August 22nd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

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Djembe is in good hands, African on St. Laurent is working magic upon it allowing to level up music making hands the universe gifted me. Glance around, the sky is filled with random everything, clarity is sticking to my lenses, but fogging up with adrenaline which continually seeps into situations hereabouts these days.

Where are you White Butterfly? Why have we not recieved an email from you yet? Does anyone know the physical address and telephone number of Jean? It would help! I am certain I can locate the house in person but I may be sending things ahead of me, perhaps in a bus or by freight truck..

We spoke about going apple picking for a month to raise funds for the winter.. Time now to strengthen the potential of that possibility.. Where are we going to work? What was the region Papillion Blanc spoke of?

Virgeh and I have been discussing ways in which to get off the grid electrically, small hydro turbines, wind and solar power collection, electromagnetics, and so on.. This is really important I feel for the future growth of the community will depend upon available income and by feeding excess electricity into the grid to reverse cost to profit.

Yann is interested somewhat in the idea of moving to the village but this depends on the possibility of finding work in his truck driving field. He feel is necessary to have access to a route which brings him to montreal semi regulariy, offerring the community a shuttle! He also has a car which he needs somewhere around 700 bucks to pay off license and tickets etc before being allowed to drive it again..

So much is occurring so fast! I feel so excited to be a part of it! Tim and Melanie> are you still at the land? Is anyone else?