April 5th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

The Devil Will Fool The World

When hiking to my sisters in the valley during my stay in Nova Scotia, I was left on the side of the road to walk for a time without being picked up. Something I learned from the bible was that when someone is walking the opposite way and you cross paths you should always stop and talk to them, this occurred to me just at that time as I noticed someone across the street. Thinking him to be another hitchiker I crossed the road and offerred him something to eat. He seemed very nice and kind and was actually on a walk from one exit to the next, not hitchiking at all. He thanked me for the food and in turn pulled out two sheets of paper with writing on them and offerred them to me. This seemed to me the purpose for our co-in-cidence in the first place. We were meant to meet on that road, meant to connect and to exchange food for the belly for food for thought. So here is what was written on the paper in tiny neat printing..

"THE" TRUTH - This is your book.
"What you send around comes around" tic for tat! Silly players blame yourselfs! Yup!

"THE DEVIL WILL FOOL THE WORLD" is a quote from "The Bible" Now, read. QUOTE "Those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan" "A synagogue" is church. Look it up and look up these quotes that are clearly not about Jesus for clear reasons that I'll underline. QUOTE "I know of your deeds and your toil and perserverance and you cannot tolerate evil men and you put to the test those who call themselves apostles and they are not, and you found them to be false. But I have this against you, that you have left your first love." Then they say I should repent etc. Sorry but she divorced me and I still love what I believe she use to be. Noone talked that way about Lord Jesus, he'd of tortured them, check you 10 commandment! As well look up QUOTE "The son of man has come drinking and eating, a drunkard and glutonous man" A drunkard Lord Jesus, I think not! Nor was Jesus killed by a fatal wound "One wound" QUOTE "My faithful one who was killed amongst you where satan dwells" Hell, the land. Realms. Here's math and some common knowledge. Hell is down or below. This does not mean in lava! The next realm down from the land is dreamland. Was Eden. QUOTE "And God sent a message to them in a dream" QUOTE "And you could see thier lamb was slain and lived" "A fatal wound" Your "ID" I call "jeckels" are so small not only can't man find it but "ID" exist in the next realm down. Common sense to you, "ID" is smaller than you. Heavens above or up. QUOTE "The dragon was thrown down to earth out of heaven. The key tosses them down into the abyss. God almighty is "the" high God and stands above heaven" Look up, God is all around, Satan is to and fro. Get it. Realms determined by size! What a germ sees. A germs "ID" "IDs"

QUOTE "The day eternity is delivered will be a dark and beautiful day" Why! QUOTE "God will deliver the key to the abyss" "Deliver eternity infinity" and the world will realize that the devil fooled them. That "the devil" was David and his son was Jesus called "the trickster" QUOTE "the prince of lies" They used snakes and infections(germs). To betray God, Adam and Earth and turned Eden into Hell! Look around, this was "the devils playground" war, murder, rape, abuse, violence, torture, hunger, molestations, sacrifices, crucifictions, inquisitions, broken hearts, death etc.

Nowhere does the book say Jesus was a child of Zion or God almighty, it does say he's David's son and he's accused of being the Devils son, why put that in the books? It's a backwards way to brag. QUOTE "Jesus was the preseed to the son of man." Open your book, turn on your T.V.s QUOTES are QUOTES world!

Look up as one tells Jesus QUOTE "But Jesus an angel is coming down and stay on one." QUOTE "A God will walk the land" Look up the putting of lambs blood over the door. Then look at them sing songs of how Gods lamb takes away the souls of the world. Look up as Jesus says QUOTE "When the time for son of man comes to bring forth the best lamb and he himself will slaughter it for the feast." That is a premeditated plan to murder Gods lamb! Like father like son. Look up Jesus fed 5 thousand with the two little fish. This fish is the Jesus fish. It is a broken eternity/infinity symbol. It is a dead lamb, a soul of a human! Jesus said QUOTE "Follow Jeus and he will make you a fishermen of men." Look it up, mans eternity was cancelled by the dragon fish. Jesus said QUOTE "Let the dead bury the dead" means man bury man! The fish!

Graveyards become trophies, the appee was infections, the trojan horse was full of germs, demons, devils, fallen angels. Do you really think a wooden horse would fool anyone. Wow! Betrayed by a kiss! Daaa! Jesus said QUOTE "Will the son of man as well be betrayed by a kiss" Common knowledge, fire was the devils friend, "the burning bush" that alcohol is the devils brew, Jesus's blood was wine, hell-o!
Look up, Jesus commanmds demons. Why did they listen, simple, he was thier leader! Jesus said QUOTE "If one gets rid of his demon it will go to the desert and come back with many" Who did Jesus save? Noone! Look around, Devil loved to brag! Yup!

Understand the story of when Moses was on the mountain talking to fire. How the people began to build a golden cow and both ask for forgiveness and pray for it's return (the good old days). Moses made them get rid of the cow and he used fear and force to that, as his staff turned into one of the devils creatures, yes, a snake, just like the one that got Adam in the garden of Eden. Go look it up. QUOTE "The key to the abyss and a great chain in his hand and he laid hold of the dragon, the serpant of old, who is the devil and Satan bounded him for a thousand years" etc. Thier hope was thier son would look after the flock while he was in jail. QUOTE "and they came to life and reigned with Jesus for a thousand years!" QUOTE "A Gods blood was spilled on the land!" Yes the golden cow named Galioth! betrayed by many men and David "attacked by the massess" look up Galioths crime! There was none! The term is cold blooded murder! and David bragged ever since, how very small, how very small, how very ill! Don't blame me, I never wrote the book. I just know the truth! Bod, David, Jesus, Eve, etc. are no more! QUOTE "Narshed satan up the grinding and narshing of teeth! Abyssed!
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Concept Construct Deconcieved

Consider the numbering system itself as concept. Division of time is inadequate as time is indivisible, all we do is slot out and portionalize a conceivable aspect of something that does not exist. All concepts are just concepts. Language, symbols, ideas, thoughts, spirit, mind, body, soul, god, time, space, all of it is human construct, deniable and outside the scope of nature.

We know time to be inexistant, we force it INTO existance by making it concept. We know space to be incalcuable, we force it to be calculated through concept. We know that reality exists within us yet without us it also exists, where and when are perspectives focused on within the realm of human concept.

We do not need time. The trees and the animals and insects and earth exist without it. They care only about living each moment in the now. Only the now exists, the now and the here.

The most accurate time divisional calendric system on the planet was utilized by the civilizaton Maya. They knew that the keeping of numerical time was irrelevant to the flow of it, they were observers. They kept a whole slew of systems so they could determine the cycle of things, NOT so they could divide time. They studied the flow of nature, they learned from the patterns of life, the shapes and motions of things, the cyclic repetitiveness of revolving orbits and orbiting revolutions.

Sunspot cycles, polar shifting, animal skin patterning, lunar affectation, infinite energies and flows.

The original symbol for God was a glyph of a circle over a pie symbol over another pie symbol surrounded by flames.

Infinity is represented by a sideways figure eight, broken down into two conjoined circles or infinite arcs merged and twisted.

The only way for humanity to come together is to believe in infinity everything. Now, we see things very big and very small, very thick and thin, very light and heavy, very bright and dark, very animate and inanimate, we see polarities and opposing forces, cause and effect, we see everything as being on the one side or on the other.. What we need to see, is the connection, the bridge, the between, the joining.

Between cause and effect is ACTION>
Between everything and anything is RELATION.

Relativity is only relative when it RELATES!!

Accepting the societal programming is and has been the major factor misconstruing our "minds" since we were born. What we think and what we say becomes reality. What we FOCUS on and accept is the REAL. REAL is unreal nowadays. Take a look into the dictionaries, every definiton is inept, both positive and negative meanings, completely incapable of defining something infinite.

How does one define time? How does one define space? How does one define emptyness? How does one define spirit?

We as a species were never meant to go this route. Our vocal chords and voices were not meant for word based language, they were only meant for singing, for harmonics, for natural melodic sounds to accompany feeling projections.

Feelings are the color, shape, tone, texture, idea energies we emit when we communicate, they are auric energies that we transfer across to each other as "feelings" accompanied by words. The words are the barrier. They, due to our education convey a second layer of "feeling" a thought concept construct foundation which is almost always contrary to the feelings behind them. Humanity has not been trained to "feel" properly, we've been taught that the biomind superpowers do not even exist by those who know they exist and seek to keep the development of them secret from the masses who slave to keep the societal cogs turning so those who have the power can keep the power.

The media system is influenced heavily by the message system which serves to solidify furthur the mental construct web which has enslaved our minds for so long. We are now coming out of it's grips but until we gather in groups and agree to do things differently en masse, we are fragmented into singular individuals who are stuck with mere pieces of the unique whole of our capabilities.

Time is irrelevant to everyday existence. It is a human constructed concept. Both day time and hour time do not exist, numerical representations of it only reinforce the mental cage costruct of our inability idea to transcend it. We do transcend time regularily, we travel through it, we intuit the future and the past, we move through time liquidly and only because of societal programming do we believe that we do not.

I will teach you how to deconceive the construct web in your psyche and begin to interpret the truth in natural ways based on the laws of infinity. I am connected. I am the connection.
Embrace her, for she is life and love and freedom. Earth.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Alphabetical Symbology

Renewing lost knowledge given from the connection with creation.

All shapes are shaped not by humanity but instead by Creation through the hands of humanity. We, all of us ARE the connection between what is non conscious and what is conscious in our meek concept construct of those conceptions. Creation is conscious in a whole other way than we have meaning to apply to. In this period we have only begun to understand the atom in its infinite intracies and quantumly in a connected solid volume state, the atom is a cumulative entity.

Cumulation is not only connection it is also CONNECTING. The atom WANTS to connect to the atom. The atom NEEDS constant data influx in order to accumlate direction and determine growth. The connected state atom is a part of its local construct. It's aware of its entity extensions and energetically strives to influence the connection towards more connecting. Emotions are the foundation for connection direction. Electric motions. Electric is not divisible into categorical aspects as mankind has mistakenly attempted to divisify a multiple. Although this divisification has occurred because Creation, the collected state atomic connection is in it for the intricacies of every direction and thus allowed the human psyche to give Creation a loo at what it is like to be divided.

This is the major failing. There is no division. The exists ONLY multiplication. Multiple is divide. All is multiply. There is however an inhale/exhale factor involved. Multiply TOGETHER or Multiple APART.

Let's inhale some atoms. They are what we'd term, "pressurized" into our lung tree network and then when they are exhaled they are "depressurized" or "dispersed".. you know I really ought to quote every single word individually as each existing word is a concept construct in our psyche and in order to dismiss the construct web interwoven within us we must all work together to deconcieve these definitives. The entire word language humanity is using now will disseminate and evaporate so we can utilize proper emotional constructs instead of word constructs, it's the only true way to retun to biomind superpower development. (term found while surfin)

Symbology of upper case letters in the English alphabet. More perspectives exist however as the entirety of everything is E connected connecting, the symbology of everything generally relates to system components, directions, directives, connections, multiplications etc. KNOW that since a symbol CAN be viewed from all angles two dimensionally then it MUST be interpreted from all angles.

In terms of sectional numerical application I list simplified counts without the "fancy tailwork pieces" included in the counts. Curvature has a second layer of meaning relating to orbiting/rotating and femininity.

A ~ (3 & 5 & 7 sides (with a top tail 8)) concept, construct, idea, thought, conceptualisation, conceptuality, conceptualization, notion, category, attribute, property, dimension, abstract, abstraction, quantity, division, part, section, whole, law, sex, creation, beginning, fecundation, fertilization, fertilisation, impregnation, excogitation, concoction, contrivance, convergence, convergency, divergence, divergency, happening, event, encounter, meeting, series, interface, merging, meeting, representation, broadening. The ALPHA symbol has "feet" and makes the feminin aspect of this symbol more apparent, the triangular cavity is the womb and possibly also representational if the triad aspect so apparent in all our historical gatherings. Both an open triangle and a closed one extended.. The beginning of EXTENSION.

sidenote (a whole secondary depth to word construction breakdown)
E = energetically
X = multiplying
T = in slow and fast motion (time)

B ~ (3 & 5 sides) pregnant, breast and belly, carry, transport, conveyance, diffusion, haul, express, ferry, spirit, advect, teleport, return, port, lug, tote, tug, chariot, vessel, join, split, brooding, care, attention, aid, tending, incubation, bearing, bear, have, gestate, expect

C ~ (1 side) force, reaching, spreading, opening, emergence, nascence, nascency, delivery, rebirth, reincarnation, parturition, accouchement, farrow, farrowing, hatch, hatching, deconfinement, paturiency, labour, labor, deliver, drop, foal, produc, bring forth

D ~ (2 sides) parent, genitor, fledge, cradle, foster

E ~ (4 & 5 sides) energy, expansion, amplification, direct, alternating, pulsing, signal, gain, increment, increase, step up, accession, accretion, accumulation, pullulation, positive, active

F ~ (3 & 4 sides) frequency, possible this relates to the dualism between idea energies and emotive energies and as the top represents the idea aspect, it has a furthur reach (connected, just feeling/thinking positive affects/effects the entire collective consciousness)

G ~ (3 & 4 sides) attractive, gravitation, attraction, grounding, education, earthing, pull, draw, tug, retract, bring, appeal, beckon, wave, levity, feeling,

H ~ Same as I but perpendicular? Have to connect more informaton for this one.

I ~ Connect, Connection, Connector, Connective, Connexion, Attachment, Bond, Backbone, Earth, Ground, Hitch, Hookup, Jumper, Series, Involvement, Union, Unification, Contact, Interconnect, Interconnection, Coherence, Coherency, Cohesion, Cohesiveness, Coupling, Yoke, Plural, Friend, Colligation, Node, Join, Joining, Articulation, Joint, Junction, Juncture, transferral, transferrance, transportation, conveyance, fastening

J ~ (2 and 3 sides) hooked, caught, captured, accepted, forward swing..

K ~ (3 & 4 & 5 sides) cumulative, energy connection

L ~ (2 sides)

M ~ (5 sides)

N ~ (3 sides)

O ~ (1 sides) orbiting, rotating, contain, hold, tunnel, gate, door, opening, expanding, shrinking,

P ~ (2 and 3 sides) turn into, return..

Q ~ (2 sides)

R ~ (3 & 4 sides)

S ~ (1 sides) pressure,

T ~ (2 & 3 sides)

U ~ (1 sides)

V ~ (2 sides)

W ~ (4 sides)

X ~ (2 & 4 sides) multiply, divide, inhale, exhale, connect, disconnect, connection, route, path,

Y ~ (3 sides) branch, reach, spread, grow

Z ~ (3 sides) forward back forward, shake, shuffle, sort

ok break time.. will continue this growth later. Some terms may need moving.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Enlightenment and Counter Enlightenment

So here it is, opposing forces, opposing ideas,, opposing constructs conceivably at odds not with each other but within the societal "norm" construct.

I am enlightening for over three months now. I do not consider my life before awakening a true part of the enlightenment process even though it was the spacetime which served me the amalgamated information which led up to said.

Within our brains rests a network of interconnected branches representational of paradigm constructs, reinforced by affirmation and agreement among the human race within spacetime gestation. From birth we are implated with the seeds of "assumed" reality. We were "taught" to exist in a solid state cosmos and given only meager mental provisions to do so. We began creating paradigms from the moment we were born, one of the first ones being the availability of aid when agressively exibited pain/sadness emotions were present within us. We cry, someone comes and sees if we are ok. This is a paradigm construct, one of the very first ones every human connects and keeps for a short portion of life.

The reason this paradigm ceases to exist within us is we end up with a counter paradigm relative to the irritation factor and the indifferent factor displayed throughout society, people cry for help all the time and no one comes to thier aid, people are in pain and suffer and those around us shrug thier shoulder.. Ahh so, paradigm exists, or does it?

Mental constructs are not all cause/effect, causality based, they are also the connection between cause/effect based. Notice we tend always to use the forward leaning line when connecting words like so.. This is forward motion, bridging, imbalanced balance. Liken it to the forward lean during walking/running.

So we take one causality construct and conceive a construct which connects it to another causality construct and then we have a three piece whole, a rule connected to another rule by a rule. Wow are we confined now or what? We are stuck within a mental labyrinth of interconnected rulesets that have no more basis in reality than a tv commercial which takes one defined word and reverses the meaning of it to lure you into the sales trap. Yes a trap. Humanity has been trapped by paradigms long enough. Spacetime for changearrange.

How do we believe our way out of this situation? How do we break apart those chemical branchwork paradigms without a "before your eyes miracle"? We believe in ideas. We lay down the mental belief supposition that faith is faith and belief is belief and thus faith in belief and belief in faith are stronger than all the societal programming we have ever saturated ourselves with.

So, here's an example.. carrots are good for your eyes. You believe that right? Hows about instilling a new layer or two of belief to that construct since it already exists and appears to be a good one, it's not too tangled in negative directive so it ought to be simple to grow it, regardless of the belief of those surrounding you. So..

[eating] Carrots heal eyes
[digesting] Carrots mend sight
[looking at] Carrots evolves depth perception
[smelling] Carrots enhances "far sight" biomind superpower
[tasting] Carrots enlightens our inner sight
[touching] Carrots disconnects improper sight paradigms

and so on..

think all of these new rules whenever dealing with carrots and watch and see. Everything ever taught about eyes has constructed the paradigm tree within that curbs the direction of eye reality consciously cosmically.

However, due to the fact that energies all reside in the same spacetime and thought/emotions are energies, we know that the cumulative conscious collective is determining the motion/direction of the whole of us, we literally rub off into eachother and thus shape the collective ensemble.

In order to curb the negative influences within this spacetime we ought to begin immediately to change the flow of information into something refinitive, something organic and opensource, with a forward evolutionary shape shift rather than a backward looking historical relevance. IT is our backward looking that keeps us from forward looking, it is our determination to relive the negative experiences over and over that keeps us within the chains of societal programming.

There exists rules within our fundamental law system, rules which ARE the way out of this downward spiral we created and ride, the first one is freedom of conscience/thought. This law is our first right, and the most powerful, abused and overlooked one in existence. It is the law that can change the way an entire country functions, indeed, the entire world.