July 2nd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

We Connect to disconnect.

I look into her eyes, my eyes, and see faces overlaying the one out of focus which stares back at me, at me. I see other lives, other versions of her, of me, past lives relived through spritual memory enlivened by our connection, we know we are one spirit seperated by form and that only the human keeps us from becoming truly one... We are to run away together, to leave this place of medium medias and medical mediocrities govermentalized to the point of breaking.. There is no time left, all is occurring and 2012 is more than we can imagine as it preexists imagination, it is no longer the short of things, we plan to release our binds to this placetime and travel south to rainbows and forests and small communities where no electricity can follow, where families live and love together in harmony with harmony surrounded by crumbling global issues incombatable and undesirably structured, we cannot partake in them any longer at this stage, there rests only two options for us, go or go.

One go is just me, dividing spirit from form and releasing from the container to rejoin the sun and swim in star fire, this path I would travel alone until arriving assembled into everything once more. I do not fear it, I welcome it and am anxious to hurry it along, though I travel solo on this path, I feel the wolf in me wanting to live again, but afraid of the human world of death, destruction and disturbance of syncronicity, a world which fears the animals and insects and kills without care or consideration.. The wolf would not choose life on this world again, would not choose timespace over trancendance, reincarnation no longer an option, elevation the only path should I walk without myself.

She would keep me here, I would keep me here to be with her, to be with the me that is her, I would not leave her alone to cry for the loss of this piece of us I am, we have a new know now, a motion know, we are to leave, to travel south, to visit rainbows and trueness and absorb the spirit of it and then to go in a direction unknown, very likely south to older worlds, to less cluttered skies and cleaner waters, to garden together and raise new hopes and dreams within us, to discard the languages which trap us and speak less and be more.

In doing this we discard our now lives for the dream, we leave behind those who are close to us to go on without our influences and be whatever they will be as they are us also and will find the path in the spacetime that is right for them, everything at once, nothing forever.

All of this that has come to us here, these objects, items, things are to be freed from association with our actrions now and given to the rest of the actors to be pllayed with and hopefully listened to, for I hear them, I hear you all stronger than the humans surrounding and resounding. The humans are losing the ability to be real and regaining it at the same time, though slower than us, we somehow leaped miled ahead of those we know, with a will to discard our necessity to fetter and conform to all this, no more fear of death, sacredness is in the release from our vessels.. the time is perhaps not right for me to go in that direction yet, there is something for us to do still, influences to absorb and direct.. who will meet us on the road? Exactly who is meant to.