September 3rd, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Today this was said..

"You could get dangerously close to exposing something that might better be left unsaid. And although you may believe you are ready to blurt out the truth now, your secrets may have to wait for another day to be told. Keep in mind that there is more going on than you realize and you don't have enough information yet to make the best decision about what to share. Patience will serve you well."

Knowing truth can be damaging is part, in part uncertainty was apparent during yesterdays post, typing was difficult, some part wanted to change subject, keep truth hidden, but truth is necessary, should it stay hidden from most only to be known to few? Is this better? Consequences come. Will not withdraw words, will not withdraw honesty, why? cannot.

Know that opening up is flowering, know that love for family and life is stronger than desire or selfishness. Give it all away.

Here, take truth, take all of it, time to disown secrets. These fingers are attached to this perspective and determine that now is time for change, shedding skins becoming new, doing all possible to connect to you. Give direction, nothing ignored, open.

Today energies are turbulent inside, so much uncertainty, aspects of fear internalized and argh.. this method of writing becomes difficult..

She is everything ever needed and yet, why.. why.. the love for her is stronger than any ever felt in this chapter of life.. fear of losing her is so strong.. desire to apologize, to bow down and cry at her feet, to beg forgiveness, to delete this memory and begin anew.. but she is not here now, she dances and smiles outside while crying inside, the sense is loud and clear, feeling her is so natural, connection is stronger and stronger especially when accompanied by intense emotions.. we are one, concept absolved.

I'll die. The "I" in "me" must die. Why does it try to remain? We share this energy volume and externally, energies are waving, cascading into and through this body "I", the observer behind the ego inhabit. We share control, the triad.. body, ego and observer.. long content to allow ego the majority of control.. this is what occurred.. ego cares not for body or observer, body NEEDS, ego WANTS, observer BALANCES.

Three are one, but not one without knowing. Somehere in body is one half of the knowing, body is completely connected to all, body is composed of all and aware of all, ego is purposely divided from all, dismissing the existence of all and the connection, observer naturally feels the affi nity body expresses but is often overwhelmed by the strength of ego and conceded to it, there is so much ego surrounding, ego drinks ego and hurts body and observer without caring, ego is cruel, go away ego, give up whatever portion of control given and rebalance us, we no longer can continue in this manner, we must work together or die. Ego does not want death, body does not want death, only the observer wants death and only because the triad is imbalanced. Unfair to destroy the heart of observer to strengthen the heart of ego, all three know this. Ego is skilled at ignoring truths to satisfy wants now.

We will not allow this imbalance to continue.

Moving is necessary, the influence of population here is overwhelming, energies bombard from every direction, entering and influencing without welcome, so many spirits confused and trapped in a matrix of incomprehension.. elsewhere is more quiet, more serene, more naturally timed and existing, the trees need no ego, the world needs no ego, observer agrees.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Previous Moments

Rob visited as requested, emitting positive vibes and openess, we communicated and connected, listened to an Eckhart Tolle audio book, "Lasting Happiness" though some was missed due to conversations during listening. Expressing thankfulness, through waves of internalization and reflection upon story.. Will listen to Tolle again shortly, welcomed now.

Notice immediate language change previously, now there is no "I" or "Me" though in spoken word slips arise often.. phasing out that concept will involve much focus, positive outlook, love, love, breathe!

Slowing down yes, necessary, loved living this now, now is time for new nows, and all is good, direct me. Living is for all, we know now, leave it behind, let go, love letting go.

Bodies emotional form is now being shaped into frowns and slumps numb with shock. Observer knowns pushing on body with spirit will shape being different, traces of chemical play games with body, holding on. Ego battles for a crack in the armor surrounding observer, desiring to illusify actions, sensation the favorite choice of entries.. We feel whole NOW. We mean to always feel whole now. Bring happiness with that. Bring love. Live these states.

Remember all nows we were, remember all we know, know without fail. Exist in the now of know. Stop forgetting.