August 19th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Rainbows Beware, Beware and, Beware

Reflecting upon recent events turns tides and refracts energies into new directions. Move is coming and not the one expected. Time to leave cities, time to get out of Babylons. Land was given to the family, the Rainbow Family of Living Light now is invited to live on 44 acres in Gaspesie, complete with 4 cabins and a three story house, barn/garage, teepee, and more already on site! Fantastic? Phenominal!

Yes the land is far away in the Gaspesie area on the ocean shore. Yes building an eco friendly open door policy community is nothing simple, accomodating the various people who are certain to arrive will be nothing short of a maricle as things grow and morph into new shapes and in new directions continually. We have a good start, good people with level heads and the best intentions, we have a large family and many connections to begin utilizing.

A great chance exists here to do something massively impactful and ignite global change. En lakesh. Come together, dance together, laugh together, love together, live together, stand tall, evolve.

Note - the address and details will come soon.