March 28th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Old Poetry

Gonna be tossing this old stuff so might as well type up these poems from years ago found in a crate left with mom. Undated's probably from the teenage years.

My room at Daniels before being assaulted by him and getting thrown into the street by the police.
A Mystery
A mystery is afoot,
the games begun
when all is through
who will have won?
A murdered wife,
a broken heart
a clue is left
so let us start.
The trail is led
through a darkened house
lightening cracks
it scares a mouse.
Light shines beneath
a closed door
the butler done it
this tales no more.

Me at a rave in Mtl.
Mole Holes
A deep dark creature
down in the ground
digging, digging
but making no sound.

The mole is quick
and a very small size
to catch a mole
would be a prize.

I've seen a few
on cold, dark days
but never close
I'd have to say.

They keep to themselves
and rarely come
to join thier friends
and have some fun.

These little guys
that we call moles
stay at home
down in mole holes.

Aww Cute.
Out at night
near the moon
watch the stars
it will happen soon.

On your back
in the greens
startling scenes.

The tail of a comet
wink of a star
watch it falling
falling far.

The quiet evening
peaceful night
without stars
it would not be right.

To see the stars
in all their grace
you lay there silent
enjoy the space.

What seems at peace
and so amazing
there you are

At the SGI.
The Path
I walk down a path
the sun shining on my hair
it warms my head and keeps me company
I must not stray from the path
for it si good.

I walk down a path
of green, green grass
trees on each side with birds chirping
a deer runs by in the brush
but I care not.

I walk down a path
of love and lifetimes
people passing me by with no expressions
to mold their faces
but I care not.

I walk down a path
covered in snow and blood
white against red and nowhere to go
so I walk on ahead
moving along.

I walk down a path
with thoughts in my head
a star passes before my very eyes
the path I travel
I know not.

Aww Cute.
The Hunt
They run through the night
howling, searching, silent.
A moon beneath cloud cover
re-enters the dark sky.
The night is cool and white,
new snow covers the ground.
Tracks.. Prey... Meat..
Swiftly stalking they go
the smell of fear on the wind
brings forth the chase.
The prey has fallen
the predators begin to feed.
The wolf pack triumphs
this... is the hunt.

See the mane...
The Lion In The Dance
High atop his craggy perch
the lion howls his rage.
For all the time he spends there
it seems to be a cage.

He is king of all that lives
but none will hear him now.
For he that sings his haunting song
will never hear him howl.

The forest is so far away
and all his kingdom lies.
Too far that distance is to him
across the pale blue skies.

A baritone his voice it seems
is constantly in action.
For when it lets it all run loose
we hear all but a fraction.

Upon his jagged throne he sits
to watch the world dance by.
While all the other animals
try not to catch his eye.

For if it is that they do not
happen to please his lord.
The fate that they may happen upon
is one the can ill afford.

But when the court of woodland beasts
is finished with thier show.
The king of all the dancefloor scenes
gives them leave to go.

The animals go on thier way
with a sigh of great relief.
And the lion is content to sit
and watch them take their leave.

The music plays all the night long
a chord within a stance.
We will all remember
the lion in the dance.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Another bit of History

Greg Crockatt
347 West Pender Street, Vancouver
vmail: 253-9355

A dynamic, multi-faceted, open minded guy, looking for new experiences and adventures.

1997 Youth Internship Canada (YIC) Digital Design Studio (DDS)
New Media design Course Completion
Munin Multimedia Solutions Halifax N.S.

1997 High School Diploma
Community Learning Center, Lawrencetown N.S.

1992 Work Orientation Workshop (WOW) Certificate
Cole Harbor High School, Dartmouth N.S.

Employment Experience
1999 Independant Distributer
(Top Pro Industries) Subsidiary of DS-Max
-preform door to door sales
-warehousing/ merchendise counting/ space stacking
-fill out consignment invoices and receipts
-handle monies, learn management techniques, impulsing, & more..

1998 Courier/Messenger Toronto ONT.
(QMS/Datarush/Stingray/Pronto Toronto)/(Century Courier)
-locate streets and addresses (read maps efficiently)
-fill out waybills properly
-deliver based on strict schedule
-operate radio and pager

1998 Sales/Labor
(Fabric Wharehouse) Fabric Fabric Ltd. Toronto ONT.
-customer relations/sales, money handling
-identifying type and quality of materials
-relating type, quality, and type to customer
-utilizing related machinery and equipment
-make exact measures
-organize shelf layout and fabric placement for sales uses
-manage casual laborers

1997 3-D Animator/Graphic Artist Halifax N.S.
Marshall Media Group (YIC employment placement)
-model and animate in alias Wavefront Poweranimator V8
-use various programs incl. Photoshop, Illustrator, more
-edit video on Macintosh Media 100 Non-Linear Editing Suite
-conceptualize possible projects
-remain within sheduled and unsheduled dealines

Rollerblading, skiing, people, 3-d videogames, computer animation, geography

Wow that was a long time ago. I used that resume to get a job at Grouse Mountain in vancouver.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Jaw still hurts..

Where the rcmp shoved his thumbs into me under my ears.. owwww.. those guys were way outta line! Moms gonna file complaints, she witnissed the whole thing, they didn't place me under arrest or read me rights or file charges, but they sure did brutalize me, two cops on my back, one half strangling me, the other sticking his thumbs into me three times.. the law states that an "arrest" can be verbal for those who comply, I always would comply.. why do they always get the cuffs out and force them onto me? Why do they always hurt my body? That's against basic human rights. RCMPS and Police have a duty to uphold the law in terms of THIER behavior in regards to our level of compliance. I comply, they shit kick me.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Blasts from the Past

To Larry oct21 1998
hey man
long time no hear you know
gotta keep informed
heres a poem for you,..........

even the most articulate words
strung together in logical order
cannot hope to define the way I feel
in seeking a finite explaination
one sequentially passes barriers
sub-consequent lines of morality
disregard feelings of non-uniformity
a flitatiously teasing strand of moonlight
wending its way through all obstacles
meandering on the path to enlightenment
fingerpirints on glass and paper
inukchus of another form
they will know we were here
even after we are gone
residual fragmented memories
dotting the surface of the mind
callous insensitive passing remarks
forgotten grievances misplaced
a clear picture of a lonely heart
strong in its independance
stronger still in its need for companionship
draw lines between the dots
connect all the pieces
define what I am to be


A letter to mom, round the same time..

Well, I guess I know how it feels not to have my birthday go by without a word from home. I hope this letter sees you well. I tried recently to get in touch with the Crockatts up here but none of them were home and the one who was did not know dad. Tough luck eh? How are you doing? How is the other son? Larry?

I still have my apartment at 166 Jameson. Three cats. Sienna, Sis and Buddy. Buddy is s stray kitten I took in who will have to go soon before he gets mature enough to knock up my other two.

Funny how resourceful I find myself being. When I moved into the place I had nothing but the pack of stuff I brought with me. Since then I found a Hide-a-bed a sofa chair, a corner partition of a sofa, a table, a coffee table, a waterbed backboard shelf, a microwave and a TV, all in the trash. I bought a 486 computer for $145, and have aquired all the shareware I could find for it including an offline html site builder so that I can build my own webpage at home and save it to disk. You should visit my site at (dead now) It needs work, for some reason it is not working properly online yet. Although it works great oat home on my system.

I quit workin at the corier company and am now in search of anything better. No problem. I am going to a place tomorrow for a one day evaluation period for possible emply. I will update you soon I hope.

Love Greg

a poem i wrote
slip into something more comfortable
a softer state of mind
smile inward as events proceed unaltered
change is a slow, demanding process
cancel the deletion of knowledge
past mistakes are to be learned from
a new flame is potential
avoid passing the torch on unlit
take that daring strike at it
matches may extinguish easily
a torch once lit however burns brightly
step onto the trail of possibilities
walk in the footsteps of the unknown
tread steadfast into darkness
trust that light in your heart
the good intent is what will guide you
grainy voices whisper subconsciously
telling of better times, warning of worse
remain constant in your goals
intend your intentions in hope
never fail to dream
passionately longing for more
a faithful companion or two
a trusting shoulder
and some wise words of advice

another poem I wrote

Plan for another go at it
attempt to fit into a puzzle unknown
lift the iron grate of resolve
step into the courtyeard of life
communicate when interpersonal
decide whether to try harder
try harder todecide whethe r
things run as smooth as they should
smile inward at each passing consciousness
look past the imperfect shells
define the life within yourself
that allows you a form of perception
of the life within others
consecutively stack options
concurrently strive to achieve each
ascend the flights of ongoing control
troubleshoot, network, retool
terminology for the misfortunate
those who wish to keep up
from those who wish to remain ahead
the game is viewed from many angles
though rules are constrained to few
the angle at which one views a rule
can often determine to many
who defines the rules nature

one last one

Undevised Bereavement

Commitment can give a form of leverage
to the grounds that solidify a relationship
marriage imposes certain sanctions
should matter dissolve or degrade
a basis for understanding comes hard
growth evolves in an everchanging cycle
a certificate cannot encompass
a cyclone, a tidal wave, or a love
ask me to remain fettered
demand that I conform
put in place outdated regulations
stipulations to which I must adhere
punsh me for lack of knowledge
ignore me based on difference
berate me for lack of change
chain an earthquake, bar the wind
seek to understand me
become attentive to the needs I hold
strive to become more aware
my life is more involved that face value
dissapoint yourself with prejudice
hold onto that eyearning for more
quell that urge to be snide
look into my point of view
do not dismiss me
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Bundle of Old Comics

Selling these for fair offer to buy a djembe. Getting a set of bongos today for 40 bucks and examinin a $50 accordian to give it as a gift to a nice woman who plays accordian near the public libray, so kind and friendly all the time, super individual. Let's open a sort of auction. Preferably paypal currency please. Digital is good.

Winner also pays shipping please, will go to post office and price weight of them. Willing also to auction portions of the bundle seperately.

Item Listing

Couple of Role playing books for EQ
The Sea Elves "A Complete Culture for Elquest" Elizabeth Cerritelli
Elf War "Hubward Adventures on the World of Two Moons" Elizabeth Cerritelli, Sandy Peterson

#001 2099 Unlimited "The Next Centuries Greatest Heros!"
#002 2000 A.D. Monthly "Featuring Judge Dredd" "Strontium Dog" "D.R. & Quinch

#014 Atari Force "Mike Baron, Ed Barreto"

#042 All-Star Squadron "Black Canary, Liberty Belle"

#001 Armageddon "The ALien Agenda" "Peterson Jungsens, Leilaloha"

#022 Batman "Legends of The Dark Knight" "Faith part two"
#023 Batman "Legends of The Dark Knight" "Faith part three"
#469 Batman "Shadow Box part three" "Dixon, Lyle, Hanna" "Tonight The Terror Must End"
#470 Batman "war Of The Gods 15" "Grant, Breyfogle, Burchett"

#001 Bill & Teds Excellent Comic Book

#001 Blood Syndicate "America Eats Its Young"

#001 Brigade "Blood Brothers part one"

#008 Codename: Stryke Force "O.K. Stryker now it's your turn"

#002 Cyber Force Codename Stryke Force "Opposing Forces"

#009 Darkhawk "Side By Side With The Punisher"

#002 Doctor Strange Supreme Sorcerer Annual Return of the Defenders part 4 "Four Against the Wild One"

#018 Incredible Hulk Annual Return of the Defenders part 1

#001 Judge Dredd "In The Judge Child Quest"
#002 Judge Dredd's "Crime File"

#000 Knightmare (Image)

#007 Ninja High School "In Full Color"

#001 Robin II "The Joker's Wild! part one of four" "Chuck Dixon. Tom Lyde, Bob Smith"

#001 Robotech Defenders "Andrew Helfer, Judith Hunt & Murphy Anderson

#001 Silver Sable & The Wild Pack "Guest Starring the Amazing Spiderman"

#011 Sleep Walker "Guest Starring Ghost Rider"

#016 Stormwatch

#074 Superman "The Man of Steel"

#005 Tales of G.I.Joe "A Real American Hero"
#006 Tales of G.I.Joe "A Real American Hero"
#007 Tales of G.I.Joe "A Real American Hero"
#008 Tales of G.I.Joe "A Real American Hero"

#001 The Infinity Gauntlet "The End Begins Here"
#002 The Infinity Gauntlet
#003 The Infinity Gauntlet "Call To Arms"
#006 The Infinity Gauntlet "The Final Battle"

#001 The Pact

#001 The Pirates Of Dark Water "The Quest Begins"
#002 The Pirates Of Dark Water "Caught In The Dragons Fangs"

#001 The Savage Dragon "Intense Action from Erik Larson"

#016 The Uncanny X-Men Annual Shattershot part 2 "X-Force"
#292 The Uncanny X-Men

#T-1 Weapon Zero "The Fourth Issue"

#070 X Factor "Day of Decision" "The Muir Island Epilogue"

#001 X-Force Annual Shattershot part 4 "X-Force"
#001 X-Force "Gold Paint Version cover" "Special Edition"
#003 X-Force "Among Us Walks The Juggernaut"
#004 X-Force "Sabotage X-Over part two"
#005 X-Force "The Brotherhood Reborn"
#006 X-Force "Featuring The Cable Guides"
#007 X-Force "Casualty Of War"
#008 X-Force "Turning Point, Cable Past, Present and Future"
#009 X-Force
#010 X-Force "Weapon X Versus Stryfe" "Beginning: The Myster of the Externals"
#011 X-Force "Domino Revealed"
#012 X-Force "When Externals Clash"
#016 X-Force Joins Spiderman "Sabotage X-Over part one"

#001 X-Men Annual Shattershot part 1 "X-Force"

So.. bidders.. :D
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Some Recent Transferred Docs

Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Dept. Security Department Protection of Properties Act

Issued under the authority of the Protection of Properties Act.

This notice is herby given to you so that you are not to trespass upon the premesis of Queen Elizabeth II, health Sciences Center:

x Halifax Infirmery Hospital
x Abbie J. Lane Memorial Building
x Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building
x Dickson Building
x Mackenzie Building
x West Win Annex
x Bethune Building
x Victoria Building
x Centennial Building
x Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Center

Should you do so during the period of 6 months commencing on 14 Feb 2006 and ending on 14 Aug 2006, charges will be laid against you without furthur notice.

The above was read to (they left this line blank) by Arnie Arnott (Security Officer) in the presence of Allon Romans. (Police Officer To Witness)

Time and Date of Notification
Time (24hr/hh:mm): (they left it blank) Date ( 2006/02/14
Period of Prohibition: 2006/02/14 to 2006/028/14
Service Witnissed by: M.
Served by: A. Arnott

Protection Of Property Act
Name: Terrance Gregory Crockett (74 10 02)
Address: No Fixed Address
Reason for barring: Disruptive Behavior
Take Notice that on the 20th day of February, 2006 at 10:45am persuant of Section 3(2) of an Act to Protect property, as assented to by Lieutenant Governer of the Province of Nova Scota on June 26th, 1982, you are hereby notified that you are not to enter or be on the property of One World Cafe, situated at 2412 Agricola St, in the City of Halifax, Province of nova Scotia.

Your failure to comply with this NOTICE will result in prosecution under section 3(1) which states in part:
"Every person, who, without legal justification, whether conferreed by an enactment or otherwise, or without the permission of the occupier or a person authorized by the occupier, the proof of which rests upon the person asserting justification or permission.
3(1)(e) Enters on premesis where entry is prohibited by notice or
3(1)(f) Engages in an activity which is prohibited on the premises by notice,
is guilt of an offense and Summery Conviction is liable to a fine of not more than Five Hundred Dollars."

Dated at Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 20th day of February 2006 at 10:47 A.M. By (designated Agent) (Some odd signaute)

Protection of Property Act expires on or after, 20th day of February 2006 at 10:47 A.M.

Reciept of Notice: (blank)
Issuing Person: CNST D. Hodgson
Witness: (blank)

Universal Property Management
Trespass Notice for Universal Properties
Province of Nova Scotia
Protection of Property Act, S. N. S. 1982, Chapter 13

To: Gregory Terrence Crockett Phone Number:(blank)
DOB: 74/10/02 Address: NFA
Description: (Blank)

Take notice that on ot after the 17 day of February, 2006, perusnt to section 3(2) of the act to Protect Property, as assured by the Lieutenant Governer of the province of Nova Scotia on June 16, 1982, you are hereby notified that you are not to enter, or be on the property of:

x Lord Nelson Arcade Complex, including Subway, Amadeus, Gatsby's Lawtons, Oasis Bar & Grill, 5675 Spring Garden Rd.
x Lord Nelson Hotel, located at 1515 South Park St.
x Lord Nelson Hotel Parking Area, located at 1515 South Park St.
x Halifax Insurance Building includingm Scotiabank, Harvey's Restaraunt, Kinkos, Ryan Duffy's 5640 Spring Garden Rd.
x Charter House Condominiums including, Fiasco Restaraunt, 1465 Brenton St.
x Spring Garder PPlace Office Complex, 1465 Brenton St.
x Greystone Condominiums including, In Theory, Linquanet, Mesa Therapeutics, Stanhope & Mac, Head Shoppe School/Office, Wildflower Clothing, Auld Allen Assasociates, Irises Flowers, Ortho Atlantic, Royal Lepage.
x Spring Gardern Place PArkade, Dresdon Row
x McDonalds 5675 spring Garden Rd.

This notice will remain in effect until you are given permission by Universal Property Management/Security to return after 6 months. Your failure to comply with this notice will result in prosecution under section 3(1) which states in part: "Every person who without legal justification, whether conferred to by an enactment or otherwise, or without permission of the occupier of eprson authorized by the occupier, the proof of which rests upon the person asserting justification or permission."
(e) enter the premesis where entry is prohibited by notice, or
9f0 engages in an activity which is prohibited on the premises by notice, is guilty of an offense an on summery conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $500.

Dated at (1465 Brenton St.[scratched out with no initialling]) (Spring Garden rd - penned in), Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 17 day of Feb, 206 by Cst Kris Barr of (Universal Property Management/Security.[scratched out] (Halifax Regional Police - penned in). Signed: Cst Kris Barr #0331

Witniess: (blank) Signature: Kris Barr
Offenses: (1) Improper Behavior (2) (blank)

Served personally to Greg Crockett (accused name), County of Halifax, Nova Scotia, at 9:40hrs., the 17 day of Feb, 2006 by Cst Kris, a designated agent for Universal Property Management.

Written Warning
Pendleton Place, St. Leonard's Society of Nova Scotia
Client Name: Greg Crockatt Date: February 10, 2006

This is to notify you that you have recieved a written warning regarding your behavior. The behavior that was exibited does not meet the requirments that you agreed to during your intake here. It is essential that you follow these guidelines. In the future, if this behavior persists or occurs again you will not be able to stay at Pendleton Place and you will be asked to leave immediately.

Brief Account of Events:

greg, you have been observed and spoken to several times about intervening with clients of Pendleton Place what you claim is an effort to help them without their consent. (they missed placing a comma in there tieing those two phrases together wrong) Staff members have repeatedly informed you that this is innapropriat on numerous occasions and have directed you to stop this, however this behavior has not ceased. On this particular occasion (on the above noted date), a verbal altercation ensued resulting from your intrusion into a clients personal busines which was onsolicited and offensive. Our rules clearly state that clients are to "treat everyone with rspect and understand that each individuals circumstances are different",, "do not enter any sleeping area that is not designatd to you" and "cooperate with staff". In this particular incident, you have violated each of these rules, jeapordizing the security of your bed here. If any of these behaviors continue or you violate any of the aforementioned rules again, you will unequivocally be asked to leave Pendleton Place immediately and you wll lose your bed.

I (blank) understand theis warning and agree to follow Pendleton Place rules and guidelines as outlines on the Do's and Do'ts form.

Witnissed by: Staff:(blank) Staff:(blank)
Shelter Advisor: (blank) Date: (blank)
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

1979 Northbrook Sunday School Christmas Play

The Question - 1979 Northbrook Sunday School
Written by: Jocelyn Reichler
Directed by: Northbrook Sunday School Teachers

Cast In Order of Appearance

Scene I

Narrator Kevin Cribby
Reporter Douglas Longard
Lady Shopper DonnaRyan
Business Man Kirk Carrigan
School Teacher David Michels
Student Shane Longard
Jewess Nancy Ryan
Elderly Widow Lisa Dillman

Young People's Carol Group
Margeret Ryan, Roderick Naugler, Robert MacDonald, Kirk Chaisson, Steve Michela, Crystal Foley

Scene II
Mother Colleen Kelly
Toddlers Heather Mackie, Daneil Mackie, Margie Michels

Scene III
Main Angel Keri Chandler
Other Angels Gina Crockatt, Shelly Ward
Shepers Roderick Naugler, Dennis Naugler

Scene V
Young Boy Greg Crockatt

"The Answer"
Isiah David Spidle
Micah Don St. Amour
Angel gabriel Steven Michels
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Waterville Youth Detention Center 1993

Dear Mom,
Todays friday the second of April and I had nothing to do so I decided to wrte a letter. Just when I thought the weather was going good, it had to snow yesterday and be cold today. Oh well, I guess that's life.
I'm getting out in 43 days to come back home, Dave was talking to me(or I should say I was talking to him) and I got him to come and visit me last sunday and he said that he was fixing me up with some work with Ray this Summer. I plan on saving 80% of my money now when I get out so that I can buy these things I want instead of stealing them and ending up in a place worse than the one I'm in now.
I got a list of things to do when I get out; a couple of the things are: 1. Look for an air brush 2. Get some patterns for clothes (I know what kind of clothes I want the patterns for) 3. Get the fabric and ace. For the patterns 4. Make myself some suits and stuff 5. see about getting the basketball court fixed at Zacs school or do it myself and also... Stay out of trouble!
Pretty good ideas anyway, I think we're gonna have to arrange transport for me to get to court on the 17th of May, two days after I get out and then hope that I don't get any time, which I don't think I will anyway.
So how are ythings going down the way? Is Zac staying out of trouble? Who does he hang around with now?
I'm not planning to go to school for the last month when I get out if thae chance arises. Hopefully Rays work will start as soon as possible then I will give you the half of my check until summer starts to Ray for the time that your not getting for me from S.A. If thats allowed that is.

P.S. Keep the goof away from my stuff HAHA, Shade and Sweet Water
Love Greg Crockatt

Dear Zac,
Hows it going? This is your bro speaking. Well anyway, how are ya? Still going out with Crystal? Lucky Guy! Ha Ha! See you picture right up in the corner? Read the little thing next to it.. Hurry up!
Tell Scott (at the Sub and Saundy) that I said hi. and do me a favor and get me my book back from him, it's called, "The Dragon Bone Chair" abnd its about as think as your head ya idiot! Ha Ha! Oh yeah, see if h still has those comics too.
Meet any new girls lately? Anyone miss me, like laurie the life guard? I hope so. How many dances have I missed so far anyway? I hate it when I miss them, this place is so boring. Oh yeah, stay out of my stuff to and don't put and of my drawings up on your wall because if I get home and see one up i'm going to smuck you right upside the head. Put a good word in for me with Laurie if you see her and tell the guys i'm doing alright. Come and visit me you wimp! I'm going to hit you when I get out because you're too wimpy to come and visit me.
Greg Crockatt
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Old Newspaper Articles etc.

Friday April 25 1986 The Chronicle Herald The Mail Star
Carrier Skating Party
Last Saturday, over 1000 parents and friends were treated to a skating party at the Halifax Forum. The Carriers were also treated to refreshments. Carriers won prizes ranging from portable radios, flashlights, Walkmans and a grand prize ten speed bicycle.

Prize Winner - the grand prize winner at the recent Carriers skating party, sponsered by The Chronicle Herald and mail_Star, was carrier Joel Macdonald or Halifax. Presenting a bicycle to him is Mike Stutely, district manager. WWPittman.

Lucky winners - Jeff sutton, Dartmouth, on the left, and Greg Crockatt, Eastern Passage, were two of the winners at the Carriers skating party held at Halifax Forum. Pre-senting their prizes is Carolyn Macniieil of the Halifax Herald Limited circulation department. WW/Callis

Hotdogs - No party would be complete without enjoying some hotdogs as illustrated by eight-year-old Sara Ferretti, of dartmouthm and 12 year-old Bruce Doucette of Halifax. WW/Pittman

Thank you carrier for making this event such a great success! Just another way of showing you or appreciation. The Chronicle Herald and The Mail-Star

The International Liobrary of Poetry
October 3, 2000 VIP P2451042 - 999
Greg Crockatt 21 Gates Avenue B0S---1P0 CANADA

Dear Greg,
After reading and discussing your poem, our Selection Comittee has certified your poem a semi-finalst in our International Open Peotry Contest. Your poem will automatically be entered into the final cometition held in November 2000. As a semi-finalist, you now have an excellent chance of winning one of 104 cash of gift prizes--including the $1,000.00 Grand Prize. You may win the $10,000.00 Annual Grand Prize! We wish you the best of luck as you compete for these prizes in the coming weeks(a complete list of prizes is enclosed)

and thats not all.. (lol advertising).. rules etc.

Again, congratulations, Greg. We feel you have a special talent and look forward to the publication of your poem in "Natures Echoes"

Sincerely, Howard Ely, Managing Editor

PS Greg, you should be genuinely proud of your accomplishment. Of the thousands of pems we read each yearm only a fraction can be published. We are pleased that "Dissipating Veils" will apropriately achieve the recognition that a natioanl publication can give it. etc. sales pitch.

got more of these around here somewhere..
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Heaven Always Is

This is alike to the bongo I bought today, not quite the same, but close. Already took the bongo apart and painted it and reassembled. Going to put more paintwork into it later, looks good now tho.

Not a pic of Terre's Bongo
A Positive twist

Tune this up
Tune this up
Uh huh
Yes beat
Uh huh
yes yes yes beat
Uh huh uh huh
Bling it
Bling it

Heaven always is
uh uh
Cuz I do stand under
I'll tell you, thank you
tell me please
Here's the master plan
master plan
So many days
many, many days
Sitting as a cloud
sitting as a cloud
Heaven always is
we all are
So we are the crowd

Yo told em
Told em

I am everything
And excel as the body
Always go as the party
Now be seated, chill as the pen and the pad
Uplifting healthy philisophical science
All! We are talk, we are life
We return to lights path
infinite variable math
The game is impressing people to believe we are all all, One.
Within land of free the spirit of souls are so high
People getting high knowing why we live
Yeah, It's all planned
To get your courage give a hand
We keep on progressing because the lessons were testing
Ascerning the fact
We sing and we rap
We hold mic contact
Fans can step forward and analize
We energise with cosmic rays of days
There is yes.. I get my signal from the sun

heaven always is
cuz I do stand under
do stand under
I'll tell you thank you
cuz I am every day
being the master plan
the master plan
am so many days
many days
sitting as a cloud
sitting as a cloud
heaven always is
we all know
so we are the crowd

riddle us this
riddle us this
like this

melodical prodigal flows
clarifying flows to brain pieces
when reaching pinnacle cyclical orbital
microphone autobots singing lotto spots
yo they stand under
only good orderly direction
time is now
this year
sun people free righteous children
now!, You are the top of the world
giving diamonds and pearls, watching as a jacuzi swirl
look up to the heavens for imperial trust
me!, it's easy when rhyming often
everybody enjoy
refine you
every person is a star
let bright light shine far
and praise All

heaven always is
always is
cuz I do understand
do understand now
I'll tell you thank you
tell me please
heres the master plan
I Am the plan
am so many days
many days
sitting as a cloud
sitting as a cloud
heaven always is
we are the crowd

you feel this
sing it as me like
sing it as me like
sing it as me like

la la la lala lala
I'll just be the crowd for now

gotta be the crowd
gotta be the crowd
gotta be the crowd

la la la lala lala
I am the crowd for now

somebody told me
they said uh

free them
start revolution and babylon will join them
and they want that
and they want that
and they want that)
free them
start revolution and babylon will join them
(mind revolution
mind revolution)

and so uh uh
sister sage
and girl graf
you are the time
the light flower
and s love
and ??? gel
the figure eight
and uh
the sprites
and uh
and kardinal
and uh
mom and dad
and uh
brother a
and uh
brother j
uh huh
t dot [go toronto wOOO!]
uh huh
van city
uh huh
whole world
uh huh
you are love
uh huh

Renovate Kos Tune tried to apply positive reinforcement.