" they were allowed to make these choices, they have made immeasurable errors and are now going to wise up and rise up or fall forever.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Sit A DELL on Citadel

We organize a peace march on the Citadel Hill in Halifax on the 18th of March in order to peacefully excersize our right to protest the mismanagement of deforestation of the entire planet and its oxygen producing resources by the worlds governments. We're assembling all around the hill by the thousand to walk up with tree, shovel and a tire, with nametag plaques in hands, we'll cover the entire hill with seedlings to state to the world we've HAD ENOUGH of this systems determinations to destroy the most valuable resource this planet has, its ecosystem.

The technology exists now, it has for years, we knew alternatives were available and how to utilize them efficiently and yet every year the government backed furthur from it's responsibiliies to maintain the rights of nature, each year spending less money on the environmental protection facilities, giving more powers to corporations who slowly tear all the resources out of our Earth and waste them for the allweakly concept of money for money. Nothing for nothing.

Every day immeasurable amounts of trees are destroyed for bus transfers, newspapers, toiletpaper, napkins, flyers, brochures. Wasting resources when hemp is a known better solution, we've kept cutting down the bearers of life on this planet without caring that they generate oxygen supply for all life!

People around us are so concerned with the silly little unknowns, the dumb problems that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things when the trees are the only resource this planet is absolutely in NEED of. Without enough trees to support the atmosphere, we've lessend the ozones ability to filter out radiation from our mother the Solarity. Not able to venture outside in the summer without poisoning our epidermal layer. Humanity has ignored the simplicity of our system, over-complicating the planets biosphere by ignoring the laws of the infinites. By not trying to be equal.

Infinite immeasurably unwasteful energy has always been all around us in its simplest and most obvious forms yet the human race has ignored every aspect of it in its determination to make money for money in a mad race to destroy the entire planet, we know now that these facilities exist as obvious lessons and through observation we can bring such changes to this world.. we know already two ways to create infinite unwasteful energy... would anyone care to learn?