February 15th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

The Truth is Fascinating.

Met some very interesting people today at a little shop called the Black Market. Talked a lot with them before looking around the store and had great rapport. Talked about how when all of this pans out and things are compensated for there will be a spending spree going on and the entire inventory of the store will get bought out just to give them away personally on the street as gifts to everyone. They seemed to like that. After a while of great conversation a peruse of the store was manditory, so many unique and wonderful things everywhere, nothing to do but get lost in a sea of sparkled and fabrics and more.. Some things became interesting and in order to facilitate future purchase some organization was necessary to locate the number of the items, how many green, how many blue.. good stuff, nice prices, unorganized.. so voluntarily some cleanup was done for at least 2 hours.. maybe more.. didn't pay much attention to the time.

At least four items went on hold behind the counter and while organizing the conversation with people who came in led to purchases that would not have ever been possible due to the fact that the items sold were hidden from sight and mashed together with unrelated things.

Also, since the cold days are almost over and the sales, product placement, impulse marketing etc. are thing which have simple benefit when used wisely a bit of window treatment was definately in order.. the display was relatively barren and such artistic fun is always pleasurable when it's given freely and done for fun.

The staff seemed interested yet almost immediately dismissive to the display of selflessness and continued to reinforce the necessity that giving something isn't necessary and that the owner would probably not like it and that St. Patricks day would likely be the theme wanted soon. They allowed the window treatment to continue, causing belief it was being taken and would be allowed to remain at least for the night. When store closing time came everything had rolled into a really liquid and funk design showing off all the scarves, hats and headbands in the window, and the teddy bear sitting there was a lend, atop the mound of fluff he would have sat until tomorrow watching over the voluntarily placed playground of winter garbs which are meant to be frontside to entice people to purchase them while theres still time.. Even the lowest price items wer placed with care showing the "teaser" prices to bring in people for immediate sale.

Left the store with s smile, believing something great had been done for fun and even reinsuring them that for free tomorrow alterations could be done within minutes or for as long as necessary for FREE also to be flexable and free spirited in the whole air of it. It seemed they were pleased.. What a great time!

Well.. after stopping over to the library for a few minutes something said it was time to go eat dinner, but on the way by the window of The Black Market it was obvious that that staff had been somewhat dishonest in the communication chain between us because everything was in the process of being torn apart in the window placement... ALl the time spent on arranging and osorting by color and placing everything meticulously, all being rewinded back into.. who knows what.. well.

Knock Knock.. hi again.. uh why is the display being all dismantled.. like not 20 minutes after leaving the whole thing is getting taken apart.. all that time utilized in a free gift, such a kind gesture to leave it for only 20 minutes! Even after creating three seperate sales for the business, lay-awaying like 4 items and spending hourse organizing and laying it all out for FREE!!!>?>

The response was very dismissive the the gesture, something to the effect of.. it wasn't necessary and "we" want it to be more like how "we" had it, and "we're" sorry that "you" did it all in the first place. "You didn't ask our permission and "we" will place the bear on it after "we" make it how "we" want it. this all coming from "one" person.. Such honesty! Such respect! Such fullness of care! These people are still loved dearly a is everyone who continues to provide disrespect in all the situations surround this unfortunate chain of events unfolding..

The police department denied giving complaint forms today.. a huge runaround led them to suggest an appontment well past the 30 day mark of the altercation dates.. how convenient.. anyone have copies of the complaint forms or is a hand writ on plain paper version allowed?

Community Services stated they had been waiting for the room rental form which a friend wouldn't sing in order to help.. They denied that the Pendleton contact had been initiated at all and reinstated that it was the fault of this individual that the process continued to remain in stall mode. Nothing going forward today because as questions were continually posed as to why this information had to be given for the 4th time, Once from the Salvation army, once in person, once from Pendleton and now AGAIN in person.. good thing a friend was there to witness the insanity of it all as the threat of security was posed for the somehow "disruptive" behaviour was claimed over and over in the face of blatently calm and inquisitive QUESTIONS!

Question does NOT EQUAL arguement. EVER.

Opps kicked out of the Communiy Services, Kicked out of the Police Dept.. Oh and ooohhh...

Went to use a C@P terminal at the hospital yesterday and on the way by a kitchen an eldery lady from Palitive? care..(The death and dieing area) offered some toast which she could not eat due to a call and the need to run out.. During the eating of the toast security arrived insisting "arrest" and created a form BARRING for 6 minths all traffic to ALL the hosipitals in Halifax yet in the course of the GOOD job these folk do, the name field on the BAR form and the time of day field wre left BLANK. They barred BLANK. Yay.

However, the police were telephoned and stated upon entering any facility EVEN in a stretcher in an ambulance a GO TO JAIL now card would get pulled and it would be to the BRIG! Unless somehow a "report to security" is preformed.. hm and in the case of unconsciousness.. who reports to security? how?

This doe to the assault by the security at the other facility.. word got around and they all seek Terre in all hospitals because Terre is Homeless and must be full of shit to be claiming that the Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression Acts have ANYTHING to do with reality.

Positivism is ALL religions and NONE of them say anything about MONEY or IDENTIFICATION so guess what.. MAKE ME! Not bloody likely, the LAW says no person is ALLOWED to be forced to live outside the terms of the religion they follow. So whats wrong with this picture now.. heheh. Is everyone gooing to follow suit or is Terre the only one around who figured out how to remove money from the entire planet with a simple lifestyle change.

Love Unity Respect Peace. Respect Human Rights. Respect the Freedoms Acts. Love living free. Unite to a common freedom goal. Peaceful destuction of a silly moronic concept based planet destructive and overly undeductive (only in ownership is deduction necessity) babylon.. Time for the babylonian system to start falling apart now.

What is necessary is a webcam. A micro one, something small in order for this information to begin being displayed to the masses, the media is the message. Place it in a hidden manner and walk into the government run facilities durin business hours and show the world whats malfunctioning. Street Smarts. Get Smart Street Cents/Sense. Agent 69? Jamed unbonded, double Oh nothing. Undercover live systematic dissection of the system surrounding us and pulling the wool, over our eyes. This place is crumbling and Terre is the only one who has seen the most of it first hand, noone else has ever put 30 days into being an undercover homeless person who will not conform to the normal stereotype of homelessness. Step into the waking life. What the bleep do we know anyway? The power of now.

this rainbow brother means BUSINESS. And theres no business like show business. This life has 32 years. This is no royal canadian farce.. well bet it is way funnier in real life than on tv. Just wait.. who is up to the challenge of outfitting Terre with what is necessary to put reality Halifax on the net/tv? No compensation necessary.. at least not from the MEDIA! All work/play/etc. done for FREE. The governemt will be paying soon enough. Soon the Black Market will still be bought out and all items will STILL be given out as gifts on the street. Soon the artwork lining the halls of the Hospital will be done the same with. Soon a little store named Tribes which repairs and makes wonderful african everything will be getting a large purchase too.. the system cannot descriminate against TERRE an win, not in the face of the communication lines opened already and certainly not considering there is a HUGE paper trail and witniss trail of this occurring..

Lets fit this tech up and get rolling. Time to start mediaing the messages to the globe via the internet folks, whos the faster responder in this chain of readers thus far.. Is Terre the only one around who can move as fast as TERRE!

PS expect Wayne Mitchell to be waking up soon. The system ruined everything Wayne built and oppressed the man into hiding. This man is a master at many things and the trail to Waynes house was easy to find. Messages have been sent to him, soon the Enviroscape location will be springing back into an action and a new direction halifax will be suprised to see.

Please contact any RAINBOW TRIBE members and send them to this blog. Any Haligonian family thats around please get in touch, working together here is necessary! Focalize!

Cheers world, gotta run and eat! Anne, there's kundalini classes, free meditation classes, everything here sweetheart, Terre misses wife/lover and Chat/cat in Montreal, everyone else too. Everyday is the same, simple, happy, elatedly suprised that no matter what nothing can change emotions into negative ones in the face of all. Awake every morning with a smile, turn the other cheek every time it's slapped. Always respond with questions, unless politeness and legality requires a reply. Never accuse/slander. Never demand.

Snowballs start small.. then they grow. This hill is steep, is anyone rolling beside Terre? Guarantee the ride will be one hell of a trip.