November 13th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Where is the heart to prepare?

The elder is concerned for winter, divided between wood to burn and wood to make planks from mindfully he projects into the forests and visualizes the work to be completed before it snows and the tractor becomes incapable of mounting the chemin.

The druid is concerned for monetary and babylonian relations, much conversation is necessary in order to instill any forward motion in the now, he preaches the now concept but thrusts thoughtform and emotion into future and past avoiding the necessities now.

The elf is indecisive, appearing lost in a fog of complacency, contemplation of pasts and futures also fill him, the nows most often appearing are consumption or sensation serving and he flees to possibility and potentiality depending on maybes often in order to derail positive constructivity in conversations.

The Shamaness is alive with fire at heels passionately reaching for more connections and strengthening every avenue while manipulating the material worlds which exist illusively entangled in babylon, she means to awaken the sleepers, to don clarity on the ridiculity and hypocracy of the system while examplifying oneness and unconditional connectivity with all.

The Earth prepares for the deep sleep, assembling all pieces into coincidence and aligning paths for connection, organization, sorting, shuffling, multiplying, dividing, becoming one with all and accomodating the mass. We know what is coming, we eense it clearer each turn of the kin.

Others exist connected to this, they join the story and become part as they signal and reply. We awaken the more we disillusify the babylonian concept structures. Remove all human credit for the creation of all or anything, including languages, now begin to review the structures of current day languages and cross reference prefixing, suffixing, sound form, pronunciations, language crossovers, derivations, word roots, and begin to break the cosmic code.

It was put there for now. WE FEEL IT.