April 19th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

(no subject)

freedom in a place of many faces
sitting amongst the wise shamans
accepting judgements from all
it is what you see in me
whatever your spirit desires
never the same twice, nor thrice
always wanting us being one
feeling sorrow and sadness
emotions kept inside for eons
released in a frequent memory
her smile, her breath
our love growing stronger
the distance widening
we know who she is
who we are

however who am I
when she finds someone else
where are we
in memories
when touching someone else
why are we
not solidifying rapidly
when wanting someone else
how are we
going to deal with now
for we are everything me
what are we
doing with this breaking heart..
atomic bond knows we're code
grand story playing out
figure out route

dreaming into being the waking
every moment another feeling
emotional reality destroying me
failing, fading, missing her
not another moment alone
never alone, surrounded by life
not the same, never the same
two like spirits, yet one
ignoring the truth
stand up and fight for her
realize who she is again
how she changes, I change
every aspect of me bending
wanting to bend more, to be
however is necessary
to be

won't let go of this love
don't want to
not that I need her
but I do
recognized her soul
heart, spirit, goals
fearlessness, wisdom
faithful to the ideal
another embrace
not another mistake
continue to dissapoint
always finding something
that cuts into someone
and turns them against me
without warrent, undue
imperfect, never equal
the wrongs you see in me
there because you see them
because you feel to focus

are you bored with me?
am I just a passing fad?
was I fun for a time and now
the next guy is more entertaining
a fling, a neverending series
of pleasure sessions, ever another
who is next, anyone will do
just approach and show interest
smile, kiss me, I want you now
its ok I came here with someone
will go with you instead
lets leave this place and go
somewhere we can be alone
go tell the someone
I leave now with another
I love that someone
why am I considering
leaving without..

hard, knowing the pain
close to me
deep inside
burning flowers
memories of every whisper
touching love and know
we so sweet and dancing
always always always
can't lose you now
we began to sing together
we sing stronger when we try
try, cry, die..

everlasting beloved
wolves mate for life
we will not take it back
love never goes away.
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