September 7th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

12 Baktuns 19 Katuns 13 Tuns 11 Uinals 3 Kins = 07 2006 AD

breathing during 11663 Kins...

MAYAN PROPER Tzolkin & Haab
8 Akbal ~ 16 Mol

Mayan name: Akbal
Mayan meaning: dark
Aztec name: Calli
Aztec meaning: house
Keywords: ego death, surrender fears, personal wisdom, place of transformation, Peaceful home & environment. Divine temple. Place of peace. Desire for peace and balance.

energy anchor, sacred geometry
(Snip from )
Then we add another 4 , and we get the number 26. 26 is 2 x 13. And 26 x 10 = 260. It has a relationship, this is the Self-Existing and over here which is 10 and this the 26, 10 x 26 = 260, or 26 + 10 = 36 again. And this completes the second 4. The base establishes and the second 4 extends. And this is referred to as the Galactic tone, because it's the fractal of the 260 unit Tzolkin. So even if the New Year's day is synchronized to the Gregorian calendar, that occurs on the 26th day, because that is the number of the Galactic tone. And that occurs in the Gregorian 7th month because that is the Resonant tone. So in the synchronic order, all the numbers develop a higher value or higher meaning. And the keywords for the Galactic tone are "harmonize" because the galactic number 26, (fractal of 260) is the ultimate harmonic number. When it harmonized it becomes able to model, and establishes the actual value of integrity. So the Galactic tone harmonizes and models integrity. So you have here the first four creating the Self-Existing power of form. And then through extending that form, it attains the galactic power of integrity. This is Overtone, this is Rhythmic, this is Resonant and then here, this is the Galactic. So you see, first you establish this type of micro-level basic power of cosmology, and then it develops a type of kinetic power, Overtone, Rhythmic, and Resonant. And that gets resolved as the power of the galaxy itself. So here we began from a magnetic impulse and by the time we get here we have the actual formation of the galaxy. And that of course is in the 8th position.

Mayan name: Mol
Mayan meaning: Reunion

Yellow Overtone Human
Green Central Castle of Enchantment
Earth family- Core Clan- Truth

I empower in order to influence
Commanding wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of universal fire
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Revolving around words..

Words and concepts attached transfer layers of input to us naturally. We sense through hearing layers and preform a conscious level interpretation, "thinking" we the observers control all the energy flows the bodies house.. we respond verbally or visually emoting new signals as direct signal response equalling new signal. Words enter us and travel through consciousness rebounding off paradigm constructs, mind forms, response mechanisms, memories etc. what do we know about all this? Us energy absorbers..

On another layer, the deconstruction of words subliminally by the energy of bodies is also natural. Words impact more than ears. Words emenate from mouths while ideas radiate from chakras. Speak and give off two fields of energy, one audible and one absorbable silently. Know now. The radiation of concept is also colored with a flow of allowed so-called emotional energy, a "flavor" tasted by us.

Vocabulary ought be refined, many words need inexisting or refinition, the balance of collected mindform energies radiating define too many negative paradigms and influence is strong. We are shaping us with bad programming without most ever being aware multiple layers of matrix exist.


Heard from Anne, preparing energies elsewhere for Earthdance, healing, loving, being. Stomach balls in anxiety a bit allowing thoughts of us to surface residing as acceptance of now sets in. Leaving on 6:10 bus headed for orchard tonight, camping begins again! Feeling better.