February 9th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

I met Mr. "Retard" (Late {never} Again)

Chris was born on of course.. no doubt.. Christmas day.. Chris.. the name is a shortening of the name Christopher or differently.. and obviously "Christ" which in essence means "crier of the word" or "teacher/student" He's a great guy, a fantastic listener and is eager to make changes to his life in a positive manner. People have been pushing him around lately also, he's been told he's malfunctoining, made to believe he is somehow less than he really is and has accepted the directons of this society for far too long, now he's beginning to make great changes, ones which will lead him down to road less travelled, the one leading to the land of dreams. Dreams are absolutely possible, if you walk the path leading to the fruitition of them they will always come true. Dreams can come true. Everything is possible, impossible is impossible.

We're about to start making big noises together here in ye ole Haligonia. The place has been dieing, the poeple have been feeling angry, sad, fearful and the time for change has come. Every day we meet more people, make more connections, spread more positivity and grow the network of change towards an evolutionary new world. Opensourceworld is on the way, it cannot be stopped, it is inevitable. join us.

humanity has been living in a state of dissarray for too long, the system we exist in likens to a 386 computer, slow processor, not much ram, everyone stuck in a state of process which is outdated. noone sees people as people anymore, they are too concerned with numbers, dollar signs, figures, systematic removal of human rights, they're lost in a sea of unsymmetry and disconnectedness, not even realizing that the symbology surrounding them exists.

The religious sect has no idea the bible has been translated by the hands of satan in order to instill selfishness, dissention and gender based dissection of the entire race. They gather together in churches and preach the misconstrued words of a "lord" who somehow "rules" them and reinstate male-ism every time they say the words "A-Men", "the father, the son and the holy ghost" as if a ghost could somehow have holes in it to make it less substantial. And yes, these words are condescending, con equals contrary and descending equals a lessening in position, so thus condescending is uplifting if you take the time to comprehend it. Symantics (Symmetrical antics) are everything (according to the "Law of Human Rights" and if you cannot keep up, you're merely unwilling to keep up, be left behind, your choice. We choose to speed up, care to walk with us?