February 14th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Another Night sleeping in the snow..

It's a world that is SO intent on wasting resources.. lets do some eval of the shelter named Pendleton Place, the EMERGENCY shelter and the final frontier for a bed which allowed me to stay. Since Turning Point and Salvation Army are both descriminating based on my communication.. Apparently though, because a doctor never called me the name Aspergers personally, none of that all counts to the Human Rights Comission, they called the police on me too... Well discrimiation is still discrimination and WASTE is STILL waste.

Bullet list of Fragmentation at the Pendleton Place, followed up by some of the experiences I was faced with while staying there:

- There are two compost bins outside which are NEVER used for all the compostables within the shelter. The items inside are all garbaged together and thrown into the Canadian Waste bin outside. Wasting recyclables, compostables and all else together. Great name.. "Canadian Waste" do they have anyone evaluating the system they provide? Does anyone check them to see if they are dumping perfectly good recyclables into the trashheaps?

- A kitchen exists full of dishes and useful items which are reusables however the facility insists it is necessary for us NEVER to utilize the reusables and instead forces us to use the compostable plates and bowls, the unrecyclable cups, plastic knives, forks and spoons and instead of even keeping the consumable condiments in the easy to use containers they are provided with, they squeeze them also into compostable bowls.. perhaps they feel we are incapable of squeezing the ketchup or mustard?

- The disposable dishes we utilize every meal are labelled with our names in order to invoke a punishment program. If a cup is left on the table and forgotten somehow, we are punished by being disallowed coffee/tea for two days. If any plate or dish is left unattended, rather than doing to respectable thing and just picking it up, the staff goes and seeks the individual out in order to reprimand them verbally and then on paper.

- The plastic knife system during breakfast, take a knife for the butter, use it, then throw it away, take a new knife for the peanut butter and do the same, another knife for the jam and toss it afterwards also.. Repeat the whole process for more toast, and NO WE cannot make the toast, we must ask the staff to do it for us, do not touch the toasters. The reasoning behind this knife system is if people are allergic to some ingredient(like PB) they'll have a reaction.. HAHAHA WEll it's a wonderful thing that the guy who assaulted me in Montreal taught me all about allergies. Just having allergens in the kitchen INFECTS everything! Regardless of the utilization of silverware or disposable plastic recyclables, the entire kitchen is contaminated and anyone allergic will assuredly get sick!

- Ingredients for meals.. Kraft Dinner, Clam Chowder, Vegetable Soup, White Bread, Donuts, Muffins, Coffee, Tea, Tuna/chicken/Turkey(all plain) Sandwiches Spaghetti..mm pretty much it. They have never had salad, only one day did somehow a load of fruits arrive. Since arriving I have steadfastly gone to the local food bank and brought salads and hearty healthy breads and even bought multivitamins to share with the residents (they call us clients!) and the staff has even stated that I should NOT do such things and warned me on paper about helping others without consent.. ? These meals are unhealthy, hardly worthy of ingestion and nothing to promote intelligence, the homeless and destitue ought to be eating the healthiest of foods!! It'd assist in recoveries and reassimilation into society!

- Every area is off limits to everyone in terms of anything. No food or drinks on the coffee table in the lounge area, no lights on over the dining tables after 8pm so forget having a tea while reading. No women stepping into the surrounding area of the mens beds and vice verse, in a WIDE open space. A locked chamber houses the locked lockers and only one person is allowed into the area at a time. The staff must get two keys and are never present inside during the term a resident spends in there. There is a giant room full of beds, sheets, pillows and clothing(free to residents) which is always locked, completely disorganized and residents are generally told they are NOT allowed to be in there by some staff and others allow us in the room for fair durations. The staff is unaware of the inconsistencies betweeen staff memebers statements. The room could use proper shelving as the items are piles loosely on tables and in boxes stacked upon one another. Difficult to be efficient when seeking items. Very Messy. And the array of lights in this room is on 24 hours a day even though the room is almost NEVER used. The staff said this is because it is somehow tied into the office lights and they are controlled together.. Rather innefficient considering they are halfway across the church from each other and the cost of running the array of lights in that room must be near equal to a staffs monthly salary each year.

- The staff constantly gives ORDERS to everyone without saying please or thank you but DEMANDS that every "client" ALWAYS uses respectful requesting and thanking at every turn. When I request the order be turned into a request when they deal with me, they always elevtate into a negative emotional state and get very aggressive and make threats that if I do not do as I am ordered, they will kick me out. They will never rephrase the order into a polite request.

- There is a fridge/freezer? That sits in the main area with nothing but white bread and cakes in it on the other end of the dining area from the kitchen, it has a sign that says no resident is allowed to utilize it and the items in it are hardly ever used. When residents request a cake be brought out from a meal they are always denied. Since the items are all donations, utilization of aging foods and availability of a fridge space for residents to store some foodstuffs in would be practical and respectful and polite. This was denied and laughed at when suggested. No storage space for any foodstuffs. The EMERGENCY shelter does not consider that sometimes in an emergency someone may arrive with food to store, they said we must store the food outside, somewhere on the premises external to the building??

- There is one resident who has and will probably never leave this place due to the little known fact that he is an invisible employee of the facility. They pay him to do the mopping, the windows, the mr. cleaning of the place, all the work the staff doesen't want to do, they pay him to do and he was not supposed to tell us but I listen carefully to everything. He has near full access to all the areas residents are not allowed to enter and he CAN DO AND SAY ALMOST ANYTHING HE WANTS WITHOUT REPRIMAND!

- There is an abundant overuse of signage in the facility which reinstates silly things like a sign next to the hallway containing the bathrooms which says "washrooms" and two nearly identical signs side by side above the TV which say no food or drink in this area in two different ways. The signs are duplicated everywhere in order to subliminally instill a sense of "I must be dumb" into the residents since they explain ALL the rules to use verbally when we first arrive and then attempt to give us a HARD copy of the rules also. These rules are hardly ever respected by anyone including the staff.

- A "client" once asked during the breakfast period why it was that the facility had access to milk for the fridges since it was not allowed in this type of facility. They purchase the milk personally? The staff stated it was not a donation and also that the milk was only to be used for cereal and a glass of milk was something they would NEVER allow until the day before the due date arrived on the container.. so the closer the milk is to being BAD.. the easier it is to give it away to those in need? Are they really NOT allowed to have milk?

- The entire facility is wasting a huge amount of power trying to heat itself innefficiently. It's not weather tight, the double door system at the entrance is always left ajar. The inside door has one door open always and when people go out to smoke, one of the outer doors is left ajar during the entire cigarette, which is smoked directly next to the ajar door where the wind sweeps the smoke into the building along with a ton of cold air. This is also a security problem as the staff is often not in the office and anyone could come and go with ease invisibly. I certainly could. The ventilation systems are covered with a layer of dust on the outside of the air intake valves making it obvious they have not been cleaned in a long time. I made this clear over a week ago to the staff and still they have not been cleaned. The heating system is proprietary, its an odd system since hot air rises, they have these heaters up on the ceiling.. If only our beds were up on the ceiling! I gave my blanket to an old man who was too cold after returning from the hospital after a seizure! He did not ask for another blanket.

Since arriving at this place I donated some 20 VHS movies from various citizens in the city, a dozen textbooks and other reading materials covering biology, math, economics and even SOCIAL WORK(with notes inside saying so)! I also carried a large coffee table from halfway across town on my head in order to give residents the ability to read the newspaper efficiently in the lounge area. I have many hours in the evening with some of the residents trying to get the story of their fall from grace into something that would allow me to assist them more than the system was doing and I have made all things I observe clear to the staff at every turn also claiming the power and authority to immunity from mishlndled human rights. I made it clear to every staff member that I study human rights and law and have been labelled with Aspergers Syndrome, clearly clarifying the meaning of such a silly discriminatory thing and have consistently been made to suffer for the actions of others.

They told me it's my fault I am treated with disrepect, due to how I communicate. They told me that the night I was speaking to a "client" and having a nice conversation and a staff member felt I somehow insulted her from a right angle they were justified in throwing me out into the rain and snow with no place to sleep.. Which is why I spent the night in jail after finding a building to sleep in to stay dry the police locked me up. The Pendleton staff told me that I should not help people and when I asked them if someone was drowning as said do not help me.. would you not help?? They said CERTAINLY NOT! IF they do not want help DO NOT HELP THEM! I beg to differ. It is illegal not to help. It is heartless not to help. It is immoral not to help. These people need to be replaced or retrained. They also told me that by placing my hand into the womens washroom to shut the light off at 4:30 in the morning to save money is something they will NOT tolerate and thus they called the police on me and had me escorted out. I have been consistently positive and continually given nothing but heart and good support/donations to this facility since arriving and they have continued to tell me its all my fault that they treat me so badly and that I am somehow broken and disabled in my ability to communicate..

Hmm am I broken? Should I start to think less of me because they tell me that they are justified in treating me with disrespect because I deserve it? Should I be quiet when ordered to SHUT UP? Should I allow human rights infractions to go unchecked and not claim the authority to make clear the wrongs done? Should I take these lumps and allow them to turn into bruises?

There is more to this story, they told me I could return yesterday at 4pm after kicking me out at 4am. When I arrived at 4pm they informed me that instead what I recieved was a 24 hour time out. This in the face of the full known fact that this place was the ONLY place I had left to sleep. The EMERGENCY SHELTER! Turned me away because I shut the bathroom light off. I slept outside last night and now I am at the hospital C@P Site typing this at 8am. I will return to Pendleton today.. I hope someone in a position of authority reads this because when I went to the Human Rights office and to the Ombudsman office they all told me it was my fault and phoned the police to have me removed.. Who's left for me to make the claim to? The HRPD hates me!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

A bit of todays reading..

-(Gary P. Rodrigues 15th Ed. 1998)The Police Officers Manual.. watch out officers.. I study more than you do.. This is an old copy.. anyone know the name of the most RECENT Canadian Version?

-(Daphne A. Dukelow, B.Sc.) The Dictionary of Canadian Law - Third Edition... one very informative and probably my new favorite dictionary.. in the category of law.

-(Michael J. Sheenan) Word Parts Dictionary.. very informative to learn about the lineage and construction of Semantics in words.. lots to deconstruct the words utilized in law in this one..

-(Michael Quinion) Ologies and Isms, Word beginnings and endings.. another one to desconstruct the meaning of words more than a dictionary ever does.. poor folks who keep calling me stupid and telling me I'm dub to enjoy semantics hahaha jtry to keep up!

-(Laurence Urdang) Prefixes and Other Word-Initial Elements of english.. interesting.. mmm fascinating.. reaing this one more later..

-(Collins Gem) Signs and Symbols... A mine of information.. fun with symbology.. I love symbology.

-(Jack Tresidder) Dictionary of Symbols.. just recording this one so I don't forget to get it off the chelf again after all these legalities and human rights and envoronmental issues pan out..

-(Hans Bierdermann) Dictionary of Symbolism, Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them.. another one to read later.

-(Sabine Heinz) Symbols of the Celts.. something tells me that celtic animal and line knot art is more than face value.. I'm into dance and theres and aweful simple derivation of dance motion in those symbols.. over, under... dance in symbology.. gotta check into this category later more.

-(J.C. Cooper) An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols.. kind of laid out like a dictionary.. more in depth reading for later yay!

-(Carl G. Liungman) Dictionary of Symbols.. I took all these symbology books off the shelf and then spend the entire day reading about law lol! oh well.. this one is laid out REALLY nice.

-(Miranda Bruce-Mitford) The illustrated Book of Signs and Symbols.. Thousands of signs and symbols from around the world! Woohoo another one bites the treebark. damn books all over this place and they arent amalgamated into the singularity yet. What a pai we have to locate a hundred different books just to learn symbology when we learn just by observing with an open mind. All these books reinstate DEFINEMENT not REFINEMENT!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Interesting Law learned at the library!

Arrest is simply telling someone they are arrested.

Detention is when control is assumed over someones locomotion, no restraints are EVER necessary or even called for when the arrestee is willing to be controlled and go where directed. It is actually offensive and against human rights to utilize restraints on someone of sound mind who is willing to be locomotive in a directional manner.

We all have the right NEVER to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. This means no cause, no detention! I was detained by HRPD more than once without cause or warrent and have since had no RECOURCE!

Rights of a Person arrested:
~ Be informed of the reasons for arrest (charter, s.10(a)
~ The right to consult in private without intereference or the ability to be overheard! Every incarcerated person being run through the HRPD has been utilizing a telephone that is listened in on and overhearable by every present officer and thus every single arrestee in the last.. who knows how long.. is capable of claiming injustice!! (Charter s. 24(2))

I claimed Habeas Corpus (Charter, s.10(c) the day they detained me from the turning Point and they ignored the claim and left me incarcerated for over 6 hours in a cold cell with no blanket or matress on a metal bed.. Would someone please go and review the cell conditions at the HRPD because those beds are FREEZING! Pnemonia?! Isn't is a right to have a matress and blanket and bible? They would not provide a bible either!! Habeas Corpus is the right to have the validity of the detention determined and to be released if the detention was not laweful.. This day they also took into custody a fabric bag given to me by a friend which contained documentation and over ten books in various categories.. This set of posessions somehow dissapeared and was never returned! And did you know that the phone utilized to contact legal assistance is overseeable and overhearable? They listened and saw the entire conversation! Thats against the law.. everyone who has gone through there has had their rights violated!

Did you know that in the law dictionary.. disturbance is defined:

1. Infringement of an easement, franchise, profit aprendre or similar right. 2. a disturbance of the peace and quiet of an inn by fighting. 3. Causing a tenant to leave by force, menace, persuasion or otherwise. 4. Odor, Dust, flies, light, smoke, noise, vibration??

"As soon as is practicable" is how things are meant to go.. the day at the turning point the officers were trying to escort me out of the building while some people were standing next to them making death threats (in the presence of officers!!) and the officers did not want to allow me to move at the speed I was moving so they forcable grabbed me and restrained me in an overly harsh manner even damaging a nerve in my wrist which was later documented by the QEII staff. This was the event which was without warrant or probable cause, no rights were read, no charge was laid. I was told it was all my fault for communicating the way I do. I deserved every bit of it, based on the words of everyone around me, I deserved to be threatened, deserved to be assaulted, deserved to be incarcerated and have the books stolen.. all my fault eh? Habeas Corpus!! Tort! Illegal Detainment!

I claim freedom of speech, I claim freedom of Expression, I claim freedom of religion. I talk the way I talk in a positive manner, I live the way I live in a positive manner, I DISOWN ID. My religion says thats the way it goes. So what happens now?

Freedom is absence of coercion or restraint! These people continue to ignore human rights! Even the criminal code is out the window! Who fights for the rights of someone in this situation?