February 13th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

A copy of something sent to the Green party today..

Greetings Enviroscapers,

My name is Terre. A resident of Halifax Nova Scotia, I've travelled all over Canada on a shoestring budget and hitchiked from one end of the country and back. In 32 years I've become a jack of all trades and master of most, learning not only the position held, also the surrounding ones and throughput of the company consumables, etc.. Disliking waste, mismanaged resources and dangerous working conditions I've never until now made claims to power or authority in order to enact change upon the systems fragmentations.. Time for change.

A series of unfortunate events has led me to the loss of everything in life which defined me. Assaulted by security guards, police, a roomate, ditched by the wife, friends, even family.. Mistreated and harrassed by police, hospital security, community services and staff members of various shelter facilities, business centers, much more. I had human rights stomped on to the nth degree and noone seems to know enough about human rights to give a damn about it.

I disown money, identification is something I may use again but at this time I have no ID. My religion states that money is not necessary so as for the Human Rights Issues, upon completion of the cases about to have heard, I'll be making donation of the retributions brought in by the over 20 cases to local businesses(buying all inventory to give free to people personally on the street), the paper trail of recent history is clean and unrefutable, life ruined by the system, slandered, libelled, disrespected and stepped on, nothing left but the environment and thus the aim is to work 100% of the time on this.. and have been since December.

Assaulted by security at the hospital and denied service during emergency checking for not answering a personal, non medical question, the police said it was my fault, everyone keeps saying its my fault and that I must help myself, noone wants to help me(help entails TWO parties). I'm selflessly trying to help everyone and always I'm told it's my fault I get denied service and assaulted due to my communication techniques(Aspergers Syndrome?)! Entire life thrown into the gutter due to descrimination! Justified by everyone as being MY FAULT!


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A recount of the New Years eve event which started this whole ordeal.. along with a lot of libel regarding my person which served to ruin my reputation in the commuity. and begin the end of all fairness regarding me.


A member of the Rainbow Tribe or the "Rainbow Family of Living Light" a group of environmental and peace activist, visit this url: http://www.welcomehome.org

The self made Town Crier in Halifax speaking to hundreds of businesses and thousands of people personally already. they want me to run, they want me elected, they realize the perspectives I take are worthy and note I have unique skills and outlooks which noone else has. I do things the old fasioned way and get results were others only point fingers(blaming) or talk about getting results but do not actually DO ANYTHING. With the support of the party I will make such things happen in halifax and Canada, such wonderful things.

Truly and Sincerely,

Halifax town Crier
Rainbow World Gyspy Crier
Enviroscaper Recyclist
Positivist "Believer in everything positively"
Homeless, Identificationless, Moneyless pauper.
Bug being stepped on.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Discrimination eh? Human Rights Eh? What have I?

Here's what the old roomie who attacked me diagnosed me with.. it is a really discriminative term to say he and others do not agree with my mode of communication and are intimidated by the level of intelligence I obtain and exibit:

From thefreedictionary: Asperger syndrome (sometimes called Asperger's syndrome, AS, or the more common shorthand Asperger's), is characterized as one of the five pervasive developmental disorders, and is commonly referred to as a form of high-functioning autism. In very broad terms, individuals with Asperger's are considered to have normal or above average intellectual capacity and atypical or less well developed social skills, often with emotional/social development or integration happening later than usual as a result."

So today I made a visit to the Office of Human Rights and was presented with the documentation in the waiting room first hand which is so very much more summarized than the GIANT book of the "Law of human Rights" which I carry around in my duffel bag and have been carefully reading a bit more of each night.. the most confusing book ever written. It's apparently necessary to make books which relate to good things as complex as possible so everyone will be confused and treat each other with disrespect everywhere and not even know that what they are doing is a violation of all morality and dignity in terms of the ways in which we are meant to be treating not only human but also every living creature on the planet.. and the planet itself. The book of human rights is nothing you'll ever see anywhere but in law libraries, and if you ever do get your hands on it, be prepared to have a handful of the most intelligent people you know available to help you get anything useful out of it.

The gist of it is simple though.. People have to respect people. Morality, wholesome values, simple honesty and integrity and an appreciation for life are paramount in society. Respect requests things, disrespect DEMANDS things. Morality helps people, immorality HURTS people or chooses NOT to help when help is necessary. Honesty does not slander or libel (one wonders who the government is immune to this law.. slander and libel are UNTRUTH!)

So the visit to the Human rights office was a wonderful experience which left me wondering what the entire book exists for when I was told that all the claims I brought up were not offenses unless I had already been labelled defective in terms of having a syndrome like Aspergers.. a syndrome which is IN ITSELF a discriminatory label!

Not wanting to bring up in this sitting all the things which led me to visit that office, suffice it to say.. the communication techniques I utilize led the man who spend over 30 minutes recording my sotry to call the police on me also! It's obviously always all my fault people get upset around me, it's me who is deserving of every offence against my rights as a human, it's the whole reason everyone is allowed to continue to deny me services, physically attack me, rat on me(for nothing) and accuse me of somehow being the tattletail, and libel/slander me in order to defame me and cause me pain so they can elevate their emotional states and feel good that I am deeper in the whole than before.

This morning at the Pendleton Place shelter I was kicked out again by the police, they were called because I shut the lights off in the two bathrooms at 4am when they were unused and everyone was sleeping.. I'm growing more and more energy conscious every day to the wasted resources around us.. it's sad but they went right away and turned the lights back on, not to mention the bunch of other lights/appliances which are always left on all over that facility regardless of necessity.

Did you know that in the QEII Hospital almost 80% of the lights in the entire facility are left on 100% of the time regardless of the time of day or the need? Did you know that even though the signs say no smoking the staff themselves ignore the rules and smoke right next to the doors? Did you know that automobiles create ground level ozone and having the ambulances park inside the building and the cars park within the smoking zone that the ozone is more harmful to health than the smokers? Ground level ozone is the second most cancer causing killer on the planet!

Did you know thyat the only rain in Nova scotia now is ACID RAIN? If so then don't you think that acid rain when frozen becomes ACID SNOW? No wonder they are down replacing the stairs on the parliament building.. they've been eroded by the acidity! Look around at the other buildings in town.. wonder why stone is looking so bad from nothing more than rain? Wonder what the acidic content is like these days? Cover you head when going into the rain.. It's NEVER non acidic anymore!

I'm at the Public Archives office right now, theres a girl at the Pendleton Place whose name is Crystal Evans, she was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, her grandmother was a gold/diamond miner and a writer, her mother won a lottery and Crystal inherited it.. Wonder why shes in Halifax instead of Alderville Ontario? Wonder why shes homeless when she still owns three estates in canada? Wonder why shes so happy every day when she wakes up in a shelter with nothing but a smile and another day of discrimination and dismissal from community services and all the shelter social/staff workers? She's happy to be alive and she doesen't care about money at all. She's free like me. I spent three evenings sitting across from her pulling tidbits of her life story out of her in order to help, it wasn't the easiest thing but it's done and now I'm doing my best to help her in a way which noone else has been willing to since she was victimized by Donnie Hughes in Alderville! Although, I'm a bit of a sucker sometimes.. I hope to find some corraborative articles here at the Archives to back her story up.

Cheers World, another day in the death of a selfless street peasent.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


It's relatively simple. The environment is going to cascade fail in only ten years due to all the current emissions, deforestation's and corporate destructive techniques employed by the human race. The only way to stop this from happenning is to completely overhaul the governments of the world, restrict all companies from damaging the ecosystems, convert to hemp production and stop cutting down trees, amalgamate vehicle corpoations into singular entities which only manufacture 100% clean vehicles.. The solutions are simple and easy when we remove the concept of ownership(patenting, trademarking, copyrighting), and monetary gain from the planet, everything will evolve again into fantasticness. Too bad people behave with such shortsightendness. Everyone is looking for a short term fix to a long term problem. The government is ignoring it's responsibilities to the environment and to basic human rights, and the law of human rights states that in such an event, we as a people have a responsibility to dismantle that system and build a better one. Guess what, the beginnings of such a movement are already in the works. Soon Linux, Babelfish, Wiki and the rest of the worlds opensource systems will come together under the banner of opensourceworld.info and begin to task manage the planet into something functional and flexible. Within the next 6 years, the entire world will either shift into a new age of expansion or within ten it will certainly fail.

This information is clear from many resources, many books, articles, research documents, and respected environmentalists. The government kept the information from coming together into something easily understandable because the majority of the money which funds them is from major polluters, car companies, oil companies, deforestation, cigarettes, etc. Corporations are paying off the government to allow the destruction of our entire world to continue. Time for change, time for green party to win the house, time for some serious contenders to step up.

Contact with the Green Party has initated to stress determination to run for Halifax Member and also to run for the LEADERSHIP role of the entire Green Party.

Communicate with CBC Halifax is also begun and will soon be on the news, streetcents, this hour has 22 minutes and the royal canadian air farce.. These are not 100% set yet, but the lines of communication are opened and things are rolling along smoothly. I hold the position of Halifax Town Crier! Soon the entire world will hear these cries! The trees have been crying long enough with no one listening!