April 21st, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Anticipation.. Temporal Elasticity.

We affect our perceptive sensorium temporally by attending attentively to time. Time by humanities definition is motion. Motion is everywhere always but in our narrowly confined views, time is "ticking" and has a constrained and specific flow measurable and viewable and divisible... we waste it, lose it, spend it, fly through it, crawl into it, back out of it, stumble around it and more.. all of this is sillyness.

Time does NOT move. Time inexists, concept. An ever overlapping transitional moment exists. Now, now, now, now.. eternally.

When now is being, being and actioning with interest, now flows attented and motions are consistently mobile in compacted sense.. "time flies" we notice accomplishment of motions, lack concern for future actions as we feel fully aware of current every moment. Look at babylonian clock... it pulled us into systematic deviation from natural harmonious now. We begin to "think" about futures and temporal outlook of now becomes skewed as we desire later now.. of course.. now arrives slower than desired.. manly because we are attentive and deterministic towards time construct and selfishness.

Time as concept is elastic. It's a twisted elastic loop, infinity stretching and squashing eternally, flexing. Sensorium perception is the determining factor, how fast do we interpret input sensation? What speed do we process feeling? Processing speed is the power to feel it, to feel the entire world moving through space.. We feel it. Not time, motion.