March 24th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

What would you do?

After reading: The Mayan Prophesies - Adrian G. Gilbert

& learning of:

Sunspot Cycle duration is 68,302 days and after 20 periods of time (20x68,302 = 1,366,040 days) the suns neutral sheet magnetic field tilts. The Earth's magnetic field attempts to realign its magnetic axis with that of the sun, the Earth tilts on its axis. At this time the Earths magnetic poles shift their geostationary position. Cataclysmic destruction (revelations) take place on Earth through violent tectonic activity etc... 2012.

This isn't even the fault of humanity.. The Mayans knew this long before us, without the aid of all the computers and statistical analysees.. Huamnity is destroying the world, who will succeed in wiping this place a new face first, humanity or the sun? What does any action matter now.. Noone can estimate the extent of what this will mean for the world, we have been racing against the sun for centuries trying our best to cut down every last tree and pollute the air and water.. but so what? I have been working since December to impliment a plan for an opensourceworld and why? When this even occurs such death will sweep the face of this planet we will have to begin again anyway.. I have been worried about the loss of our atmosphere due to the environmental failings of humankinds inability to get over world destruction for profit instead of dismissing the whole thing as a waste of time... I felt that the desire to cause money to inexist and equality to reign supreme was something that we would all wish to strive for.. the future in that direction looks so bright.. We /HAVE the technologies.. but can we stop this natural event from occurring? When the poles melt because the planets axis has moved.. When earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shake this entire world.. what will we do then? Have you any idea what this means?

And we wonder wher the mayans went.. I don't worry anymroe. I know Creation is connected to all of this and I know where I go when I die. Guess moving to the woods to relax for a few years before this happens is a good idea afterall. You people can continue to "party on" and ignore the truth all you want, this is no Y2K bug you can write off.. Get the book.. Take a look. Believe in revelations now?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Good morning All. The Human rights Commission in Halifax called me this morning after I had left a message for them two days ago. After only two minutes the man on the other end of the line recognized me as the same person he had spoken to in person over am month ago and immediately determined that it was necessary to dismiss me and my concerns. This man feels I have absolutely NO case before and after hearing the facts. This man was the one who had spent almost 45 minutes with me the time I went to the office there and wrote almost 8 pages of information down before completely reversing his attitude and then calling the police on me in order to have me escorted out of the comission. He stated that unless I am diagnosed with the syndrome of aspergers I would not be allowed to be descriminated against.

This time I took a somewhat different approach and went along the lines of the "freedom of religion" direction and told him that I had been denied service and barred from all libraries in the province due to the claim that my religion stated I do not utilize plastic of any kind to identify myself and thus was being descriminated against through a denail of service, the libraries force you to use library card access to gain access to the C@P terminals there. I told them I do not use I.D. because religion determines so and thatit is an infraction of human rights to deny me access They barred me from the libraries and said that because I elevated my voice in order to gain witnissess to the infraction it was a somehow threatening and disturbing attitude that was the cause of my being barred. I merely spoke loudly to the entire library to request that everyone present witniss that my rights were being denied to me.

The Human Rights man on the phone hung up on me. How is it that I was presented with this same individual twice in a row? How can someone who is supposed to be an advocate for the rights of every human persistently refuse to see the obvious and fight for whats right? A string of events which are all obvious human rights matters, witnisses, a paper trail supporting the entire thing, and so much more.. noone will even look or listen? Every direction I go in the jobsd are being done improperly and I get denied service!

The hospital in Truro pronounced me sane, said I was not a danger to anyone or myself, they were supposed to call me back yesterday with a referral to a psychologist who would diagnose me but instead I got a call today asking for my msi card number from quebec so tehy could bill me, but no appointment came..

I have no family doctor, havent had one for 20 years, I don't get sick. I have no id or money, nor an address, how do I do what is reqired of me? How do I "help myself" it's what I do every moment of every day!! Just waking up, standing up, writing in this journal, approaching the official, attending the appointments, fighting for my rights, claiming the infractions are me helping myself! I don't want to help myself! I want to help EVERYONE else. I am alive, I need someone to HELP ME!!!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Numerological Symbology

Just posted at and rainbow forum. For ye who do not visit those places, here are recent described numeric symbolic Creation subjects. Numbers.

All numbers are equal. 1=1 2=2 pi=pi, no specialness or unspecialness, all preexisted and exist equally. All have symbolic interprative meaning that HUMANITY HAS BEEN IGNORING. Consider "God" in any language, culture, religion, ethic is one for all of us. If one/male/female/non gendered/singular/group of omnipitent beings created EVERYTHING, all religions and everything/everywhen were CREATED equal.

First, consider that since oft in life things relate to "living/energy/wave/motion" and thus are perspectively viewable as masculin and feminin parts so in terms of numeric symbology curvature represents femininity and linearity represents masculinity.

0 = being a circle (or oval) is a nowhere or nothing number, goes around in circles and goes nowhere, never changing position, another perspective is as contained within A circle ONE would also be capable of going nowhere since ONE would be contained within an unopen loop with no door/exit. Necessary to leave the number/symbol system and utilize letter/symbol Q in order to "quit" loop and Q's "tail" would then become representational aspect of forward motion, 1.

1 = is going somewhere, 0 being feminin cannot give birth alone, 0 needs the connection of 1 in order to give birth, 1 is a direction outward from 0, its the bringing together of 0 with 1 that creates 2. 1 is wholeness of form with motion. "Jung describes Pythagorean number symbolism which is pertinent here. THE NUMBER ONE AS THE FIRST AND ORIGINAL NUMBER IS, STRICTLY SPEAKING, NOT A NUMBER AT ALL. One as unity and totality exists prior to the awareness of numbers which requires a capacity to distinguish between separate, discrete entities. Thus, "one" symbolically corresponds to the uroboric state prior to the creation and separation of things. Two is the first real number since with it is born the possibility of discriminating one thing from another. Two symbolizes the act of creation, the emergence of the ego from the original state of unity."

2 = seperate the top "half heart" from the bottom line and you have "feminin love" with "masculin penetration" also we have representation here of curvature and angle, flowering with branching. 2 is the first level of loving connection in life. 2 is necessary to create 3.

3 = the open end of the symbolic letter B (B being breast and belly/pregnancy) 3 is or used to be represented with an angle on top and a curve on bottom, a possibility number, the birth could either bring forth a male or a female, the male was placed on top probably due to the possibility that men may be born more often in nature? Three is also an open ended sideways infinity symbol, 3 I consider to be the most powerful "whole" number as everything in nature seems to be relevant to 3. "Actor, Object, Action" "pi" etc. 3 is a hybrid number, the "offspring number, the "child" of connection.

4 = often the triangle with leg and arm also the open ended 4, sometimes the wide side of the triangle is curved or the left branch of the open side of the second 4 type will have curvature, on computers and digitil readouts the curvature has been removed thus making the symbolism more subliminal. 4 represents a connection, the fact that the "child" of 2, 3 must go out and connect to a 4th in order to continue the hybridization or growth evolution. the connection point is representational of the + symbol the addition or "multiplication factor, 3 + 4 (1+1) = 5. "One becomes two: two becomes three: and out of the third comes the One as the fourth."

5 = once again the "offspring/child" number, but this time a higher order offspring, the second level of birth places the masculin "angle" above the feminin "curve" 5 is a double hybrid as it is the connection of a hybrid with a hybrid, the child of 1+2+4.

6 = Depending on the interpretation, I have been able to go a few ways with 6 and 9. Consider that we have 9 senses not just 5. 6 is imbalance, the "boo" factor, the thing which puts us off balance in order to show us danger or impending anything out of natural sync with naturalness. A cliff, an attack, a bad vibe, whatever. The 6 leans backward in order to avoid the danger, both blanced and imbalanced at the same time. 6 can also represent a "trajectory" or "path" as we a find in science, everything starts at a point then goes off into a direction and goes around in circles.. The sun, planets, moons etc. 6 is all feminin.

7 = Balance. 7 is all masculin, balance represents stationary ability to remain uprigth but also has suggestiveness of forward motion, the "imbalanced balance" Often we "cut" the 7 with a dash halfway up, this likely has a connotation of semi balance, relative to the "forward motion" or the "pulling up/stopping of imbalanced balance" 7 also has a representation relation to sight as if we polarize balance with imbalance and intuition with instinct we remove two senses and end up with only 7. 7 is the shape of the eye opening from the side, we "see" with all 7-9 senses.

8 = infinity on its side, sight, intuitiveness, intuition. We intuitively know that everything is infinite in nature, we can never see the infintely small or the infinitely large scope of everything surrounding us, there is more to All than is dreampt of in humanities philosophy. Intuition is the ability to "stack things up" and through a balance, determine something from it. Double trajectory, disconnceted yin/yang, unity, communication, assembly, everything.

9 = instinct, the forward leaning balanced imbalance. This is the most powerful of our senses, it is present in all things, it is what drives evolution, it is the "will" to grow, to survive, to mate, to feed, to do everything not in the realm of "higher consciousness". It can also be seen as a "higher order" trajectory. A more powerful direction, a stronger path as it is capable of holding up more weight on less footing whereas the 6 is heavy on bottom. 6 would be the foundation for 9.

Does all of this sound cheezy to you folks because this is probably the best I ever described it, it has been growing through the relation of it to people ever since December when I began to "enlighten/awaken"