April 10th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


We are all simply unique designs from the same source. We each have a unique piece of the entirety coded into us, each a component of the cosmic choose your own adventure. Each gifted with a special rythm ability, a means to "fit in" to the great melodious mysticismic revolving timespace metaliquid. Superficial deaspectization from the grandband of forward motion is the religious terminal velocity freefalling into oblivion due to one pointedism. One is singular perspective, detoured programmation by the nation, inflections of a fading age dedicated to division. One is alone and always looking to connect in order to disconnect and return to aloneness. One wanting to grow but also wanting to remain the same, forced into fuedalism through federalism and fecundity. Fleshly gain, fermented, tapped, twisted, boomeranged and splattered in the frowning faces of onlooking consumer trapped penny snatchers.

Forget all that. Forward face. Fluidic. All is ocurring at a rate equal to equal. Speed up sense attention and look into the energy stream with all feelings. Feel the forces from without within, calm, energic, astral, spectral, gravitational, illuminated and lethargic bliss of electrostatic matters materialized multidimensionally metamorphing metaphysically into infinity in a constant connectedness conditionalized emotionally with spirit.

Formed on the fly, layered pulsating transgendered transmutation of everything into everything. Eternal everprint, uniquefied chemical cosmic blossom of atomic proportion.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Gonna tell it.. Confession

Emotional aspect straw, sipping on the collective, choosing infection, headed for the sleeved card, ace, healing the well state chance. Just when thought all could say, these are confessions..

Presession, regarding every direction as reflection, time to shape mirrors and see heros solidify from with forthwith. Every matter being belonging coincided liquid felt tipped with drops splashed overlapping sensorium. Long squeeze flexed and twisted into eighths. Three turns into cornerless triangularity viewed through unfocused lenses adamant that light is the most important sense input attendable. Truth, atom = light, light = energy wave, energy waveform, all = waveform.

Light is visible in all spectrums. Light is all spectrums, light is all frequencies, light is all matters. Matters are all that matters. Not matter.. matters. Beings being. Incoming signal.. we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. We do not feel things as they are we feel things as we are. Concurrent action in two directions. In action and out action. Symbiosis of symmetry, inhale and exhale of in and out, sense laden streamed consciousness filling up space with personality. Personal space exists within you, all space surrounding is already filled and thus is impersonal. Concept of personal space flies out the window, inexisting. Concept of space.. shot down, old concept, incapable of standing on firm space, time wrapped around it, filling it, inverting it, twisting wildly in vast expansiveness of filled volume. Equalized, crossfaded, amplifying.