March 15th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Things change constantly..

Life is so fleeting a thing that grasping the reality of change can be a difficult thing. Actions speak louder than words but words seem to cause more damage in terms of interpretation. People take things in such misconstrued ways unless you write an entire book about them everyone will agree with whatever they find most negatively influencing in the gist of the whole.

Direction has led to many claims, things need to be done, things need to connect, trees need to be planted, money needs to cease to exist, fair trade needs to be the norm and no matter the delivery of this information everyone seems determined to disagree or to remain indifferent to the reality of the situation.

The majority of the Worlds problems at this time lie in the belief system. Everybody is asking everybody else to believe in all the wrong things. Everybody who has good things to believe in is persecuted and treated with such unfairness that the good things go unnoticed and undeveloped. The people who have great ideas are not allowed to develop them because other people always get in the way with "process" which is detrimental to forward motion. Why is it the world is so intent on turning people into numbers? Why does everyone want to process each other as if we are nothing more than paperwork, systematic dismissal of basic fundamental human rights? Where has the fairness gone to? Why has humanity decided that downhill is the only way to go?

The governments are hiding the facts, it's not so much that they have decided that the information is irrelevant but that due to the malfunctioning state of dissasociationism within the connectiveness of sectors, the information is never seen by enough people to be brought together into a utilizable form which is offerable for free to the populace. The environmental issues facing this planet are so paramount at this time that the world needs to become aware of them! The information has existed for years, "The Way" a bibole published in 1974, the year I was born, has inserts of environmental concern issues between chapters, there are so many books on the issuse and none of them work together in order to amalgamate the information and then to distribute it to the entire globe, everyone is seperative, they all see the future as someplace where we will be a tourist world, every place seperate and trying their best to make money for money, destroying the entire planets resources for nothing more than self gratification! This must end now!

The time for dissagreement has come to an end. The time for finger pointing and slandering and libelling and dividing us is at an end. The time for seperate systems is coming to a close, there is not more reason for the world with borders to exist in this manner. The "countries" which make up this giant "risk" game are killing the entire future of humanity. This age of man is nearly at an end.

How much information do you have? How many books have you read? How many statistical analyses have been absorbed into your perspective? Do you, does anyone have the whole picture? Of course not, we are hiding the truths, we are dividing up the information into such a fragmented delivery system that it is nearly impossible for ANY human to grasp the seriousness of the planets predicament without agreeing to agree.

Enviroman, where are you? There is no race of aliens going to come and take over this world and fix it. There is no computer or system which will do the work for us, nothing that will end the folly of this path save humanities determination to end the insanity of it's own indecisive direction. Decide to come together people, decide to believe and have faith that a future that is much better than this present is absolutely possible and is coming VERY soon.

The planet has only 6 years until the end of the mayan calendar. I know what this means. The planet has only ten years until the deforestation and pollution of the oceans adds up to a paramount desolidification of the ozone and atmosphere. I know what this means.

Are you interested in a future where we live in oxygen domes and cannot go outside because the planet is covered in SPACE? I'm not. This world and its vegetation are our home and our parents. Time to start cleaning house.