February 10th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

No Turning Point Exists

You are the Turning Point. you are staffed by uncaring selfishness and do not attempt to better the lives of those in your care. You throw socks into the garbage each day, feed us nothing but donuts and coffee, have a ventilation system which has not been cleaned in years and do not turn it on. you place 75 men in two small chambers and allow them to pass sickness back and forth without cycling clean air. You have poison in the air ducts which makes us all sick and when one tries to make the sickness clear to you, you slander him and send him away so the rest can be happy dieing slowly. Your walls are filled with rage and hate and sadness and fear, the people who stay with you are slowly fading into nothing and have little hope for help from you as the main concern apparent is the processing of numbers and rules and the push of powermongering over those who speak out to the disfunction. Those who would volunteer to help, those who would offer to bring better servince and serve to facilitate a constructive function revision are made into enemies and forces out into the streets. When some within your walls make threats of death and pain to another they are ignored and it is the one in danger who is made to pay. You call the police on him and even in fornt of the police the threats continue and somehow the police ignore those threats and take the do-gooder away. You waste soap at every cleansing, throwing bar after bar of it away, never trying to save pennies in order to help with the cleansing, they are like the socks, destined to be half used in a single day and discarded so that new ones can replace them and the cycle of waste can continue. You have access to computers for no reason other than to consider humans numbers and process them without a care for the situation they are in. You allow the staff to assert negativity and rulership over the destitute and when anyone questions the authority of those actions they are removed or abused or made a criminal through the cumulative witness chain of command. Noone stands against you, noone knows the laws enough to realize fighting back is necessary and noone ever benefits from the service offered as it is no service at all to poison and to do nothing more than the rules call for. No social workers are employed here, no carers for the problems of men, noone willing to step across the borders of process in order to dig into the stories and histories of the men within your walls. How can this place be a turning point other than a turning towards death and dispair for there is no help here, only dead stares. The Metro in the name instills a seed of motion, a subway feeling of being underground of being buried of having no way through the layers of process in which to pull up and again into the light, indeed most of the men who have come to tay at this place have been long term residents and have no determination to go anywher but back out into the street for a few more hours to either sleep in the pews of a local chuch, locate another fix, walk the streets aimlessly or seek someone to harm in order to feel good. This place is filled with shame and nothing can make it good but complete overhaul. All the staff must be replaced, all systems refined and progress defined. Sad turning Point, when will you reach the point of no turning back?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Is There Hope in the Cottage

This place of evening meals which creates a feeel of misery, it is alike to the prison cafeterias seen in so many films serving the worst of foods with nothing in them good for the mind. In a state of abandon this tiny structure has been serving the same slop for over 7 years, and alas most of those who eat there have been eating there for the full duration of it's existence. When one suggested the possibility that healthier food would be a worthy suggestion, when one made clear the reasoning behind the idea he was laughed at, barked at and told to leave and never return. Return to what and for what? Why would one want to eat such slop? Hardly sufficient to feed a body properly, nothing worthy of increased intelligence, wasting salt and pepper at every meal by placing the mini paper wrapped packets on every tray regardless of the desire of those who take them and throw them full into the garbage by the dozen. Mashed powdered potatoes, fake hamburger, hardly ever a fresh vegetable or fruit, and only coffee, no tea.. no ral fruit juice.. Sad, so sad.. these poor miserable souls who live in the gutter of society deserve a better chance at life through the foods they are fed.. why are they deserving of such? What have they done to the man at the door who considers his job is only to survey the work of others.. does he profit somehow from the place.. of course, in feeding these poor people with the least.. there must surely be a profit increase.. it is afterall funded by our tax dollars..
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Brunswick Street Church

How can a church allow a man to threaten another man within its walls and call the police on the man who was threatened and EVEN assaulted with witness? How can a church allow a man to be assaulted, punched in the face and have items stolen from him while surrounded by growling men threatening to ham him furthur.. have the assaulted one escorted out and have him barred forever? Why would a place such as this even exist to allow the dogs to tear at the cats? The cats are such wonderful beings and they do not attack they merely examine and rely on wit. There is nothing worse than a place which boasts servitude to the lord and then lies in the face of his people to put a good man into bad situations.. There is a need for change here, this place is without purpose, it's foods are hardly halthy and its staff are less than cleanly and the attitudes of those within the walls are spiteful, wasteful, scornful and even sorrowful. When one comes into this place full of joy, why is it not welcomed? Whe one offers selfless servitude in order to repay the services offerred why is the help turned away? The same day as the one brough new tapes for the church to play over breakfast as gifts, he was made to be escorted away by law men for being the abused one.. What is wrong with this picture?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

What is the point of promises...

Why is it noone in this life is any longer capable of keeping a promise? My wife broke her promise to me three times and even now continues to tell me she does not want to be married.. but we both asked each other to marry and we both agreed which is a bond unbreakable.. a promise..

Why did a friend named amber promise she loved me and invite me to share her home for as long as needed yet only allow me to sleep there for two days before telling me I may no longer stay? Why did she tell me last night the only reason she made the promise in the first place ws because she believed I would never come?

Why did my mother tell me she loves me and continually not listen to me and hang up on me?

Why did my roomate attack me and call the police and tell me it was my fault he attacked me? Why did the police escort me into the streets and tell me I am homeless now and that the cat I took care of, and all the things I owned were now the property of my attacker?

Why did the Turning Point call the police on me when other people threatened my life? Why did the Police lock me up with no warrant and no probable cause? Why did they not read me my rights? Why was I not charged? Why was I not given a blanket to lie on the ice cold metal bed for hours n a t-shirt? Why was I detained at all?

Why did the Community Services people not allow me to apply for assitance based on emergency? Why did they tell me I must go to the Pendleton Place and have them call to begin the application process only to have the staff of Pendleton put me on the phone, to relay the information that community services already had? Why do I have to wait two more days to learn of change? Why is Pendleton trying to put me back into Turning Point where people threaten my life? Why does the Salvation Army turn me away because they do not like my attitude? Why did they make me wait 5.5 hours in order to give me 5 minutes worth of time and then tell me my attitude is unworthy of assistance while they have 3 people who have lived on site for 13 years snd never try to get out of the gutter.. I offered voluntary help consistently, I brought them a monitor, I offerred to replace the sagging bookshelves in the common area next to the GIANT screen TV the residents use.. Why do they have a sign that says NON Residents are not allowed into the facility yet they also have a sign that says they are a public internet access point? Why do they have signs that say no smoking within 16 feet of the building yet the staff smokes within 5 feet and the ashtrays are right aginst the doors?

Why do the police harrass my every step now, slandering me and ticketing me for jaywalking while many other people are jaywalking aroun them?

Why is it when i made three formal complaints to the police department about the mistreatment of the pollice to my person, the very next time I went to request a complaint form they told me they no longer offer such a service and that I must make a phone call to an office that is inside the police department I am standing in from a payphone outside when I have no money?

Why does the community services department not help me to regain my identification? Why must I first have an address to get ID? Why is the assistance application not moving along at all in three weeks? Why have none of the facilities I have stayed at which are funded by the governemt not tried to push the process of my assistance and Id retrieval along for me? I have continually requested and insistend that it is necessary for me to regain ID in order to get anywhere.. I have been here for three weeks and absolutely nothing has been done!! I have been trying VERY hard!

Why do the newspapers here print articles with the names and photos of graffitti artists painting all over the city sidewalks and shout prise for the doing of it, yet when i stand next to a wall to read some graffitti the police come on me in large numbers, forcably restrain me while I should positively i resist not and am willing to locomote without hesitance since I am innocent of any crime? Why do they lock me up for 24 hours and chanrge me with crimes I do not commit?

Why when someone at a local business center threatens me in front of 12 witnisses will none fo the people present agree to witniss the obvious heineousness of the crome and why will the police upon arrival not allow me to press a charge or even take any statement of any kind? Why do theyagree with me when I ask if they are descriminating against me based on opinion or something and laugh at me and drive away??

Why does the one world cafe and the HCAP on Agricole turn me away when I am doing such nice things for them, both cleaning and reorganinzing the entire back room of the one world cafe and also actively working more for the homeless and impoverished around this city than the HCAP. They pay 800 dollars a month for the facility they utilize. I do not use money at all. They solicit sponsership and monies from everyone so they can meet weekly to discuss the possibility of making a difference while I make a genuine difference EVERY DAY! Why was I assaulted by a man at the HCAP and why when they p[olice were called was it me who was told not to return and why would the police not allow me to press a charge on that man?? Why will HCAP not donate one of the 4 spare monitors they have to the Salvation Army who needs one?

Why do the staff at Pendleton continue to tell me that doing good things, talking to people, moving quickly to save the environment and such are things that I should not do? Why did one of the staff members last night tell me that if a person was drowning and did not want to be saved they would not save them? Why did they tell me not to try to help the little old lady named Jean who is in obvious need of help? They are busy playing solitaire, ignoring the people!

Why does pendleton waste so much unrecyclable stuff? Why do they write the names of rsidents on the cups and plates and bowls in order to point fingers at thm and place blame when they are left on the table rather than just cleaning the mess up in all kindness? Why do they hoard the milk? Why do they serve such unhealthy food? Why do they allow some people to break the rules and others not to? Why do they allow one resident into the staff areas all the time and give written warnings to others who are genuine? Why do they ignore the please for help from those in need and complain and try to make life difficult for those who try to help?

There is so much wrong here.. and blog posts haven't enough space for it all.. Our hearst are crying for this city of Halifax, the people are in such pain, fear and exibit such hate! They have Crystal Evans, a lady who owns three estates elsewhere in canada here, she used t have millions but also has FAS(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and was pushed all the was out of her home from Alderville Ontario to Halifax in order for others to take her fortune away.. Noone has listened to her story since she arrived but me! They have continually tried to send her back to New Brunswick just to get her uplifting and slightly unstable in a childlike manner attitude away from them because they are "annoyed" by it!!

Why is there so many young people riding the service system utilizing the monies of community services to buy drugs and lieing in beds and sleeping in chairs every day all day going nowhere? Why are these people allowed to continue to ride without paying? Why are we paying for the entire criminal justice system to incarcarate criminals and have us pay for the entire thing?? Why do these people live in prison on our tax dollars when it was us who THEY wronged??

ARGGHH.. I'm developing a twitch on my right eyebrow.. the police are harrassing me, people are slandering and libelling me every day, i have been forced through the cracks and noone wants to help me do anything but shut up and become a criminal. I study the law every day now. I walk with a new friend who has felt the same for a long time.. Things will work out for us and all those who do wrong will feel the wrath of god.