July 18th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Mount Radar and Code Radar!!

Feeling much better these days after almost a week away from the stresses and messes involved with city life. Had a dream last night i threw one of my roommates off the balcony.. weird. I really want to move out from there.. it`s a bit scary though to go homeless again, but I believe I feel ready for anything that comes this way. Can Stephane afford to buy me out or will I be stuck paying another month there and feeling the brunt of offensive attacks from him over and over while fending off the negative energies from the the mom next door treating her kids like shit?

Anne and I are at Mount Radar now, the Eco village is full on preparing for Code radar, a hugeantic Rave scheduled for the 5th of August and NO it is NOT promoted or in any way related to Ray Junior. Count that crew uninvolved. This years party is none other than the crew of the Eco Village. Family, friends, good people with big hearts and aspirations of wonder.

At this moment most of the folk here are at teh summet of Mount Radar on the roof of a giant cement structure known as the bunker where they are cleaning off rubble and crap in order to patch some leaks and begin a fantasticness garden there. Anne and I are about to head down to the gymnasium\pool\theatre\tool room etc to dig through everything looking for deco components and anything else we can scavenge to add to our repertiore of supplies to art with. The Bunker is gigantic and we need everything we can find. Just wait until over two thousand people arrive and the party begins! Wow, and Wow, and .. Wow.