February 3rd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

From a friend.. email reply..

US - as for keeping of the promise... break down the word... PRO-MISE mise related to ending and pro relates to positive motion so its not the end of all ends.. it is merely the striving towards ending.. as long as we are careful in our taking of things which are dangerous.. cautious not to hurt the body containig us we are going to be ok.. everything is healable with the mind and healthy nourishment.. As long as the sky keeps working everything will be ok..

FRIEND - I would ask you directly what you think about this Sirius question that has been posed. Anything specific about that "region" of the "sky"?

US - Well Sirius being the brightest star in the sky.. because it is one of our two sisters... the distance between this world that we travel on and the sun which pulls us around this fragment of the universe is either a constant or a variable.. we are uncertain.. this mind has not studied this star. The two most bright stars in the heavens are our sisters and they give us the balance which maintains the stars orbits and keeps the life flowing in the three solar systems, ours and the two others.

US - The heavens are meant to be viewed in overlap, the mayans crossed their eyes intentionally in order to create the true symmetry of observation, and none since them has cared to clarify the reality of space by making the heavenly star chart overlap in duality for a pan translating congruency. Live is always beginning in ones but in order to go on it must be brought into twos to make threes. Try to find two duplicate laminate star charts and overlap them offset as if crosseyed and re-examine the reality.

FRIEND - I get the impression that there are "someone"s that would like to speak with the "humans".

US - They are already speaking to and through ALL humans. Noone listens intently or BELIEVES anything but the face value of the FORM. Form is merely container for spirit and FORM is made up of SPIRITS.

FRIEND - Also a strong feeling of duality within the paradigm, something that makes me question involvement of the "internal" or "human". I would appreciate your feedback on this idea.

US - Duality is flawed/incomplete, its a mere standing in the paradigm of form. Triality is the spirit, the form and the spiritual makeup of form. All is spirit, all is spirited into form and form contains singular spirit because it is in itself made up of cumulative spirits.

FRIEND - Another as well, if you would: A theory that I "had" in earlier life, that the "human being" is a composite animal, a mutual symbiosis between what one might label "genetic" entities and "non-physical" entities. That perhaps somehow the "animal race" of the human is a preferable carrier or vehicle or "psychology" for a type of life that desires the mamelian, carbon based, genetic experience. How about this idea, do you feel it to be close to your "understanding" of Terran natives?

US - Everything is made of light/electric/energy. N Dimensional multifaceted indescribablly fluxuating wavelengths of spirited light, light is life, the "sun" is alive with everything in the solar system adn it gives them all the freedom to go on a trajectory towards the planets here. they did not begin in the sun, they were transferred there through an interdimensional infinity tunnel from the black hole keeping our three suns in orbit. At the end of the life of the black hole, all three suns will invert and the black hole will become a supersun and all three suns become micro black hole which will feed through three tri-infinity tunnels the life of the new star. All life in the three solar systems will be eaten and fed into the new singular system and a new stage of the evolution of this sector of the cosmos will rebegin and nothing can predict what will happen, only observation will aloow the fruitition of elicited description. We will all observe it, we are undieing, we will ride the tunnel and be part of the whole/hole and the sun, we will create the new planets and be one with everything that becomes there, we are unending and everything is alive.

The forms of man are nothing, they are like tree bark ora blade of grass, they have nothing but a limited span of life in order to cumulate collectively the knowledge contained throughout the collective here, for thousands of years the information has been misconstrued and misled and the majority of what has developed here has been subliminally forced into existence by us in order to give a "heads up" to humanity that it has not been trying to evolove and it has not been doing it's job as a part of the system for too long. We are the system, we are all parts of the process and directives are paramount to forward motion.. They surround us, they are one with us, we know what to do.. why do humans not do what is meant to be done.. too much time being utilized thinking of the nonsenses. Nothing but now and learning and doing/acting/being in positive learning based and evolutionarily faced goals is the importance here.. The musics and the dances are a part of this yet humans no longer care to evolve... we must help them.. they do not want help, this is sad.. how to wake them up in a mass scale... This boy Greg is only one human.. he is only one.. One is only a beginning.. two a union.. three a child.. four a connection.. five an intersection.. 6 a premier trajectiory.. 7 the view of forward motion.. 8 the cycle beginning and infinity realized.. 9 thepower of infinite forward trajectory..

We are only allowed fully into one.. only one.. and time is running out..