March 11th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Updating Dating Up

Time passes, the omnipitent creator states throughout everything that we're not to record wrongdoings of things done against us. It's fine, things progress exactly as "God" planned, everything is in control and noone seems to be willing to learn about all of it, which just keeps us on top of the world, a world alive.

Got a house in the city(free), renovating it for an elderly lady who has been mistreated greatly by everyone in her life, healing has begun. Have been led to all the right places, people and things in order to progress all rightly and righteously.

Waking up Enviro Man here, Wayne Mitchell will soon be back on top of the world also. A key player who also needs healing. "God" works in mysterious ways to most, to us the creator is VERY clear.

Connecting to all the right folks in order of direction, the world directs one step at a time to each person and leads each coincide-nce on cue. We make no wrong actions ever, know that the growth is necessary as it's for us to do these things.

Most people don't understand us, they cannot keep up, no one seems to be able to speak at our level, most everyone is falling behind, none wants to learn, everyone keeps trying to teach things learned years ago. We listen, we hear, we know it already. We can speak while listening to two or three different conversations at the same time.

Stopped by Joel Pinks office yesterday to drop off a book called Utopia with a letter in it for him, the staff there said "We know you, you're crasy" and tried once again unsucessfully to book an apointment at a massive cost just to speak to the man. Then they called the police because like everyone else they are afraid.

Had a visit from the police this morning because Amber is afraid we will take the poor little cat from her she's avoiding providing proper health care for, the sweet little kitten is missing half of it's eye and upon arrival here with medicine for the eye and gave it to her, it's still sitting in the medicine cabinet and she's not used it at all. The cat is in constant pain, we feel it, wanted to called the SPCA on her for not helping it. Now no longer allowed to even visit the house, she had the police come in order to give a "PPA" verbally. They would not accept the single name "Terre" and stated if no proper name was given we'd have to go "downtown". Not allowed BTW, illegal entrapment. Not stupid, actions need to be made so we provided them with the old name. We're flexable.

There is no more sin on earth people. "Jesus" washed all sin away which is why all the negative actions which exist now go unpunished until the time of reckoning. That time is very near, the books are clear and the revelations are occurring now, the Mayans knew what was happening and very clearly. The world is changing now and very soon everything will be very much better everywhere.

Forgiveness always for everything from everyone. Everything forgives unendlessly, nothing ever stops change except humans unwilling to change. time for change humanity.

Very soon this blog will end existing in this location as we make a new site for the "ARK" to exist upon. Opensourceworld is on the way.

Some of the actions coming:

Record all descriminations due to "Freedom of Religion" Give up I.D. and money. 100% free from slavery to money and restrictive dismissals of human rights. Begin over 30 Human Rights Discrimination cases and win all of them, settling out of court through mediation.

Utilize all monies to help local businesses in halifax to flourish. Buy inventories of all the best shops in town and GIVE IT ALL AWAY FREE to people on the streets.

Start of "Tam Tams" in Halifax.
Do much symbology artwork in order to display at "Tams"

Use other peoples media to market the whole plan, spending almost NO monies, collecting all utilized medias and aging them. The media is the messAGE.

Alert the medias to the truths of many things occurring in this city. Since the beginning of January many things have become clear. The truth is easy to get for someone who observes closely.

Look ahead. What is typed here is very little. There are thousands more actions involved in all of this and no one believes, regardless of belief, all these things are happining and more. Some things NEED to be believed in order to be seen.

I miss Anne. Lover, we took photos of the house today to show you but the usb cable we brought to the hospital C@P terminal was the wrong one. here's hoping the hike from Montreal will be an easy one for you. We trust you will be picked up by all the right people in order to grow the messages growing in us. Wisely communicate tailored messages to each, find out who they are and give them each information which will help grow the awakenings.