August 1st, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Embrace Letting Go

nothing exists past the path connecting spirit and body
emotion is every motion and energies accompanying
music is a sound of it all happening overlapped
every concept reflects the energies within us
shaping, refining, realizing, colliding..
reality shared a concept we all put in
between matters and matter evolving
all patternistic simplistic means
time to shake off old skins
everybody and thing wins

I know its easy to think this way when influenced to yet lately influences have no0t seemed so impactful from many a direction.. so many lights appear in the distance but flicker out like fireflies repositioning somewhere else without apparent reason.. leading me one way and another an ominous traveller faltering in dim shadows beneath quiet boughs covered in satin leaves hiding a planets heart companion moon from lighting the way.

Do you know the moon? She is the heart of this world, she creates our daily heartbeat, our natural rhythm time, she is the life giver here, for without her this world has no pulse. She is responsible for the weather, the tides, the techtonic plate shifting is relative to lunar affectation on the mass amounts of liquid space occupied here being pulled constantly towards another world.. a world that really WANTS water. Imagine our heart covered in forests..

Now imagine standing on a moon covered in trees looking down upon Terre with telescopes and such through the decaying polluted atmosphere clouding the view.. cities don't seem so grand in comparison to trees.