July 21st, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Under The Radar

Whos hiding, come on out, those cities are no place to be cashing in, they cost too much emotionally, the tax the spirit and transfer so much anxiety energically that maintaining a joyous approach almost ends ones self confidence continually. The electric fields are everywhere there a continuous series of wavelengths splashing through us akin to waves cascading and receding on a beach shore, internal overlap of variable wavetypes, light, sound, micro, radio, and more.. in nearly every concievable bandwidth we`re being slapped in the spirit. Not just that, ozone at ground level does as much damage as tobacco smoke though I am uncertain of the ratios involved the second leading cause of cancer is ground level ozone. In case you were unaware, all the potentials of the human spirit and mind are related and dampened by a polluted system, the so called bio-mind superpowers are a group of potentials we already know exist within our species, the fact is the information relating to these are scattered, fragmented and oft even dismissed within the literature pertaining to them as mythical or abnormal which is absolutely untrue. We are led to believe that nothing great is truly possible from the human mind and that these abilities only occur in films and television..

Artemesia Vulgaris is a weed, a plant which grows everywhere, check earthyherbs for info. Visualization was a difficult skill for me much of my life, when Mugwort became known to me and I to it.. things began to change internally, pathways began to connect and dreams intensified, recall, lucidity, interpretation, daytime visualization(closed eye visual memory recall and construction).. all improve a varied amount each day. Sometimes I smoke it in place of a cigarette however it smokes like a joint so thats not all that often, the rest of the time it`s a tea and its taken before bedtime.

Well off to do a days travaille at Mount St. Anne, the new flyers for Code Radar are in, been building a ton of stuff in the gym here using power tools and the large stock of lumber, with 2000+ people attending.. WOW!