April 17th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Free Love

These construct entrap emotions, they snare the heart into some off sort of jealousy, interpreted as stomach pains and heart sinks.. You're free, we agree that it won't go away and we will always be more than friends but not necessarily lifemates. Lovemates. Wrap heart around that. Stay alive in the love and lose the idea that someone else can take the love away, someone else is always going to be there and you're open to it. So open.

We know there is something deeper between us that only we recognize fully and are at times willing to bury and attempt to overlook. Twin Flames are real. Whats a twin flame? Many things, many types exist and they are of both sexes. They are balances of the multitude of forces involved in life. They hold a unique bond to all alike. A balancing of traits, abilities, morals, values, skills, knowledge, spirit, breathing, heart and more.. It's a concurrent real tieing of souls together in order for trait development amongst the evolving to grow stronger/smarter. All follow the signs and open knowledge those who are opposite us are varied aspects of us. Everyone is, all mirrors of unique traiterial distortions, harmonic pulsating ideal beings, being balances and hardly recognizing it. It is truth. We know it now right? The purpose of bond is that the flames recognize each others traits and learn to utilize good ones and develop revisions of existing ones to evolve being. Everyone does this all the time already however recognizing a true twin flame is always strong, just often misinterpreted. Twin flames are also for conception, few perfect mates exist for anyone in terms of both genetics and rearing traits, two unique beings who given time and willingness become a strong family. Family designed around the changing attitudes of both, always evolving rapidly together sharing knowledge and practice.

Being is spirited animation of the body, a dance of life in life with an ear and feel for the music of all. All is harmony of every. Every is all. Energy-very. Interest, aptitude, integrity, equalization, elevation, of being amongst those bonded abounds when both open fully to feeling all communication empathizing fully always.

Where to go on this.. Beloved, a real link continues to exist determined for fulfillment, a level we ought to reach together not sexual, though perhaps.. newborn(someday), for now relates to aptitudes.. neither of us are there yet, we know it and it keeps us on this path. The love is confusing us both because we ought to see teachers together, become equal students and absorb side-by-side as brother and sister. I brother. You sister. I Uncle. You Aunt. Does that sound fair?

We create together much better than how it feels. We are both fantastic artists and ubercreative. We bring life to each thing. Together we promote more life. Residual magic lifeforce spirited by idea conception. We place ideas in all, forming living energic idea pushed into life and being partially through the manipulation and application involved in creation, unfortunately, also through the collective belief in the construct. More positive belief = more collective energy linked to the residual concept, more true to detail collective construct lends the most weight. Idea is connected atomically. Idea is All.

So are we our Idea? What is idea? Ideal? Idealization? Ideational? I like ideal. Ideal us. Brother, sister, lovemates, best friends, students of All, rainbows. So much more.. Open and positive about freelove. ok. We flex. XoxoX