April 3rd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Love and Token Hearts

So here Is, everything coming together
back into natural harmony, love regrown, seeds sown
we love each other still, theres only this reality
waking dream, we create it, together is forever beginning
always growing closer, we parted at the seams, temporary
travelled with the scene, took directions, grew wiser
flew up into the sky, rooted to the ground
entwined our bodies, energized by the sound
hearts beating as one, every moment knowing
something greater than any of us keeps us together
keeps our hearts loving love, loving one another
I cannot be detached from you, you are me
we've been together for an eternity
shared past physical lives, strifes, the best of times
everything in life directs me back towards you
telling me to do whatever is necessary
to make compatabilities develop so we will
do what is necessary to dream together again
shared dreams between two earthy beating spirits
we share the waking, the dreaming, the loving
all possibilities exist within us, just trust
reason was a means to strengthen and learn
so we will be a better fit and move slow
slow is concept, speed is irrelevant, breathe
one measures time by how much they succeed
we've succeeded in being one, knowing ourselves
twin flamed souls holding hearts, we're elves

Back in time, she looked at me with such positive emotion, she knew I was capable of changing and saw the changes occur regularily. I made mistakes, I said things I regret and did things that were misguided and caused me to go in directions which seperated us for a time. All of this was given to me to learn from, all the people I communicated with have taught me and helped to reshape me into something new, an artist who wants to multi-medium the message to the world of enlightenment.. Everyone IS enlightening. Everyone IS illuminating. Everyone IS ascending..

It's funny though, I think about her ALL the time. I reach for her with emotions and thought, I feel for her with senses, I see every moment we shared and feel every touch, breath, sound, feeling we shared.. I wrote about us back when we met, I know her, I love her, I miss her, I am her.

We went to a party on Satuday, very fun evening, great people, music and vibes. Met a few very interesting people, connected, reflected, grew. Watched her sharing touch with another nearly killed me.. I wanted so much to be the sharer.. I was afraid to tell her.

In january I lost my fears for everything about death and physical pain but some fear still remains, it's related to the woman I love, I fear hurting her, I fear making her scream or cry, I fear doing or saying the things which somehow have served to push us apart.. I have had to turn into something new, to give up all the actions I focused on before to be more of what she desires, I want her desire, I feel topped up over completion when I feel her near me, when she looks at me and feels me too. We connect and we share such indescribableness when we do, I know, I know..

Help me, I am in love. How long until we reunite? Everything will be alright.. I am not the man I used to be, I fear that man and will not let him have a hold of me again. I know who I am now, I just do not know where I am going without you.
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the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Do We Ob-Serve?

classzone - ob - against or in the way of
wiktionary - ob - against; facing
csdl.tamu.edu - ob - opposite
chass.utoronto.ca - Latin ob - morpheme "around"

serve (sûrv) v. served, serv·ing, serves v.tr.
a. To work for. b. To be a servant to.
a. To prepare and offer (food, for example): serve tea.
b. To place food before (someone); wait on: served the guests a wonderful dinner.
a. To provide goods and services for (customers): a hotel that has served tourists at the same location for 30 years.
b. To supply (goods or services) to customers. See Usage Note at service.
4. To assist the celebrant during (Mass).
a. To meet the requirements of; suffice for: This will serve the purpose.
b. To be of assistance to or promote the interests of; aid: "Both major parties today seek to serve the national interest" John F. Kennedy.
a. To work through or complete (a period of service): served four terms in Congress.
b. To be in prison for (a period or term): served 10 years for armed robbery.
7. To fight or undergo military service for: served the country for five years in the navy.
8. To give homage and obedience to: served God.
9. To act toward (another) in a specified way: She has served me ill.
10. To copulate with; service. Used of male animals.
11. Law
a. To deliver or present (a writ or summons).
b. To present such a writ to.
12. Sports To put (a ball or shuttlecock) in play, as in tennis, badminton, or jai alai.
13. To bind or whip (a rope) with fine cord or wire.
1. To be employed as a servant.
2. To do a term of duty: serve in the U.S. Air Force; serve on a jury.
3. To act in a particular capacity: serve as a clerk.
4. To be of service or use; function: Let this incident serve as a reminder to future generations.
5. To meet requirements or needs; satisfy: a device that will serve well.
6. To wait on tables: serve at luncheon.
7. Sports To put a ball or shuttlecock into play, as in court games.
8. To assist the celebrant during Mass.

So.. If we (ob)serve.. then does this mean we oppose serve? Opposite of serve? "dishing".. If then by observing we actually "put out" what we "see" then in truth, to observe reality is to create it.

Autoantonyms are words which are self defeating, Words to begin using as mental deconstructing constructs. It appears the reason why reality exists is we observe. So in order to observe into emotion accurately integrate new language as existing within us being impressed over and over by society uphill battles. Everywhere we be we're waking, saturation with misinformation relents and people see through fog and illusion knowing more to all of it, they connect pieces and begin using spirit to influence reality. Part of influence is the language we use both mentally, audibly, visually, sounds, shapes.

We participate cosmic directive through thought concept, word voicing with know behind it and all. Emotion bridges between thought channeler and acceptor, both inside and in, aural energy creates feeling of attractiveness we exude during commonication. We are this energy, everyone feels it, All WILL feel so sooner than imagined. Words were ineffective and education system placed no relevance or faith in the ability of humanity to access these talents. Erase that construct, it illusions us. We were ALL built with infinite abilities, we no longer need to limit our species by implanting reality rules, they merely keep us from doing it. Doing is as simple as being certain you exist in a sort of waking dream state and that everyone in it is exactyl what you create them to be.

Creating them is the key.. how do we create the world? We're born? Are we? We grow? Do we? We exist on Earth? Do we? How can we be certain we are not created BY reality or that we create it? How can we be creating reality if, when we finally achieve a sense of the reality of that, then attempt to shape it unsuccessfully? Sure we exist, sure we DO mold and shape things in ways which conform to mental constructs, we use hands, voices, tools and we organize, assemble and manufacture art in all of its forms and do we consider this "shaping reality". Physical. Mental, Chemical. Spiritual. These restricted us, dissolving all old roots requires dedicated approach.

We were plant, tree and being out of time, all senses tuned up and interconnected emotionally, calm growth. In societal world people expect from others and exist to seek out pleasure through association and ingestion, accomplishment, gain, imparting information, whether it be personal or educational. Why world, so interested in experience? What good is experience unused, if serving evolution of species towards world unity where we ALL share existing together harmoniously?

We live, we die. We slaved for money under order to continue to exist and we divided time into meta-concept and try to possess/own it for money[concept]. Money was destroying us for centuries, the movies, the books, the histories, they told us the root of all evils has been possession/ownership/worth/money since now.

verb • to clarify• to cast a shadow over
noun • anything• nothing
noun • invoice (e.g. in a restaurant)• money; banknote
verb • to secure in place• to dash away suddenly
adj./verb • restrained (e.g. by rope)• to spring; leap
verb • to fasten• to come undone; give way; collapse
verb • to adhere; stick together• to cut apart; divide
verb • to fasten together; hold tightly• to cut apart; cut off (e.g. with shears)
verb • to contain; include• to be composed of; consist of
adjective • usual; normal• special; unique
verb • to remove fine particles from (e.g. when cleaning)
• to sprinkle fine particles onto
adverb • fixed firmly in place• moving quickly; speedy
adjective • just meets minimum standards; satisfactory• considerably better than average; excellent
give out
verb • to produce; distribute• to stop producing; cease functioning
noun/verb • advantage (e.g. in sport)• disadvantage; disability
hold up
verb • to support; cope• to hinder; delay
adjective • impossible to enter (e.g. of a fortress)• able to be impregnated
verb • to lend; rent out• to borrow; hire
verb • departed from• remaining
verb • to allow; grant permission• to prevent (e.g. "without let or hindrance")
adverb • actually; really• figuratively; virtually
noun • archetype; example• copy; replica
adjective • debatable; arguable
• academic; irrelevant
overlook verb • to examine; watch over• to fail to notice; miss
noun • watchful care; supervision• overlooking; omission
noun • an equal; fellow (e.g. classmate)• a nobleman; person of higher rank
adj./verb • to begin to move hurriedly• stationary (e.g. "stay put")
put out
verb • to generate; produce• to extinguish; put an end to
verb • to pose a problem• to solve a problem
adjective • very small (e.g. in Physics)• very large (e.g. "quantum leap")
verb • to tangle; complicate• to disentangle; separate
verb • to lend; lease out• to borrow; hire
verb • to quit; give up• to sign up again
verb • to remove completely• to become firmly established
verb/noun • to endorse; authorise• a punitive action
adjective • murderous• cheerfully optimistic
verb • to examine closely• to glance at hastily
verb • to view; show• to conceal; shield
verb • to remove seeds from• to add seeds to
verb • to fix in place• to flow; move on
noun • latter part of a period of time• early part of a period of time
verb • to cover with a skin• to remove the skin
verb • to join together• to cut in two
verb • to miss (e.g. in baseball)• to hit; collide with
verb • to propose; suggest• to postpone; shelve
verb • to soften; mollify• to strengthen (e.g. a metal)
verb • to cut pieces off (e.g. fingernails)• to add to; ornament
verb • to withstand; stand up to• to wear away
wind up
verb • to start; prepare• to end; conclude