April 8th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Desperado Amour

theres an everlasting moment in the caress
fingertips lightly brushing hair lovingly
slow movement upon the touching softness
grasped firmly embracing the passion
inhaling the scent of woman and sweat
fragrance of infinite flowers blossomed
pouring moonlight from tulips tasting dew
every memory wonderous pixie dust joy
back to fingers in hair, lips on brow
tongue, teeth, gripped tight with nails
blissful crystal dreamgirl forest daughter
feel me from afar, heartfelt emotional
stroke the starlight with eyelashes
weep tears of joyful union as we dance
lie down together entwined into abandon
sense the connection, open the channel
hugs and romance, infinite imortality
instant everything cosmic creating life
seeing things as we are being things
timeless existence eternal embracing
hearts racing, we hold eachother tighter
crescendo, vibrato, climaxing ensemble
wonder how we always cum together
joined at the hip helps
lover, beloved, loved
dove, desperado amour
come closer now
more, more
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the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

We are all...

..getting sleepy.

When we awake we will be dreaming. Dreamer knows waking world is waking world and dream world is dream world. Does waking dreamer know dream ended or just begun and waking was nothing more than memory of dream.

Are we alive now? Or are we spirit rerunning life led back in an infinite moment, watching, experiencing, feeling all the previous purchase physicality held in a span within streamed mortality? We are one. Can it be that we were not here at all and that this entire construct we "think" we exist within is nothing more than a matrix pulled over our eyes to blind us from truth? There is no reality, there is no "real world" and all is filmogoraphy of mind, collective holoprojection of psychologically manifesting spirit realm caught deep entwined within concept of matters being matter. Nothing matters but connecting. Believe. Connect branchwork stemming internally to the infernal nonsense of uncenteredness in a pinpointed eternity gridlock.

Fly free from flowing downstream with current trend, open eyes to media hype, jargon, fresh now blend, dream it, be it being. Everlast the last ever. Never say never, ever. What's can't? Why's what if? However now forever levers the leaven of the biomechanic neural nexus in heavenly fluidity of formlessness.

How poetic, injustice. Mercy be.