March 27th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


I learned things in the last few months that I didn't always keep in the forefront of consciousness while communicating..

1. Replace "must" & "should" and "have to" and such terms with "ought"

ought 1 (ôt)
a. Used to indicate obligation or duty: You ought to work harder than that.
b. Used to indicate advisability or prudence: You ought to wear a raincoat.
c. Used to indicate desirability: You ought to have been there; it was great fun.
d. Used to indicate probability or likelihood: She ought to finish by next week.

2. Use "and?" whenever you want someone to continue talking or clarify with more details or when they appear to be laying a blame or a fault on you.. since the blame and fault solve nothing, the "and?" requests that the person recognizes that they are blaming etc. and that they ought to figure out what they hope to achieve from the blaming.. connect the blame to a solution..

3. Use "so.." when you feel that someone ought to have the answer or figure it out, so.. they hopefully figure and realize that the answer is so.. simple.

4. Stop using "can't" or "cannot". They're double negatives. We CAN do anything. Instead state the truth.

5. Stop placing negative words after "I am" or "you are" or "everyone is" and stop placing positive words after "nobody is" or "no one is", these all create reality into something negative.

6. Replace "need" and "want" with "crave" and "desire" or "require" as the terms need and want denote that the person is somehow less than whole without the object of the desire.

7. The most commonly used one.. "have" and "had" and "has" see the problems with these here: - all ought to be replaced with words like "recieve" & "accept" & "use/utilize" & "allow" & "hold" & "maintain" & "sustain" & "keep" & "star/starred" & "carry".. The word "have" is sooo misunderstood.. Just look at the length of the page descriptions and synonyms..

8. The same goes for the word "make".. we do not "make things", instead we "cause" and "affect" and "alter/change/modify" etc.

In addition, no one "makes" someone else into an emotion. People are people, emotions are emotions. I do not equal and emotion. You cannot "make me = mad"
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Crucial Superstar & the Man I Used To Be

I love K-Os, who knew he was being influenced by Creationm to write these songs about me.. I didn't know until listening to them again just now after three months.. read closely.. OK So heres my NEW goal...

Chris Smith Management Inc.
21 Camden St, 5th Floor Toronto, Ontario Canada, M5V 1V2 Tel:
(416) 362-7771 Fax: (416) 362-6648 ...

I wanna go work with K-Os. So.. guess I'll be going to Toronto.

Yo the year is 2006
It's the end of the jiggy era
People on the planet Earth are tired
In an effort to aid a great shipment millions of bodies
incarnate (GET UP!)
To rock mic's

Complex, this hip hop alchemy
When I was a kid I watched Electric Company
Now I'm all grown living life to the bone
New tone, spaceship take me home
Back to the seventh sun the seventh one
When I drop patience, Kevin's Dun
This eloquent macula is black enough
To bring a shake to Dracula
Uh, I'm hitting them with synonym adrenaline
Then I send them to the kingdom of the heavens
A matter of time before this rhyme
Infiltrates the bloodstream into the mind
Of a man living a life in Babylonia
So lonely she went to California
Frisco, hypno's, get clothes
Crystals, take it back to the raw rap

(You, you blind baby. You're blind from the fact oh yeah cause
you're watching that garbage!)

Ooh I love this girl
She's a superstar
You can't change the world

You're a superstar

(Okay, here we go. First two.)

Yo, I got a lyrical shot aimed at the T. Dot
Telling me that you are, when you know that you're not
Uptown, chilling at the corner store
Thinking, 'Why the hell do I front, I'm hardcore'
Like Castro, master flows pass the golden links
Whatever you think its all old, you get it?
Whatever the cost I will not floss
Emcees act the boss they all get tossed
Off the plank
Hold the dank I don't burn
I got a lot to say but really lots to learn
Turn, baby you're just not concerned
Whatever earned, thinking of the most high earned
I flip with this some hit, some miss
Don't get fooled by lyrical ventriloquist the twist
Most flee I'm Kris ?Najy?
Come back to flip rap
Do it to crowd make 'em clap

Superstar, superstar, superstar

Ooh I love this girl
She's a superstar

You can't change the world
You're a superstar
(Get up! Get up! Come on!)

This is an emergency
They shot down in the dark
They did it cause it paid a fee
Now there’s nothing to die for
All the kids from miles around
Are fools in paradise
Don’t know about the pirate sound
So the scene is an eyesore

Coming back we fly away
Ja ja come and so I live to see another day
All I think about if I were just to run away
Will I come back to love you now?

I don’t want to change the world
I only want to stop pretending

What you say? Come again
What you say? Come again now

Nothing left to but let it burn
I only hope we’re all ascending high

What you say? Come again
What you say? Come again now

All around my home town
They try to chop me down
But the truth shall not forsake me
Take me up to higher ground

And yooooou-ooooo
You’re the light when the feeling is dark
You’re pretending the game is a race
Because you’re born and you’ll die in my heart

I don’t want to change the world
I only want to stop pretending

What you say? Come again
What you say? Come again now

I will never let you down
I’ll be right here beside you, hanging around
So if you think you let me down
You leave me here in silence, without a sound

Change words
Ch-change verse
We change verbs

Cause why would I change when there’s no one to play the time?
I tried it, I couldn't fight it
Now I just wanna get back to me
ohh baby, hoo hoo
Back into the man I used to be

Things that I said I wouldn't do, I did 'em
Secrets below the surface of truth I hid 'em
This man kind is past, but can he erase
The tears of a million years is human race
Of animals, that talk and walk upright
Then slave all day and fall in a trance at night
Flowing the planet, trying to find missing links
Like the men we used to be and are we suppose to think?
Mysteries?.. maybe not
It's getting hot, we better configure the plot, but
I hold a pen with the grip so tight
That'a squeeze the ink onto the page, and write a song for the people
Came up from the underground, now I write above on a hovercraft sound
This microphone, like an an amphetamine
Keeping me clean, speaking in dreams
So nature can intervene, just for a scene

I tried it, I couldn't fight it
Now I just wanna get back to me
ohh baby, hoo hoo
Back into the man I used to be

I walk a long path alone, my feet hurt
Lost some friends along the way, I did dirt
I went to church, I tried everything
From leaving my body, to watching the birds sing
For hours, so I could feel heavenly powers
Had been across the universe and inside of flowers
But what is it worth, i'm still just a man on the earth
Rappers are acting like man tan
Can I be candid, I can't stand it
Rap bandit, got heaven acting frantic
I wanna swing my sword decapitate
But what is a man if he acts like an ape
So I sit back, planning my great escape
Load up my EPS and peruse my record crate
The man I used to be, I can only see by looking beyond me
So what is reality, I don't know

I tried it, I couldn't fight it
Now I just wanna get back to me
ohh baby, hoo hoo
Back into the man I used to be

Back into the man I used to be

Oops, wrong song..

You know what..

I woke up in the morning
I took a trip to the corner store
That's when I heard my calling
But I'd never heard the voice of truth before
So I kept on walking!
Pretending I didn't see..
Walked by a window and my reflection said to me
You could try all the same
But you'll never know this mystery
There's no pilot on your plane
So you're not the man you used to be
Try all the game, but you'll never know this mystery
When your pie has no plate
Said you're not the man you used to be.. seen
Holla and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Yo, microphones get ripped holding us back
K dash rocking a grout, rocking the cold style
Making it up, go along singing my song
Woke up, in the early morn didn't know what was going on
Whatever, I don't really know
Flows like an immaculate goat what up, whatever
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Yo Chris, the system tried to destroy me, they won't employ me
I used to be a man but now no one looks at me
when they look they only see insanity, a calamity
they cannot listen, the truth is a lesson, a precession
everywhere I turn, the preprogramming manifests
so much pain, the insults rain, again and again
I slow down, I speed up and encounter more tests
yet the tests have no bearing, a new skin I am wearing
I've shed the old for the new, dissassociated too
bearing no grudges, theres nothing left for me to do
giving it all up for the righteousness, the worlds amiss
with confusion and contrary definitives dismissive hands up
every direction leads back to slavery, its too tough
time for a change a return to the way it used to be
you see I'm a crucial superstar, a part of this family
and I wont return to slavery.

Enlightenment, illumination, dedication to be a savior of the nations
the truth must be known, we're organically grown
hydroponic, hypnotic, erotic, being shaped by the man
gotta reverse directions, re-evaluate the connections
the man can't have us anymore, we know the truth
no more will we be contained within the money booth
patenting, trademarking, copyrighting, everywhere fighting
listen up humanity, I know you can hear me
you can't stop the bum from rising from the sea
no more identification, religion, precisional decisions
gone off in new directions, I'm a supersattelite
more powerful than the wrong and the right
waking up the world to a star filled night

I tried it.. in the system I couldn't fight it, I was denied it
whatever it was, I'm no longer that man and never can
return to the way I've lived for 30 years you understand?
I'm gonna change this place, bring the truth to this race
my senses are the sharpest they've ever been
time for a new crew, a new home, a new scene

I am piloting this plane
Chris knows it's never gonna be the same
it took a few years to get me woke
its time I stand up and spoke
the words are loud and clear
theres only chaos here
gimme the wheel, let me steer
the future is near

My reflection is focused and determined to see
everything we were unwilling to be, come join me
I'm through playing games, time for change
the mystery is clarified and grows clearer every day
from dusk till dawn we dance and we dance
a world full of fake romance, people lackin integrity
why have peoples souls been so dirty, its unpretty

no more, my spirit is sore, my soul is torn, reborn
giving it all up for the good, stepping outta the woods
seeing society for the trees, I'm down on bended knee
beggin that we stop all of this maniacal insanity

I don't wanna walk alone no more
no more walls, no more doors
I'm a free spirit now, nothing to bring me down
pushed into a gutter, forsaken by my mother
had my girl run away, had all my friends say
your actin crasy, you don't have the right way
so I say, look again brother, you're glue, I'm rubber
none of this programming can stick to me
open everyones eyes, help them to see
they've gotta let it all go, stop and look again
this aint the end, I can't pretend, I wont lie
its a new beginning, 2012 is coming, am I

So here we are, at the end of a rope
wondering and wanting and living in hope
only God can judge me and he judges me sane
I know it aint me, its GOD piloting this plane
our creator always had a master plan in store
evolution for the entire race, getting out of this place
infinite infinity, flames and electricity,
static, magnetic, atomic, kenetic, country, city
all types of people, everyone the same
a world of clones, no more, endgame

Greg Crockatt

Inspired by life
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Comments via email:

Thanks for these..

Hey, your a great writer and i think your brilliant. Are there any websites that i can go to to learn about what books you have for sale, what website can i go to that will show different books by you, and what they are about... Im 18 and i understand the things you say, so im gonna read your books. Got to go to work, but ill be back.

If you dont have any books, who can you suggest? your VOCAB is awesome, Your writing is good (from what ive seen on your blog) I love your style, and your earthly spirit, you have helped shape my life for the better, your a good person and i want to hear more of what you have to say. _JASON

Hey, thanks for the reply,
I like the things you stand for(the things i know), its unfortunate that you cannot justify writing a book, because i cannot bring a computer with me to the places i would love to enjoy reading your book, my favorite tree house above the ocean, the shroomy forest and gardens. Your writings give me wings, i will defidently read your online stuff. If more people were like you, they world would be an amazing place. i noticed on you bio, your a conciousness expander. i would like to chat with you about that someday. Do you use AIM (was it revelations ?) i look forward to your stuff. -Jason