April 18th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Rhyme from back in time..

Title: Is it up or down?
Date: 2005-11-29

Good morning my dream is about to begin, the waking..
life in an instant reality changing beforehand and after...
more of sensational self directional determination belonging..
wherever we are we're together apart from focus time elsewhere...
is a place where reality exists to be absorbed not impressed upon...
forgiveness and love lives strong within everyone of us all...
we need organic organization to overcome our misdoings...
lead us back to ourselves internalizing and analytical...
thinking ourselves littler and littler in our world...
wide web of woven weaknesses without and within...
a tangled approach at living leaving left...
with no purpose and lost astray crying...
babies in the distance time lost...
in a world without unicorns...
exist in my imagination...
you exist for real...
is what I am...
you see...

Read it in reverse now..
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Inside Outside

OK so we know that everything existing outside of us also exists within us, that is, the chemical mind creates and maintains entire scope reality as interpreted by senses.. An emotionally sensational construct made clear through long term conditioning of paradigms. Paradigms are not just naturally ocurring rulesets, paradigms also exist within the realm of conditioning, such as tolerance to durational duress on senses.

How now brown cow do we absorb this? With a kiss and some bliss all amiss and awash and asway? Nay. Mayday, hayday, happy days, the fonze. Okmay thatmay wanderinmay whosemay?


So, sense comes in, travels around through this bizintine conduit of sensorium and hyphenates divisionally as it goes showing one piece of info here, another there, being absorbed, interpreted and recombined somehow in a spiritually spectral form of affect. Light seen through eyes does a double helix twist before reaching the mind.. Touch sensitivity is only aware of its hourglass necessity to return home to mind before returning to effect. Without connection to mind, sense does not work, for there must exist a sensorium to intepret and be aware of and to, sense.

Thus, forget the necessity to believe that reality IS constructed through direct idea, into solidity process, this revolves around a collective agreement factor that is often difficult to achieve due to humanities determination to remain bi-directional, future/past linearly. Also it relates to the incessant urge humans have to retain, possess and persuede each other to do things only one way, to defame the ideas of others.

Now, know that since everything going on outside is also existing inside, and since inside is completely you, controlled by you (and the atom/adam) then what is interpreted can indeed be affected, is indeed affected merely by revising and restoring the paradigm network construct of reality that exists within all of us. So, the shirt you wear may be green, but since we control inside us, to us it may be an ever revolving rainbow of colors or any color we choose.

However, this is a place where paradigms within me have a difficult time moving forward, so changing the color or the reflectivity or texture of something ought to be as simple as applying imagination constructs into our visual cortex, what about going a step furthur and actually revising the shape of things, changing someones clothing or turning a car into a truck.. inside us.. Only the manipulator would see these changes, at least until others build proper idea energy paradigm constructs so we collectively pick up on the ability and begin to see idea/sense energies in the visual cortex also through sense overlapping, synethasia..
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Free Ideas..

These may not be money making concepts due to the fact that I care more about helping the planet and animality worldwide to resolve issues in relation to business/environmental/recycling etc. Ideas are about the metacreativity of them, the meld-mold ability and enhancability, and true value in the purpose of existing.

1. 1-800-GOT-JUNK (Waste 2 Resoure)(2 purpose - recycle/reuse mass scale, create special network)

All waste is recyclable or reusable, waste comes in infinite forms and when seperated into individual types and groups of types then listed as inventory on the web for anyone for free becomes a cities greatest new resource. Artists, business owners, home owners, everyone with free access to second hand everything on demand and deliverable. All items exist as either a) furnature, b) art supply, c) building material, d) other. Large materials are for ease of existence only, not resale. Delivery is free. All aspects of the business are divided amongst interested environmentally friendly corporation whose interest is in the sponsership and facilitation of a friends network designed to strengthen consumer ties to all involved. All is for give. Non Profit Organization.

1. Canvas every business in the city for waste-type lists and pickup times.
2. Research all non-recyclable waste types for recyclable materials.. lightbulbs have aluminum.
2a) All waste materials containing value recyclables are sorted out as fund materials.
3. Impliment in tandem with govt. recycle/reuse pickup plan and flyer all citizens.
3a) Flyer lists all reusables, phone numbers, web/emails for large pickups.

4. Utilizable materials..
4a) Plastics, Bottles, containers, lids, shrink wrap, etc.
4b) Metals, Sheet, Bar, Plate, Cylinders, etc.
4c) Glass, Bottles/Jars, Panes, etc.
4d) Furnature, Sofas/Chairs, Tables, etc.
4e) Building Materials, Windows/Doors, Lumber, etc.
4f) Leftovers, paints, bricks, sand, anything..
4g) other odd items lying in closets and basements and garages and backyards..

5. Composts
This relates to an unwrit "Community Garden Project"

All inbound and outbound available items are listed online. Companies involved and individuals who partake in the effort as both sponsers and as comsumers list skills, talents and ongoing projects on site.