February 25th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

The Truth

~An infinite number of interpretations exist based in infinite perspectives and focuses.
~Items in list are REFINABLE and are selflessly given freely for everything to anything with spirit.

~Symbology and Symantics are fundamental directives toward evolutionary growth of the species.
~The Number Systems are symbolic as are the Letter Systems of every language on Earth. The topic of another post.

~Time is infinite/indivisible, now is always now, except from perspective and focus.
~The future and past do not exist, except from positively subjective perspectives.

~Waves come in an infinite number of types, studies cover few types.
~Waves influence spirit vessels in one of three ways, slow down, speed up, and variableness, complex patterns..
~Artificial wavetypes disturb natural wavetypes and conformity is detrimental in natural organisms naturally.
~Objects absorb signals, not just "living" things. All is alive, thus all is capable of absorbing signals.
~Low object density and cumulative artificial signals cause distortions in spirit vessels and thus in spirits. Artificial/Unnatural.
~Sound waves are alive as solid, space, liquid and gas are alive. All waves wave alive.

~Everything equals everything, the entirety of everything is "God" (by whatever collective name)
~All religions/history/literature/sciences are valid, all was created by "God".
~Substitute any word in existence for "God", all words are created equal.
~"God" is of the nature of everything and is anything formable, everything is anything "God"
~The entirety of everything is aware from every perspective of its insides and outs and is connected.
~Trinity rules the basis of nature, everything, anything & spirits within vessels made of the anything of everything.

~ONLY multiplication and division exist. Add & subtract are impossibles.
~There is no such thing as a corner except from perspective out of focus.
~Atoms are pulsar/"flicker" stars in static electrical improbability fields uniquely variable amongst forms. Atoms communicate.
~Quantum Physics has answers as Sacred Geometry does. Reality is everything existing in a connected state of infinitive evolution.
~Anything moves at variable speeds, rotations/orbits concurrently utilizing multiple trajectories, demands attentiveness to rotational inhales(backward spin halves) and exhales(forward spin halves)
~Everything is in motion and is constantly connecting to everything, mirroring, refracting and focusing.
~Moons, Planets, Suns.. all rotate and orbit. Study Atronomy, Mayans & Math.

~Natural EKG readout requires an electrically "quiet" zone. 0 influencing artificial signals.
~Plants communicate through vibrations below ground and in the air. Plants are aware.
~Sacred geoemtry, laws of infinite ratios are the makeup shapable by everything into anything.

~7 senses/sensations/chakras exist, with polar divisionalism.(inhale:feminin/exhale:masculin)
~Sensation is similar to "input" and "output" as it is sensed and sensated in/out.
~6th sense is intuition and the polarity is instinct.
~7th sense is imbalance/inequilibrium, the polarity is balance/equilibrium.
~While a damaging sensation "hurts" acceptance is key to overcoming all accidental or malicious inflictions, pain is acceptably a sensation.
~There exist seven emotional base states with polarities, 3 negatives/positives, one indifferent.
~Emotions are electrical. Impulse choices with repercussions and are 100% the choice of the emoter.

~Polarities reflect, oppose, similar to yin/yang or en'lakesh. Communication is necessary amongst poles for growth.
~Polarities exist amongst lives to maintain balance throughout the growth process. Infinite types exist.
~Experienced observers recognize polarities immediately seeking to promote connection and growth of the spirit bonding. All are connected.

~Noone owns anything, everything exists and is unownable. Possession is a farcity. Disown the concept.
~Selflessness is better than selfishness, giving is better than receiving, forward evolutionary, positively emotional imbalance is necessary to maintain positive growth. Imbalance equals forward motion. Forward moving balance is due to positive directive imbalance.

~Everything exists connected/communicating constantly in/with Anythings. Spirits require lessons to communicate properly. Births are evolutions.
~Everything is symbolic/directive, wind, colors, names, shapes, sounds, spaces, the body inputs/outputs.
~Everything speaks truth always through Everything and Anythings in all Spirit Vessels and by Spirits.
~Truth is the utterance, directives are interpretable and all paths lead forward upon positive willed action.
~Righteousness is faith, belief, fearlessness, utterance of the rights given everything, "Gods Will".
~All religions strive to teach Good from Bad from Cautious unmotion, correct, incorrect and indifferent decisiveness.
~Emotions are a shared universal collective energy, humanity is hardly in sync with the nature of it. Humanity oft dismisses responsibility.
~True laughter with unrestricted societal input is unacceptably labelled "maniacal"
~True sadness and anger aren't negative, often punished as "defects". Everything predetermined the necessity for intensity, evil free.

~I, Me, You, Us, We, They, Them, Those, These, This: all subtract from Anythings. Everything is, do not devalue or lessen Anythings, Everything grows.
~My, Mine, Ours, Thiers, Yours, Own: all posses things which are unposessable. Spirit connects to them, do not posess in ways, shapes or forms.
~Anythings are not made by Spirit Vessels, Everything preexists in the "Everything Consciousness", with purposeful reasons and directions.

~Thinking is similar to trying, maybe, could, would.. it goes nowhere. Remove the words Think and Thinking from vocabulary.
~Thought is everything not "words spoken silently", spiritual interconnectivity to Everything and Anythings.
~Thought gives Vessels direction, Vessels are alive Anythings, giving Spirits Everything signals, polarity thought, observation.

~Exist thus observe. Do not think Anythings into existence, Everything preexists. Connect Anythings together, move Anythings around.
~Everything is infinite, complex infinite ratios determine infinite togetherness amongst Everything, Anythings & Spirits.

~Sun is mother to all life and should be named Solaris or Star. Sun/Son.. boys don't birth.
~Moon is the "heart" of Earth and mirrors Solaris. Eyes on opposite sides..
~Moon creates the planets pulse, pulsing creates tectonic plate movements due to ocean weight over mantle covered soft core. Cycling tidal heartbeat.

~The Earth is the "body" or "vessel" which Anythings and Everything and Spirits share. We are not the "center". We are mere Anythings of Everything.

~Revelations occurrs now, all passages are clearly environmental relations. Actions speak volumes.
~Religion doesen't say marriage is law. There's no commandment directing slavery to money. Paying for Anythings is wrong.

~Human Rights come before criminals rights, schools omit Human Rights Education? Police do not study Everything.
~Freedom of Religion: if anyACTION is not listed, anyACTION need not be done, all services remain available. Discrimination free.
~Discrimination is disliking Anythings due to differences of anysort, a negative and unwarranted behaviour.
~Actions are not Spirits, heal Spirits, elevate Spirits, uplift Spirits, enlighten Spirits, do not lessen anything.
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