February 18th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

What does one do..

When they are denied service at EVERY service in the entire city? They rephrase things. Noone can diagnose me with Aspergers as I'm intelligent enough to comprehend the diagnosis as a discrimination in itself. I have been sleeping outdoors for two days now, every shelter in town denies me service because I'm intelligent and I know it. Every food kitchen except a couple that are only once a week places deny me service. The library says even though the freedom of religion act allows me NOT to use ID or money, I am NOT allowed to be served access to the computer terminals, the books are not allowed to be lent to me etc. The police served me with another bar notice for like 13 more properties yesterday and once again they mispelled the last name.. yaya they're so bad that this is going to be easy. Thanks everything.

Barred from every hospital in the city, food kitchens, shelters, malls, community access internet terminals at half the places in town are controlled so noone but whoever they WANT is allowed. Barred from even standing on sidewaalks apparently as half the police force is trying to drive me out of the city. IT won't succeed, they're fucking with the wrong guy. I'm RAIN MAN. I'm Vain. Vanity is opinion and EVERYTHING has been due to the high regard I have for my personal level of intelligence.. So who is going to help on this, how's this going to start rolling.. I am sleeping in the cold with no place to get food, no id, no money, no service from every government agency in the entire city.. Is there a single person around who is kind enough to give a shit about human rights?